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Who’s Who in Oscar Nominations

Written by February 27, 2014

It’s that time of year when all your clothes smell like popcorn and you’re tuned to the latest in entertainment news. Why? Because our favorites in the movie and tv biz are raking in the accolades. Awards season  will peak this weekend with the Academy Awards (Sunday, March, 2nd) so the time has come to place your  predictions. The nominees are a slew of well-known celebs of course, but there might be a few you don’t recognize walking down the red carpet. Never fear! Spokeo’s famous people pages have you covered:


1. Chiwetel Ejiofor – Best Actor Nomination

Most may remember Chiwetel from supporting roles in “Children of Men” and “American Gangster,” but his most memorable performance to date is in “12 Years a Slave” which has put him amongst the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey this year as a “best actor” nominee.

Lupita Nyongo

(Photo by Jason Merritt – © 2013 Getty Images – Image courtesy gettyimages.com)

2. Lupita Nyong’o – Best Supporting Actress Nomination

Having only appeared in smaller productions, her performance in “12 Year’s a Slave” is Lupita’s very first major film role! And it’s an impressive one at that. With a flair for red carpet style, the Mexico native is sure to make acting and fashion waves for years to come.

Jared Leto

3. Jared Leto – Best Supporting Actor Nomination

Jared is no stranger to the silver screen, the tv screen, and even the radio! But he’s taken a break from film for nearly four years now. His part in “Dallas Buyers Club” is a notable comeback for sure.

Michael B Jordan

4.  Michael B. Jordan – Presenter

He may have been snubbed for his critically acclaimed role in “Fruitvale Station,” but he won’t be absent from the Oscars. Michael is presenting an award this year, but also recently confirmed his role as Johnny Storm in the “Fantastic Four” reboot.

Meryl Streep

5. Meryl Streep – Best Actress Nomination

Who are we kidding? Of course you’ve heard of Meryl Streep! She’s the highlight of award shows every single year and no doubt they will be talking about her performance in “August: Osage County.”

So we’ve highlighted a few of the rising stars for you here, but don’t forget to keep www.spokeo.com handy for insight on all the new celebs climbing their way through the ranks this year as well as your old favorites. Who are you looking forward to seeing on the red carpet this awards season? Tweet us at @spokeo and use the hashtag #OscarsPeopleSearch

– Sienna P.

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