QA Team Journey in Agile Development

In an agile development methodology, delivering quality software with good velocity is mission-critical. There is a continuous collaboration between various stakeholders, developers keep introducing new features and fixes every day and testers have to keep up with the new changes & test everything before the next iteration to deliver a quality application. To handle this, we need to continuously run variety of tests including unit, integration, regression, performance tests and that’s what we do at Spokeo.

Introduction to Reactive Applications

Reactive applications (Rx) is a powerful library to help you on both the frontend and backend. This post is an introduction to Rx.

Containers and Microservices: New Ways to Deploy and Manage Applications at Scale

Many organizations are beginning to adopt microservices in an attempt to streamline product delivery and increase developer agility. Microservices were developed as a way to divide and conquer.

Unikernels Great, but Not There Yet

Throughout my years in Spokeo I have heard whispers of how great containers are. I, for one, have never used containers. Not because I don’t like them, but because I never gotten around to trying them out. However, I love the idea of containers. It allows you to create a versioned image that you can deploy on any machine without having to worry about dependencies because the dependencies are already contained within the image.

The Quality Assurance Team That Could

It’s exciting to be part of a team that has progressed tremendously in the last few years. From not having a standardized process in place, to being completely process-oriented, the team has grown a lot in a short amount of time. This is an even greater indicator of the growth and success of Spokeo in the last 10 years. However, to go from being only one part of the development process to playing a key role in the realm of testing and releases, hasn’t been easy.

TDD: Why It Is So Hard to Get Into Even When You Want To

We have been preached TDD our entire programming careers. By our seniors, by community leaders, by conference speakers and by our fellow brogrammers. So why is it so hard to get on this?

Reducing Memory Usage by Pluck in Batches

Recently, one of our internal app servers died due to running out memory. After investigation, the memory leak was caused by someone continuously submitting requests to a specifc report page (the report consumes a lot of memory). In this post, we will go over the methods that we tried to reduce memory usage.

CSS Revamp in the Flat UI Era

Our frontend stylings on a project recently got a huge new makeover. Find out what we learned during this major revamp.

CheckYoSpelling Gem and General Gem-Building Tips

We recently released the CheckYoSpelling Gem. Here are the steps we took to get it up and running.

Yapp a Data Processing Automation Framework

I am proud to announce that we are open sourcing our own backend data processing framework, YAPP(Yet Another Parallel Processing).