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Be a Good Neighbor on Sept 28th: Good Neighbor Day!

Written by September 25, 2013


When I was younger, the street I lived on was an open book. We left our doors unlocked and we could identify the sounds our neighbors’ cars made, the calls of mothers to their kids, and whose dog was barking long after the sun went down. We weren’t strangers. The neighborhood was familiar, almost as if kin.

Today, families move around and neighbors come and go. With our friends online and all the comforts of digital living around us, when do we take the time to walk outside and talk with our neighbors? Saturday, September 28th is Good Neighbor Day, so we hope you’ll use today to get to know your neighbors. Should this include researching them online, here are a few tips from us on how Spokeo can help:

1) Know Your Neighbor: The reverse address search is such a simple and easy tool to use to find out who lives around you. Simply type in an address into the search bar and you can potentially find out who lives at the property. You can also find out contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses!

2) Resident History: Spokeo’s reverse address search can also show you the location history of individuals listed at an address. This means you can find out current and previous addresses, which may be useful in forwarding mail or just getting a little bit more insight into the people around you.

3) Household Information: Part of being a good neighbor is nurturing a safe environment. To do so using our reverse address search, you can perform a search and take a look at the “Family Background” section. This section can tell you a little more about the family members of those in the household as well as relatives and spouse info.

4) Neighborhood Information: Also an important section when thinking about the safety of a community is the “Neighborhood” section. This section can show you more information about neighbors, nearby home values, and public safety information!

We live in a world that’s constantly changing, and it’s moving more quickly than ever. It’s time to get a little more involved in your surroundings and discover more about who’s around you. Get to know your neighbors now and celebrate Good Neighbor day together on September 28th!

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