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    Ava Gardner

    1922 - 1990 Female

    Ava Lavinia Gardner was an American actress. She was signed to a contract by MGM Studios in 1941 and appeared mainly in small roles until she drew attention with her performance in The Killers (1946). She became one of Hollywood's leading actresses, considered one of the most beautiful women of her day. She was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress for her work in Mogambo (1953).… Read More

Fun Facts and Statistics

People named Ava

Spokeo people search has successfully located people named Ava in America. Out of Spokeo's index, 0.1% of these people are male, while 99.9% of these people are female. When it comes to ethnicity and race, a total of 82.2% of these people are of Caucasian origin, 14.4% are of African-American origin, 2.4% are of Hispanic origin, 0.8% are of Asian origin, 0.1% are of South-Asian origin, 0.0% are of Native American origin, 0.0% are of Middle-Eastern origin, and 0.0% are of Other origin.

Spokeo's wealth data indicates that 22.9% of these people earn below $30,000, 17.2% have incomes between $30,001 and $40,000, 16.2% have incomes between $40,001 and $50,000, 11.4% have incomes between $50,001 and $60,000, 11.9% have incomes between $60,001 and $70,000, 10.7% have incomes between $70,001 and $80,000, 0.6% have incomes between $80,001 and $90,000, 0.8% have incomes between $90,000 and $100,000, and 8.4% earn above $100,001. As for the number of married and single people in this group, 56.9% of these people are married, and 43.1% are single.

Averages for people named Ava
Incomeaverage: $52k
Age average: 53 yrs old
53 yrs old
Ethnicity majority: Caucasian

PurpleCaucasian BlueHispanic RedAfrican American OrangeAsian GreenNative American YellowOther

Gender majority: female
99.9% Female
0.1% Male