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Search Before You Date

Written by October 17, 2013

For many, dating can be stressful because men and women fear the unknown. It may be nerves or anxiety at play, but people feel the need to research their potential partners just before or after their initial meeting. Just how many people actually do this? Spokeo set out to discover if Americans are researching people they are dating (or considering dating) and the results show that if you’ve gone on a few dates, chances are you’ve been searched!

Harris Interactive, commissioned by Spokeo, conducted an online survey in the United States among 2,046 adults ages 18 and older from September 3-5, 2013.  Key findings of the first People Search Survey were published today at spokeo.com/dating-research.

Survey results unveiled that 72% of U.S. adults said they would conduct some kind of informational search for someone they were in a relationship with (or considering being in a relationship with). Most people who would conduct online research on those they are dating would do so to either find out about their date’s past (58%), or to feel more confident in the relationship (45%). Some people would also conduct online research because they suspected cheating (26%).

To learn about what people do when their research has confirmed cheating and more, view the full report and tweet your thoughts using #datingresearch.

Spokeo Relationship Research

Spokeo Relationship Research

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