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Now Accepting Fall 2015 Entries!

Spokeo Connections Scholarship

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Attention: The Scholarship Deadline has been extended to July 7th

Step 1: Select A Topic

  • Connection
    Technology plays a large part in keeping us connected to our friendships and family. What tool or social networking has done the most to keep you in touch? How do you see this evolving in the future?
  • Data
    Open/Big data is used to improve communities and experiences. How would you use big data to improve life on campus? What data sets would you select and what problems or issues would you want to resolve?
  • Social
    We at Spokeo encourage creativity. Select a cause or product (e.g. UNICEF, Dr.Pepper, Spokeo or a film) and tell us how you would uniquely integrate social media to reach the broadest audience possible.

Step 2: Read The Rules

  • One
    Applicant must be either a recently graduated high school senior who will enroll as a freshman at a four
    year or two year college or university in the Fall of 2015 OR a student currently enrolled on a full-time
    basis at an accredited four-year or two-year college or university.
  • Two
    Applicant must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Three
    Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the United States.
  • Four
    Essay must be no fewer than 1,000 words and no greater than 1,600 words.
  • Five
    Essay must be applicant's original work.
  • Six
    Essay must be submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. (PST) July 7, 2015.
    *For complete rules and regulations please click here

Step 3: Upload Your Essay & Transcript

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Accepted Essay Files: pdf, doc, docx (Max file size: 1.5MB)
Accepted Files: pdf, doc, docx (Max file size: 1.5MB)
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Accepted Transcript Files: pdf, doc, docx (Max file size: 1.5MB)
Accepted Files: pdf, doc, docx (Max file size: 1.5MB)

Spokeo Connections Winners

    • Spring 2015 Winner
    • Emma Browning
    • Hometown: Cumming, Georgia
    • School: Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Emma currently attends North Forsyth High School and is both the president of the academic team and the captain of the debate team. She is on the leadership team of Simple Charity - the subject of her winning entry. She plans to attend the Georgia Institute of Technology in the fall of 2015 with her a focus on International Relations.

    Read Emma Browning's Essay

    • Fall 2014 Winner
    • Darrell Falconburg
    • Hometown: Twin Falls, Idaho
    • School: College of Idaho
  • Darrell attends the College of Idaho with a major in History and minors in Mathematics and Philosophy. Darrell was the Idaho State Chair of the Young Americans for Liberty, which promotes a non-interventionist foreign policy and a laissez-faire domestic policy. In the future, he plans on attending a graduate school for a Ph.D in economics.

    Read Darrell Falconburg's Essay

    • Spring 2014 Winner
    • Ashley S. Dillon
    • Hometown: Port St. John, Florida
    • School: University of Central Florida
  • Ashley attends University of of Central Florida with a major in psychology and a minor in cognitive sciences. Her involvement with Out of the Life, an organization committed to assisting individuals exit the sex traffic industry, demonstrates her passion for helping those in need. She plans on attending graduate school for a Ph.D in clinical psychology.

    Read Ashley S. Dillon's Essay

Rules & Regulations
Spokeo Connections Scholarship 2015 Official Rules
  • Judging
    The winning essay will be judged on the following criteria: content, style, creativity, and how persuasively the applicant presents his or her point of view. After the deadline of July 7th, 2015 all entries will be reviewed. After review the winning essay will be selected by a panel of three judges.
  • Prize
    The applicant of the winning essay will receive a one-time scholarship of $1,000 to be applied to the following school-related expenses: tuition, fees, books, and on-campus room and board. Funds must be used in the 2015 academic year. Scholarship funds are provided by Spokeo and will be paid via mail to the accredited college or university of the winning applicant's choosing.
  • Submission Of Materials
    All entries must be entered through the official Spokeo Connections Scholarship submission form, which can be found here. No paper or hard copy submissions will be accepted. All essays must be written in English. Submissions must be uploaded in either a Microsoft Word or PDF format. Personal information submitted will be used solely for the use of awarding the scholarship and will not be used for any other function on Spokeo reserves the right to publish content from the submitted essays themselves.
  • Eligibility
    Current Spokeo employees or the immediate family of current Spokeo employees are not eligible for entry. All applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the United States. Applicants must either be an incoming college freshman for the fall 2015 academic semester or a current undergraduate or graduate student of any accredited two or four year college or university. To see if your school is eligible please see:
  • Disclaimers
    Spokeo does not use the information provided in the scholarship application to create listings.

    For High School Seniors applying for a Spring Scholarship, as Spokeo only awards scholarships to colleges and universities, please notify us regarding the school you are planning to attend by May 1st, 2015. Your scholarship will be applied to the Fall semester. Should you not contact us by the target date or fail to enroll in an college or university by May 1st 2015, Spokeo reserves the right to award the scholarship to the second place finalist.