Press Reviews

Spokeo Newsweek

“I could have found this information using a search engine like Google, but I would have had to know what I was looking for, and would probably have had to sift through dozens of Web pages.” [Full Article]

Spokeo Wall Street Journal

[From Article 1] “People are uncovering surprising details about colleagues, lovers and strangers that often don’t turn up in a simple Internet search.”  [Full Article]

[From Article 2] “Spokeo Inc., a Mountain View start-up that allows users to track their friends’ activity on various sites, has changed its site to more quickly reflect people’s privacy settings on other sites.” [Full Article]

Spokeo Chico News Review

“People-search sites like, have given amateur investigators new tools in searching for lost loved ones in recent years.” [Full Article]

Spokeo Business Insider

“These guys really do a solid job at explaining themselves as a search engine that is specialized in organizing people-related information from a large variety of public sources.” [Full Article]

Spokeo TIME Magazine

“The info on Spokeo isn’t even all that revealing — he purposely leaves off criminal records and previous marriages — but Tang thinks society is still learning about data mining and will soon become inured to it.” [Full Article]

Spokeo ZDNet

[From Article 1] “Spokeo offers one solution to what I think will be a growing problem — efficiently keeping track of friends’ online activities across the social web.” [Full Article]

[From Article 2] “The end result is a slick application that’s much simpler to grasp, and does one thing well: tracking your friends content across multiple social websites.” [Full Article]

Spokeo PCWorld

“Spokeo is designed to let you dig up information on friends, foes, and anyone in between. Spokeo goes a step farther than many of the other services, though, by importing your entire e-mail address book.” [Full Article]

Spokeo Examiner

“This online tool is especially helpful for parents concerned about what strangers can see about your children; this enables parents to safeguard family photos and personal information.” [Full Article]

Spokeo TechCrunch

[From Article 1] “What makes Spokeo compelling, at least initially, is that it is dead-simple to set up. I tried this with my Gmail account, and it built up a friend reader with more than 500 contacts in less than three minutes.” [Full Article]

[From Article 2] “Spokeo combines the top 20 social networking destinations with any RSS feeds you like into one glimpse through a multimedia RSS reader.” [Full Article]

Spokeo ABC 7

“Stanford professor, Hiam Mendelson, says technology brings new concerns, but doesn’t see any ethical problems with spokeo.” [Full Article]

Spokeo MakeUseOf

“Spokeo is an outstanding all-in-one online tracker that helps you follow-up on your friends’ online activities by keeping track of their profiles across all major social networks, blog networks and photo sharing websites.” [Full Article]

Spokeo Sina

“In a tiny office in Mountain View, this could be the next big thing on the Internet.” [Full Article]

Spokeo Guy Kawasaki

“Spokeo finds information about your friends—long-lost or not—and then tracks their online activities as they make updates. These friends don’t have to “invite” you, approve your friend “request,” or be a member of Spokeo.” [Full Article]

Spokeo Cunsumerist

“It might surprise you to see just how easy it is for someone to assemble a picture of your Internet footprint with only an email address.” [Full Article]

Spokeo Komando

“You can track many people across several social-networking sites. Use a social network aggregator like Spokeo.” [Full Article]

Spokeo Profy

“You don’t have to invite anyone, approve anyone, or really do much of anything. Getting all your contacts set up is as simple as providing your email address and password, and Spokeo will import your contacts.” [Full Article]

Spokeo Mashable

“Spokeo now sees itself as a kind of RSS reader for social networks: read all your friend’s updates in one location in a system akin to the Facebook feed.” [Full Article]

Spokeo CNET

“Spokeo does a very useful thing: It takes data feeds from multiple social networks that you participate in (such as MySpace, Xanga, and so forth), and gives you one overview page where you can see what’s up with all your buddies’ pages.” [Full Article]

Spokeo USA Today

“Personal information is readily available from many online sources. It just takes a little know-how and creativity to find it.” [Full Article]

Spokeo New York Post

“Spokeo uses online address book contacts to track personal activity on the Internet, from blogs to file share services including Facebook and MySpace. Even random photos posted years ago on Flickr could pop up in seconds.” [Full Article]