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Search Angel Spotlight: Mary Wilson

Written by June 12, 2013

Mary Wilson lives in Ft. Worth, Texas and has been a volunteer searcher for more than 15 years. She began with her own search for her relinquished daughter and started helping others when she found out a friend from work was looking for a sibling and she knew she could be helpful. Mary not only dedicates herself to making matches, but also to helping those she connects with beginning a healing relationship. Her passion for doing searching work stems from the healing it affords everyone involved, including herself. She is an Edna Gladney birthmother with aspirations to continue to help others and share stories of joy and hope that will touch the lives of many.

It is our honor to introduce, Spokeo Search Angel Award Winner, Mary Edna Wilson.

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Director of Public Relations & Community Initiatives

Vanessa joined Spokeo in 2012 and oversees all social media, media relations and community relations efforts for Spokeo. She is especially passionate about Spokeo programs focused on search and reunion and promoting STEM careers for women and children. During her free time, she enjoys writing, DIY home decor and crafts, and eating dessert!

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  • Charity |

    Hi…I am a bmom…I also have a friend that placed her daughter in 1982 in TX . We were looking for a search angel that can help her locate her child.
    Thank you

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