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Standing Up for American Values

Written by February 3, 2017

My co-founders and I have always believed that Spokeo should focus on innovation and not political commentary, as this is where we make the biggest impact on people’s lives. However, recent events have been made in haste that threaten the American values that we believe make this country great. The current administration’s executive order to…
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Empowering Spokeo’s Users

Written by June 12, 2012

Six years ago, my Stanford roommates and I built Spokeo to help us keep in touch with friends across a dizzying array of social networks. We are honored today to be at the helm of a principal destination for millions of Americans searching for and looking to connect with others. Like any startup, we grow…
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How Our Opt-Out System Works

Written by January 12, 2011

Some people have been reporting to us that their opted-out listings have reappeared on Spokeo.com.  After investigating these cases, we’ve found that this has been caused by certain misunderstandings and false expectations about how Spokeo works. We would like to address this issue and clarify any confusion.  When you choose to opt out of Spokeo,…
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Happy New Year!

Written by January 1, 2011

2011 is here, and we would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! 2010 has been a breakout year for Spokeo. In February 2010, we launched the groundbreaking Spokeo 4.0 with the new name search and reverse phone lookup technologies. In April and May 2010, we landed onto all the mainstream newspapers, magazines, TV…
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Username Search Has Arrived!

Written by December 27, 2010

Have you ever had the experience of forgetting the name of the person behind the AIM screen name?  I’ve been using AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) since high school, and my contact list today has more than one hundred people. I haven’t talked to a lot of these old friends for a while, so I only…
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Spokeo Hot Spots

Written by December 7, 2010

Have you ever wondered who uses Spokeo?  Spokeo does not track or store people’s search history, so it’s not possible to pinpoint exactly who our users are.  That said, we’ve built some aggregated statistics in hope of understanding our users better.  The below heatmap shows a live snapshot of where our traffic is coming from….
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Spokeo 5.0 Launched

Written by November 17, 2010

We soft-launched Spokeo 5.0 yesterday.  We chose not to launch this version with much fanfare because we are trying out a lot of new concepts, and the current design will probably change again in the next few weeks.  As with most new product launches, Spokeo 5.0 experimentation has yielded mixed results so far.  People seem…
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Spokeo 5.0 Sneak Preview

Written by November 10, 2010

Spokeo 5.0 is coming in the next few days! Check out the screenshot below for a special sneak preview. Our new design philosophy centers around the old saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words." Spokeo 4.0 aggregates public data and displays it as text-strings. Spokeo 5.0 will implement graphics, icons, and new designs to…
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The New Gestalt of Virtual Identity

Written by July 19, 2010

Today a new reality is slowly emerging which could hardly be anticipated when Spokeo first began.  All of us – innovators and users alike – are slowly becoming aware that aggregating multiple public profiles and consolidating them into one seems to give birth to yet a whole new identity heretofore unrecognized. This is, in essence,…
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Reflecting on the Recent Controversy

Written by July 13, 2010

Upon the release of Spokeo 4 in early March of this year, a surprising controversy sprang up among the blog communities and media. Our new product unexpectedly seemed to strike a nerve in some, eliciting powerful and sometimes harsh responses. Suddenly we were the focus of overwhelming attention. There was much misplaced trepidation, and startling…
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