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Spokeo CEO Shows You How to Crush Any Challenge You Face on the Awesome Office Show

Written by October 26, 2016

After years of overcoming challenges – both in business and in life – Spokeo CEO Harrison Tang had a realization.

“Problems aren’t problems themselves, it’s how you deal with them.”

That’s according to a new interview with Harrison for The Awesome Office Show, a podcast that approaches leadership and entrepreneurship through the lens of culture and engagement.

In the interview, Harrison talks to host Sean Kelly about his entrepreneurial journey, Spokeo’s unique company culture, and his four step-process for handling the inevitable challenges and fears that one faces in life.

Of course, a discussion of Spokeo’s company culture wouldn’t be complete without a reference to the company’s cherished bacon-themed conference room. In fact, Harrison conducted the entire interview from within the infamous meeting space:

Harrison Tang Bacon Room

Listen to the podcast below:






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