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Spokeo and Online Retailers: shipping research and preventing fraud

Written by June 19, 2013

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School may be out for summer but for one Spokeo user- SchoolsIN

Nothing makes us more happy than hearing about how Spokeo is helpful to everyday people. We’ve heard from fans who have reconnected with a friend or family members and we’ve heard from business owners thanking us for our part in helping them make day to day affairs just that much easier.

We were extra glad to learn about how Spokeo continues to help one small business in particular! Since 2008, SCHOOLSin has provided educators with a safe, easy and affordable way to shop for school furniture and equipment. Christopher is one of the company’s stellar customer service representatives and he let us know how Spokeo makes things easier when processing orders.

“Because many of our customers order online, it can be difficult knowing what type of property our products are shipping to,” he explains. “With Spokeo, we can verify addresses to determine whether the end location is residential or commercial. This is very helpful since our carriers usually charge more when shipping to a residence.”

Not only is our service helping others save money on shipping costs, but it’s also helping them protect themselves from fraud.

“There was one order in particular where we suspected fraud. Thanks to Spokeo, we were able to check the shipping address and find out that it was fake. We later confirmed that the order was, in fact, fraud. We are grateful that we discovered it early with the help of Spokeo.”

We are too Christopher! Most people know Spokeo for its ability to help you find information specifically about one person you’re researching, but it can be helpful in so many more ways.

If Spokeo’s helpful to you or your business let us know!

*Spokeo provided SchoolsIN with a complimentary premium account after hearing about the company’s usage of the product.


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