Visualizing People Movement: 350 Million US Addresses At Once


The team at Spokeo, a leading people search platform, is working hard to make sure you find the information you are looking for, while also finding ways to help process and understand the information that exists about people. Some of the datasets featured on Spokeo, when displayed in a visual manner, can help explain how we (meaning people in the U.S.) behave collectively. After months of work, we are proud to present data visualizations of 350 million U.S. address change records from 2000 to 2009.  The various animated timelines showcase which states and cities people move from or into more than others.


These videos posted below are actual visualizations of U.S. address change records from 2000 to 2009. More than 350 million data points are featured on a map of continental U.S. using Java Processing programming environment. We aggregated data for each month and calculated how many people are moving from one state or city to another.


48 State Static Visualization

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48 State Animated Visualization

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Top 50 Cities Static Visualization

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Top 50 Cities Animated Visualization

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Zipcode Animated Visualization

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How to View

Click on any state label at the bottom of each video and hit the play button to view the video of interest.

  • -Green circles mean there are more people moving out of that state or city as opposed to moving in

  • -Red circles mean there are more people moving into that state or city as opposed to moving out

  • -Shades of the colored circles vary according to volume; the deeper the color, the higher the volume

  • -The magnitude of movement is indicated by the thickness of links or size of animated blobs (circular blue images on the 4th video “Zipcode Animated Visualization).

  • -The animated blobs are time delayed according to the distance for easy viewing; It should not be interpreted literally that some people took almost a month to move.

Now, take a step back and think about all the people that have moved across or around the country in the last decade. It should come as no surprise to realize how easy it is to lose contact with those you know or knew at one point.  Spokeo is focused on reuniting friends and family, so if you’re thinking about the friends you’ve lost touch with, try searching for them on today.