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Meet the Spokeo Interns: Irene (3 of 5)

Written by August 8, 2014

Spokeo is proud to introduce each of the five interns participating in the inaugural Spokeo internship program. For more details about the program visit: Introducing the Spokeo Interns. To inquire about participating in future internship programs please email jobs@spokeo.com.


Name: Irene Yeh

Nickname: “The Chef”

School: UCLA

Major: Computer Science

Expected Graduation: Summer of 2016

Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Trek

Career Aspirations:  I’d like to be able to touch on every aspect within the computer science field and inspire more girls to do CS. We are the minority but we’re changing that slowly!

What have you worked on this summer? The first project was an SEO phone lookup task. The second project was a blog for the Family.me site. It has owls and trees and it’s a very pretty site. 😀 We have one last project to work on we’re excited to get started!

Best Spokeo moment so far? Karaoke night! I can’t believe we actually were singing and showing off our best dance moves in front of everyone… IT WAS AWESOME and embarrassing.

Do you have any advice for next year’s interns?  It’s really important to make friends with co-workers even when you are not working. I really feel that Spokeo is more like a family than a company. I learn so much when I’m networking with people outside of work, not only technical skills but also how to deal with people professionally. These are the connections you want to maintain. Even after the internship is over, these people might help you in the future with recommendations. Networking is VERY important!

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