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Spokeo Search Answers: 4 Tips To Deliver Better Email Search Results

Written by May 6, 2013

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It’s spring cleaning time, so why not consider cleaning up your digital address book?  If it seems too daunting to find updated contact information, we’re going to share a cool tool to assist you:  Email Search.  Spokeo’s email search makes it easy to find virtually anyone via email as long as the email account holder maintains a profile on the sites we support.


Here are four tips to help you, as a subscriber, optimize your email searches:


1)  Try the Name Search:

Your most powerful Spokeo tool is cross-referencing.  Let’s say you search an email and you don’t find the phone number you want.  Don’t give up!  Remember that your Spokeo subscription comes with five different search types! If your email search has no phone number, but it does include an address, try typing the address in our search bar.  Re-searching the name might lead you to another email which, in turn, might lead you to the phone number.  Don’t hesitate to use all of the search tools at your disposal.


2)  Skip the Business/School Email:

If you have an email that is obviously a business or educational email (ex: JSullivan@MonstersInc.org, CalvinH@CamdenCollege.edu or PParker13@ESU.edu), you may want to skip this as a search.  Most people use a personal email address to set up their online social network profiles – and those professional accounts may not yield the best results.


3)  Try Different Domain Names:

It’s not uncommon for people to set up and use multiple email addresses these days, whether it be for different aspects of their life (work, home, school) or because it’s time for an update. Keep in mind, though, that people sometimes use the same username but a different provider for an email address. So, consider switching the domain name you’re searching (gmail, yahoo, aol, msn, etc.) to see what else your searches can yield!


4) Search The Old Email Address:

Even though you know someone has moved on to a new email address, we suggest attempting a search with the old email. Older email addresses may still be linked to accounts online that can help you find that person you’re searching for. Don’t give up on a search just because you don’t have all the up-to-date information. Our searches can help lead you there!


With these additional tips, we hope you’re able to access more results and locate the people you need to “spring” into action!

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Vanessa joined Spokeo in 2012 and oversees all social media, media relations and community relations efforts for Spokeo. She is especially passionate about Spokeo programs focused on search and reunion and promoting STEM careers for women and children. During her free time, she enjoys writing, DIY home decor and crafts, and eating dessert!

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  • salman kurt |

    I am write ing you from turkey http://www.spokeo.com
    you dont have any information abouth turkey
    could you please add turkish informtion as well many people intersting

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa |

    Hi Salman, Spokeo currently only supports national numbers and addresses from the United States for our phone and name search. For reverse email lookups however, we support all email addresses, including international ones. This search feature covers all of our supported social networks. Thanks!

  • Michelle |

    Hi,im just curious about this.im looking for my long lost father his name is thomas ohanlon he married to lea baylon.his a navy in 1972.im from phillipines.can you pls.help me to find him.thank you.

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa |

    Hi Michelle, Thanks so much for reaching out to us. Spokeo currently only supports domestic numbers and addresses from the United States for our phone and name search. For reverse email lookups however, we support all email addresses, including international ones. You can try searching an email address for your father if you have one, but at this time our other searches may not be helpful in locating him. Thanks!

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