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What You Can and Can’t Do with Spokeo: Separating Fact From Fiction

Written by February 23, 2012

If you’ve been paying attention to this blog in recent months, you’ll know that we’ve been adding cool new features to our site at a dizzying rate. (Have you tried out our Famous People search feature yet? No? Get searching!) While we pride ourselves on providing the public with a powerful tool to reconnect with…
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Take a Deep Breath: Spokeo is NOT a Scam

Written by February 18, 2011

I recently heard someone use this cliché: "The news spread like wildfire." Wildfire moves quickly, no doubt (as us Californians are all-too-aware), but have you seen the way a viral video spreads? Someone uploads a video of some girl at the mall who is too busy texting to notice she’s about to fall into a…
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How Our Opt-Out System Works

Written by January 12, 2011

Some people have been reporting to us that their opted-out listings have reappeared on Spokeo.com.  After investigating these cases, we’ve found that this has been caused by certain misunderstandings and false expectations about how Spokeo works. We would like to address this issue and clarify any confusion.  When you choose to opt out of Spokeo,…
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Spokeo Privacy – Get the Scoop from the Source

Written by January 10, 2011

As mentioned in our previous blog, Spokeo has been a sizzling hot news topic recently. I’m sure you’ve all seen the warning messages about Spokeo that you’re supposed to repost to your friends on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, or heard about Spokeo from your local news stations. To help clear up any confusion and…
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The Truths vs. Myths about Spokeo

Written by March 25, 2010

We’ve been inundated with the growing traffic, emails, requests, and everything.  There is no way we can answer everyone’s questions right away, and I know many of you want answers right now.  As a result, I will address some of the common questions below. Myth 1:  Spokeo is a government agency and our big brother….
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