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Spokeo may use Personal Information about Your use of to improve our services. Spokeo may also use services and technologies provided by other companies to assist Spokeo in understanding how You use As a result, information about how You use may be available to these other companies to the extent that their technology collects such information for Spokeo’s use. A list of the companies whose products are used to assist Spokeo in understanding user behavior on, as well as links to those companies’ privacy policies, is provided below.

Spokeo actively protects Your usage anonymity and does not distribute personally identifiable information about Your use of to any third parties other than as described above. Only aggregated use data that does not include personally identifiable information may be shared with other third parties. Further may share some of your Personal Information with third parties who provide retargeting consumer marketing programs. Such third parties utilize cookies in the delivery of advertisements to You on the various third parties’ partners’ websites. It enhances the web surfing experience by showing advertisements that are of interest to you. Spokeo has implemented Google's Remarketing feature and also uses Display Advertising. This permits Google to collect certain non-personally identifiable about our site's traffic, solely so that Spokeo may optimize its ad content, placement and to whom our ads are shown (including individuals who have previously visited our site). Spokeo and its vendors use both first and third party cookies to accomplish this. You may opt out of this Display Advertising or customize your preferences using the Ads Preference Manager.

You may opt-out of’s services at anytime; however please note that by opting-out, You will not be able to take full advantage of the services or advertisements provided by third parties. You are free to delete all cookies on your browser, or to have Your browser notify You when a cookie is set. Simply check Your browser settings to do so. By deleting Your cookies in this manner, You will disable Spokeo and its third parties to deliver ads that are targeted to Your interests. You may also opt-out of’s and third parties re-targeting advertisement services by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative website at: When you opt-out in this manner, a cookie will be set on Your browser. and its third parties must maintain the cookie on Your browser in order to recognize You as an opted-out visitor. You must opt-out again if You clear that cookie from Your browser, use a different Internet browser, or use a new computer to access the Internet. Please see our full privacy policy at for more information.

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