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Written by May 15, 2013

Journalist Research

We may be a little biased here at Spokeo, but we’re pretty proud of our product and we know it’s a very useful research tool.

Recently we were reminded of one more way to use Spokeo – as a tool to verify news stories on the web. With the rise of social media come many localized stories that can quickly brew into national or even global sensations. However, in order for journalists to separate fact from fiction, they need to check out some sources.

A couple stories posted this week by Fast Company and PBS’s Idealab call out some great research tools (including yours truly). We don’t always need news stories to remind us of our great capabilities, but we surely appreciate the love, especially the digital shout-outs from journalists like  @SamanthaSunne –  “Getting to use my paid @Spokeo account today makes me a happy reporter :)”

Glad Spokeo is working well for the hard working journalists. We’ll do our best to keep it up.

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