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Meet the Spokeo Interns: Lea (4 of 5)

Written by August 12, 2014

Spokeo is proud to introduce each of the five interns participating in the inaugural Spokeo internship program. For more details about the program visit: Introducing the Spokeo Interns. To inquire about participating in future internship programs please email jobs@spokeo.com.


Name: Lea Coligado

Nickname: “The Ref”

School: Stanford University

Major: Computer Science

Expected Graduation: Summer of 2016

Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars

Career Aspirations: I really want to encourage women to not only hold their own, but thrive in tech careers. In regards to my future career, I hope to teach girls, from a young age, that coding is a fun and comfortable option and emotionally support the women with whom I work.

What have you worked on this summer? I’ve handled much of the javascript, ajax requests and styling of one of our recent projects and helped with the Family.me blog. We’re starting a new directory project next.

Best Spokeo moment so far? The company dinner at Manna Korean Barbecue. It was nice (and hilarious) getting to know my co-workers outside of the work environment. The people here at Spokeo are genuinely down-to-earth, approachable people, and I appreciate the fact I’ve been able to come to them for a lot of questions.

Do you have any advice for next year’s interns? Make daily and long-term goals. Before I started documenting what I wanted to accomplish for the day, it was easy to get off-track, but now I choose what I want to focus on, in a structured, efficient way. Goal-making has also helped me evaluate what’s important to me, so it also keeps aspiration on-track.

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