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Spokeo’s Scholarship Contest Deadline Coming Up Soon!

Written by June 11, 2014


You’ve only got a few weeks left to write a prize-winning essay; what are you waiting for? Spokeo’s giving away a cool $1,000 to help with college for the best-written essay this semester. A thousand dollars…just think of how many textbooks that would buy! (Welcome to adulthood. These are your priorities now.)

So, what are you writing about? We want to hear from you on one of three super-relevant topics to our world: Connections, Relationships, or Access to Data.

–  Want to have a direct connection to Oprah Winfrey? Tell us why.
–  We’d also like to hear about how you use technology to nurture your relationships, if that’s more up your alley.
–  Got an affinity for data? Tell us how access to data impacts your life and where you see it going in the future.

It’s really up to you.

Don’t forget that the deadline is coming up soon on July 1st and that you must submit your essay via our online essay submission form. And it should go without saying the piece needs to be an original – better get those typing fingers warmed up!

The good news is, Spokeo’s scholarship contest is open to current college students as well as high school seniors. You’ve got to be enrolled or about to enroll in a four- or two-year school but, unlike your mom, we don’t need you to have your course schedule mapped out for the next three years. We’re just excited you’re getting an education.

Life’s different now than it was for a college student back in the ‘50s, the 80’s and even the ‘00s. Spokeo wants to know more about your experience. The way we see it, connections, relationships, and technology are what makes the world go ‘round – tell us how one of these issues has impacted you and you could win $1,000 in scholarship money to make this semester the best one yet.

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