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Tech Talent Tuesday: Xilong (Backend)

Written by November 15, 2016


Tech Talent Tuesday is a monthly series where we introduce you to one of the talented members of the product team at Spokeo. We’re an extremely close-knit group and pride ourselves on the great culture we’ve built. Hope you enjoy getting to know our tech minds! 

First name: Xilong

Title: Senior Software Developer (joined Spokeo as “Software Developer”)

Tell us about your job. What do you do?

I focus on our backend system which powers Spokeo as a people search engine. I feel very proud to have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects that cover the entire data processing workflow and transforming data from its raw state all the way to the profile page.  We’ve conquered several challenges as a team including things like data processing/access, and we’ve even built our own processing framework! Currently, I am mainly focusing on infrastructure automation. 

Life before Spokeo: I was a graduate student at USC finishing my Master’s degree in Computer Science.

Most interesting Spokeo Project: It is so hard to pick one, given so many challenging projects we’ve completed, but if I have to, I would vote for our engineering marvel: data merging. Not only because of the difficult nature of linking similar records, but also because we ran them in massive, massive scale. Imagine tens of billions records flowing among thousands of nodes; this requires lots of engineering efforts and innovation.

Favorite Spokeo event ever: The Ping Pong and Pool Tournament! 

Words of advice: Always be prepared, and ready for change.

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