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(543) 210-9876

Personal Communications Service
Did you receive an unwanted call from (543) 210-9876?

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30 comments as of 5/15/2015
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Comments associated with (543) 210-9876
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Prank Call
People are scammers
these people are scamming with the promise of a money grant from the U.S. Treasury Department. When you tell them to quit calling--- they begin to cuss you out with lots of "F" bombs
Debt Collector
This phone number call and a women spoke that she is officer of us treasury and asking about tax information with strong Indian accent.
I asked for them to move me from their calling list and I was met with a response of "Fuck you, alright" then an immediate hang up.
I do not want them to call this number again
A person just called, and after I said "Put me on the Do Not Call List" he said "Oh My God, F#$@ You". Then hung up. Classy.
Prank Call
Say they are from government regarding my $5000 grant
Would not identify themselves or who they were calling for.
phone on do not call list
I have been totally rude to these people, asked them how much they want to process my grant, told them the us gov, does not give grants without a grant proposal and doesn't ask for $, the area code is not DC, THEY KEEP CALLING! And both man & woman have foreign accents! The woman even called me back & referred to me as "F..king and said my name,after I told her she was full of s..t and hung up on her. And they called the next day! Why can't they be stopped? Enough already!
called to offer govt grant
Called 4times in three hours told them not interested in the scam they are persistent finally had to just hang up always a unlisted number last time got this 543 mumber came up
I am on the national DNC registry. I should not be receiving calls from a telemarketer!
Luckily!! I don't answer #'s I don't recognize. They left a message.."no one speaks just breathing on the phone". Really?.... Weird people!!
they said it was a call from D. C. about grant money
They keep calling. When they ask to speak to mu husband, I tell them that I am his wife, then they hang up quickly. we are tired of these calls.
Non-Profit Organization
"Raymond Zackson" (I think he was saying, Jackson, but his accent was so strong, I couldn't hear the "J") , called my cell phone, saying he was a "Verification Officer" from the U.S. Grant Dept. and that I had been selected to receive $8,500 for being on time with my mortgage payments, good credit ratings, paid my bills and taxes on time and not a convicted of a crime. So, I am being "awarded" this $ (Well, I do not have a mortgage, and I have credit card debt--I wanted to save that for the end, but didn't get to. They obviously don't have a reliable source of this info). He told me to not use this Grant money for drugs or any illegal activity, but for paying off bills, a new car or anything else I want. He said all I have to do, was set up a direct deposit, then put on hold for 15-20 mins, then my $8,500 would be deposited in my acct.! I told "Raymond" that I do NOT give my bank info. over the phone; and that they could just send me a check. His response was, "We would not be guaranteed that the check would arrive to the person intended." I mentioned that I always get my tax return checks in the mail, no problem, and he could send it certified w/ return receipt requested. He replied with, "No mam, we only transfer the grant $, by the most reliable and quickest method--direct deposit. I am the Grant Verification Officer, and this is perfectly safe." I asked him the address where he was. He said, "200 Independence Ave. Wash. D.C. 20201". While he was talking to me, I googled "U.S. Govt. Grant Dept.". I told him I did that, and the whole 1st page was full of scam warnings. He said, "I am going to have you speak with "Nicole", our Senior Supervisor of Accounts". Then he handed the phone (not put me through) to "Nicole".--"Nicole", who reassured me of their legitamacy, spoke perfect English, with no accent. I wasn't budging on giving my info. over the phone; so "Nicole" said we could use "Money Gram", or if I had a plastic card, like a debit, or Walmart or Macy's, and they could work through that. I said, "No. If you cannot just send me a check, ..." that's where she hung up on me. I read other scammed peoples' comments that the "Grant Dept." people became very rude and used profane language with them. That was not my experience...the ones I talked with, were polite and patient with me. But, STILL, nevertheless, it was a SCAM!!

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