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Why We Hired 3,000 Nepali Nationals for a Major Census Records Project

Written by April 1, 2016

In 2013, Spokeo’s CEO Harrison Tang took an unforgettable trip to Nepal with the goal of organizing a workforce of 3,000 locals to transcribe 200 million census records! Spokeo’s mission is to help people find and connect with others. With this mission in mind, the company decided to embark on a monumental effort to digitize…
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It Takes a Village to Reunite a Father and Son

Written by March 15, 2016

Pictured from left to right: Chad (Carey’s half brother), Chancellor (Carey’s father), and Carey.   Spokeo just received a touching story about how we helped Carey find his biological father after 39 years apart. In 1976, Carey’s mother, Clementine, found out that she was pregnant. Living in Chicago at the time, Clementine never had the chance…
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How Spokeo Helped a Mom Find her Missing Daughter

Written by March 10, 2016

A missing child is a parent’s worst nightmare. Sherri recently used Spokeo to help a friend locate her missing daughter. One night, Sherri’s friend went into her daughter’s room and discovered that she had run away. Sherri came over and the two of them searched her room for clues and noticed that her daughter had…
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Tech Talent Tuesday: Joe

Written by March 8, 2016

First name: Joe Title: Director of QA and Release Management Tell us about your job. What do you do? My job is to make sure that the QA and Release Management team is running smoothly, that software defects are found and fixed prior to releases, and that the performance of the software is met to…
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How Spokeo helped reunite these former in-laws

Written by February 29, 2016

We heard from Spokeo customer, Elizabeth, about a reunion that was only possible with the help of Spokeo. Elizabeth grew up in Asheville, NC and has since moved to Asheboro, NC only three hours away. She was quite close with her former mother-in-law, but it had been five years since they had seen each other….
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Product Update: Advanced Search Filters!

Written by February 22, 2016

Searching on Spokeo just became more powerful, as we continue to evolve and incorporate your feedback. In addition to first and last name, you can now add information to refine your search, especially when you’re searching a more common name and you want to save time by narrowing the results. Options include: middle name or…
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Spokeo Helps Catch a Catfish

Written by February 19, 2016

Our team recently learned about how we helped Spokeo customer, John, discover that he was being “catfished” by women he met through online dating services. Catfish is the term used when someone lures one into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona. John had recently moved to a new city and decided to…
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Spokeo Enterprise: How a Travel Agency Uses Spokeo Enterprise to Convert Emails into Prospect Profiles

Written by February 1, 2016

Late last year we announced our latest people search offering, Spokeo Enterprise, designed for organizations with high-volume search needs such as online retailers, law enforcement, real estate and travel agencies and more. Spokeo Enterprise helps these organizations with fraud prevention, tracking down criminals, identity verification and many other use cases. Now we’re excited to share…
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A Natural Disaster Helps Reunite Old Friends

Written by January 29, 2016

From left to right: Pam and Sandra (back row), Jay and Fred (front row) Their 1978 Bowling Team It’s common for friends to lose touch or go their separate ways, especially when people move a few states away. This is a heartwarming story about two couples that were good friends that lost touch after moving…
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To Catch a Thief: Spokeo Helps Track Down a Credit Card Hacker

Written by January 21, 2016

Nearly half of Americans have had their credit card hacked, according to research from the Ponemon Institute. Mary-Kathryn found herself in that unfortunate situation after $3,000 was stolen from her husband’s credit card. Mary-Kathryn’s credit card company called them to explain that someone had used her husband’s credit card information to wire transfer money fraudulently…
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