Spokeo Scholarship Resource List

Spokeo has always been about connecting you to your family and friends, but what about connecting yourself to your future? Spokeo has compiled a frequently updating Scholarships list in an effort to connect you with generous private/external organizations. We've done the search for you: our list will keep the most current scholarships toward the top of the page to make it easier to keep track of deadlines. No more searching through myriad outlets for different scholarships―find the ones here throughout the year.

Scholarship Amount Days Left Deadline
Lemberg Law Stop Collector.com Scholarship $1,000 Passed Sep 30, 2015
The Elie Wiesel Foundation Prize in Ethics Essay Contest $5,000 Passed Sep 30, 2015
Snap Scholars Digital Marketing Scholarship $1,000 Passed Oct 15, 2015
Berkshire Hathaway American Dream Essay Contest $1,000 Passed Oct 16, 2015
Williams-Mystic Essay Contest in Honor of Joseph Conrad $500 Passed Oct 23, 2015
Distracted Driver Awareness Scholarship $1,000 Passed Nov 15, 2015
Sixt Scholars Program $5,000 Passed Nov 30, 2015
$1,000 Lemberg Law Justice Scholarship $1,000 Passed Nov 30, 2015
CustomMade Scholarship $1,000 Passed Dec 15, 2015
Unhinge Hardware National Scholarship $2,000 Passed Dec 19, 2015
Safe From the Start Scholarship $500 Passed Dec 31, 2015
The Infoparrot Scholarship $1,250 Passed Dec 31, 2015
2015 Future of In-Home Care Scholarship $1,500 Passed Dec 31, 2015
2015 Future Assisted Living Scholarship $2,000 Passed Dec 31, 2015
ThePennyHoarder.com’s “Frugal Student” Scholarship $2,000 Passed Dec 31, 2015
John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest $10,000 Passed Jan 06, 2016
Boling Rice $1,000 Scholarship $1000 Passed Jan 15, 2016
Ortho Online Review Scholarship $1,000 Passed Mar 31, 2016
NSHSS Foundation STEM Scholarships $1,000 Passed Apr 01, 2016
Interior Deluxe Scholarship Program $1,500 Passed Apr 15, 2016
Varsity Tutors Scholarship $1,000 Passed Apr 15, 2016
E-Waste Scholarship $1,000 Passed Apr 30, 2016
Dishpromotions Scholarship $1,000 Passed May 31, 2016
The Rover College Scholarship $1,000 Passed May 31, 2016
Mark A. Forester Scholarship $1,000 Passed Jun 01, 2016
Race to Inspire Scholarship $500 Passed Aug 15, 2016
CoffeeForLess.com "Hit the Books" Scholarship $500 Passed Sep 30, 2016
Don't Text and Drive Scholarship $1,000 Passed Sep 30, 2016
12 Keys Academic Essay Scholarship $500 Passed Oct 01, 2016
AES Engineers Scholarship $500 Passed Oct 06, 2016
Get Educated Distance Learning Scholarship $1,000 Passed Oct 15, 2016
Pelican Water Systems College Scholarship Contest $1,500 Passed Oct 15, 2016
American Bullion Scholarship Program $500 Passed Oct 31, 2016
Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship Winner $2,000 Passed Oct 31, 2016
Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation $20,000 Passed Oct 31, 2016
Ticketcity Annual College Scholarship Program $3,000 Passed Nov 11, 2016
Paradigm Malibu $1,000 Annual Depression Treatment Education Scholarship $1,000 Passed Dec 15, 2016
Foreclosure.com Scholarship Program $5,000 Passed Dec 16, 2016
Green Home Improvement Scholarship $1,000 Passed Dec 16, 2016
A Better America Scholarship Program 2016 $1,000 Passed Dec 31, 2016
Unigo $10K Scholarship $10,000 Passed Dec 31, 2016
Dietspotlight.com Scholarship Program $3,000 Passed Dec 31, 2016
Scholarship Safety Tips
A Spokeo guide to being cautious in your scholarship search.
  • Never pay application fees or "entry fees" for scholarships. Similarly, do not pay for scholarship searches or "finder's fees" for scholarships. Many online scholarship databases provide their resources for free. We include a database of scholarship searches below.
  • Never give your information to any scholarship that "guarantees" you'll win.
  • Beware of notification letters or awards from scholarships you've never entered.
  • Beware of unusual requests for personal identification or information. Do not disclose bank account numbers, social security card numbers, or credit card numbers to unknown parties.
  • Contact your school's counselor or scholarship office for assistance in finding scholarships that best fit you. Do not spend time on scholarships you do not qualify for.
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