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Celebrities Responsible for Changing U.S. Name Trends – Girl Names Edition

Written by May 21, 2014

Baby Girl Names

Yesterday, we told you about who we think was responsible for the recent changes in baby boy name trends. From hot action heroes to swoon-worthy romantics and even real, life princes, the rich, the famous and even the fictitious have influenced the names of babies for decades. Today we bring you the celebrity muses behind the most popular baby names of 2013.

1. Sophia

It’s had a place on Grey’s Anatomy, “The Walking Dead,” and retains its rank among royalty the world over. One of the most notoriously known MTV “Teen Moms” also named her adorable daughter Sophia about 4 years ago, but the name has been crawling up the list since the early 2000s.

2. Emma

Ever since Rachael and Ross (played by Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer ) on “Friends” named their daughter Emma it’s been increasingly popular (culminating in a 2008 stint at the top of the list.) Actresses Emma Watson, Stone, and Roberts are all hugely popular right now, too.

3. Olivia

Olivia has a beautiful cadence to it and has hovered around the top half of the top 10 list for years. Actresses Olivia Munn and Olivia Wilde’s increasing popularity have also influenced the curve.

4. Isabella

Isabella has tons of shorthands, most notably “Bella” who is, of course, the star of the “Twilight” franchise and played by Kristen Stewart. Before the 1990s it never even cracked the top 1,000 names!

5. Ava

Another old-Hollywood style name, screen legend Ava Gardner died in 1990 which is precisely when the name started becoming popular again after a decades-long dormancy.

6. Mia

Mia really took off in the mid-2000s with the popularity of rapper M.I.A. and soccer star Mia Hamm! Anne Hathaway’s character Mia Thermopolis in “The Princess Diaries” may also have had an effect on the naming of future little princesses.

7. Emily

Emily’s pretty much always been on the list and in fact, it’s more surprising that it’s dropped below sister name Emma. Well-known actress Emily Blunt also has a lot of fans who might be contributing to the name’s popularity.

8. Abigail

Hebrew for “the father’s joy,” this name has hovered around the bottom of the Top 10 for decades! Abigail Breslin is one young starlit who became popular right around the time the name did for her role in “Little Miss Sunshine.”

9. Madison

Madison is one of the most shockingly popular names of this decade, introduced to the American public by Darryl Hannah’s character in the 1984 film “Splash.” It’s unisex, too, which expounds its popularity.

10. Elizabeth

A perennial favorite, Elizabeth will probably always be popular. Elizabeth Taylor, considered Hollywood royalty, died in 2011, leading to a small spike, and actresses Elizabeth Banks, Hurley, and Olsen are also be helping keep the moniker alive.

So, the main takeaway here is that name trends are cyclical and usually take a couple of years to catch up with their origins. In most cases, it’s two to three years after a popular character, actor, or public figure’s name really takes off on the charts. Blame the 40-week pregnancy.

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