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Spokeo in the News

Oct 01

Spokeo’s Harrison Tang named one of TechWeek’s 100

by Vanessa • October 1, 2014

Spokeo co-founder and CEO, Harrison Tang, joins the ranks of many other esteemed tech leaders on the Techweek 100! The Techweek100 is an annual list of the 100 most distinguished technology organizations and their leaders, and identifies those who have made a significant impact on the technology and innovation ecosystem in which they operate. Selections […]

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Dec 03

Built in LA Reports on Spokeo’s Growth

by Vanessa • December 3, 2013

The LA Tech scene is buzzing with stories of growth, funding and innovation. Built In LA, an online networking platform and community site, has been igniting some of the buzz by profiling LA tech companies. This week Carlin Sacks interviewed Ray Chen, CEO of Spokeo, to share the story behind our growth and product evolution. […]

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Apr 10

House Hunting Help: Reverse Address Search

by Vanessa • April 10, 2013

Are you looking to buy a house but aren’t sure if it’s on the market? With Spokeo, all you have to do is ask…the home owners themselves. Reuters recently published an interesting article (and mentions Spokeo) about buying homes that aren’t necessarily for sale. According to the National Association of Realtors, “20 percent of those who sold their […]

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Jul 02

Spokeo Founder Featured on IdeaMensch

by Vanessa • July 2, 2012

  Spokeo’s founder and president, Harrison Tang, answered some questions for Ideamensch.com. Take a look at the interview and get to know the man behind the idea for Spokeo. Harrison Q&A with Ideamensch.com  

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Feb 23

What You Can and Can’t Do with Spokeo: Separating Fact From Fiction

by Patrick • February 23, 2012

If you’ve been paying attention to this blog in recent months, you’ll know that we’ve been adding cool new features to our site at a dizzying rate. (Have you tried out our Famous People search feature yet? No? Get searching!) While we pride ourselves on providing the public with a powerful tool to reconnect with […]

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Sep 14

Spokeo News Update: Last Day of Summer Edition

by Patrick • September 14, 2011

A troop of sad-looking children shuffle listlessly to a bus stop. A young woman sighs as she folds up her Slip n’ Slide. A deflated beach ball is tossed onto the cold, concrete floor of a garage. A depressed man of 25 eats a plate of Pizza Rolls while regretfully looking outside the window. What […]

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Apr 18

Where Do I Find Spokeo News? Here, That’s Where!

by Patrick • April 18, 2011

Things move fast here at Spokeo, and it can be hard to keep up. Some of you have even asked if we have a "News" section. We do, and guess what? You’re reading it right now! This blog is many things, to be sure: a clearing house of truth, a dependable place for a good […]

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Mar 11

Spokeo in Time Magazine!

by Patrick • March 11, 2011

Spokeo founder Harrison Tang recently sat down with Time magazine columnist Joel Stein to discuss Spokeo, the "people search industry," online privacy and much more. It was a frank and open discussion, and you can read a small portion of the interview in the latest issue of Time. We were definitely excited to be mentioned […]

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Jul 07

Spokeo Responds To CDT’s Complaint

by Lynn • July 7, 2010

For those of you who may not have heard, The Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) – a non-profit public interest group that, interestingly, bills itself as “working to keep the Internet open, innovative, and free”– filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) last week, alleging that Spokeo’s practices violate the Fair Credit […]

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May 31

Spokeo In The News

by Nasrin • May 31, 2010

Harrison, co-founder of Spokeo, was on CNN Newsroom last night with anchor Brooke Baldwin discussing Internet privacy. Did anyone catch the broadcast? Still looking for a video!    

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