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When Your Gut Feeling Says He’s Married

Written by July 7, 2016

Rachel was an online dater navigating the same complicated waters that most singles face today. She’d met someone with potential online. His name was Tim, and they even had a mutual Facebook friend! But something felt awry… “I had a funny feeling about him; something wasn’t right.”  Looking to calm her fears, she decided she’d…
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Free vs. Paid Online Dating: What to Expect

Written by June 27, 2016

According to Match.com, today, Monday, June 27 is the BUSIEST day for online dating. As the mercury rises so do the swipes to the right in search of Summer love. By now even the most inexperienced internet users know that online dating is a mixed bag. There are thousands upon thousands of dating sites and…
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New York Times: After Ashley Madison Breach, Online Daters Check Credentials

Written by October 16, 2015

We talk about dating research constantly on Spokeo, and how important it is to learn more about the people you’re thinking about getting involved with. The latest security leak at Ashley Madison brought to light just how many people might be leading a double life in relationships. New York Times contributor, Abby Ellin, penned a piece…
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Guest Blog: That Time I Should Have Checked Spokeo About My Date

Written by February 12, 2015

By Gina Stewart of Expert Online Dating Ever been on a date and something your date says or does just kind of causes you to take a pause? You know, those things that make you go “hmmm.” Dating is full of unanswered questions. Going on dates is meant to help answer questions about the person…
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Guest Blog: That time I Should Have Checked Spokeo – Online Dating Edition

Written by February 5, 2015

Hi. I’m Gina Stewart from Expert Online Dating. As much as I love online dating, there are times when I admit it leaves a little too much to the imagination. Sometimes you just want a little piece of mind as to who that cutie is on the other end of your connection. Here are some…
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