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(543) 465-4768

Personal Communications Service
Did you receive an unwanted call from (543) 465-4768?

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21 comments as of 5/7/2014
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4 COMMENTS AS OF 11/12/2013
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65 comments as of 10/23/2013

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Comments associated with (543) 465-4768
Have gotten a call from this number 6 times within the last 2 weeks have not answered the call. Can not understand him but says his name is Brian Smith from the Legal Dept of BCS (not sure). Gives me a contact number to call bact at 3476271136.
Debt Collector
This number keeps calling me on my cell phone saying I am getting arrest for owning someone money. But I don't owe any one at all so next time they all will answering saying I did a complain against them and they better not call again
Debt Collector
This company keeps calling at work and try to talk to and get me intimidate by hi.
I have not answered the phone when this number is displayed. I am not in debt with anyone. Filing a complaint. Next time they call I will answer the phone and try to get it straightened out
Debt Collector
They call all the time. Can't understand a word they say. Needs to speak English and not talk like they have a mouth full of crap.They need to go back where they come from and let American people have their jobs back
Someone from this number just called several times within a few hours. Haven't answered yet, but checked number online to find several complaints with regards to this number. So, i am filing a complaint as well. Not sure what it is about since i do not have any outstanding debt or unpaid debt. will assume maybe a telemarketer, but i refuse to waist my minutes on my phone. I tried calling from land line and i don't get connected.
Debt Collector
A man who calls himself either David Miller or David Sparks (who has either a thick Indian or Iranian accent) has been calling my work since yesterday and now my cell phone every 3 mins with continuing threatening calls. Also, 347-418-0507 has been used as a call back number. Kmc
Debt Collector
called with a referrel number 347-418-0507, with a thick indian accent and a name like David Miller saying he was a legal office from PCS and that I will be put in a data base for a loan from ? company no amount and my credit will be ruined if I do not return the call... scam debt collecotrs should be shut down.never have done business with them...
this number has called my house about 20 times in the last 6 hours....very annoying
calls repeatedly and no one on the other line, when answered. very annoying.
This # is sooo annoying bothering calling any time of the day and night.Why doesn't the authorities do something about these AHs.
annoying and several calls every day
Harassment called eight times in five minutes
called 5 times in 3 mins. gave another number to call them back on 3474180507. whats funny they have an american name, and they are iran or some foreign country. i had this sometime back called number and all you got was a voice mail, and i blasted them.
Prank Call
this guy is from India, and harass only women he does not have the pant to call a man.this is a prank call. just block his #
Called me over 25 times in 5 minutes stating some company is filing charges against me. Refused to tell me the name of the company and what the charges are. Just wanted me to send them cash (yes said it was cash only) and this issue would go away, whatever the issue is since he would not tell me. I blocked the phone number along with contacting the police and filing harassment charges since he called me the first time mid day and then started calling me at 11:00 pm eastern standard time. This guy's ( who I could not understand ) direct line is 347/418-0507. Please repay the favor and call him non-stop. Thank you this I hope will help make my chemotherapy treatments go a bit easier if there is a way. Thank you all so much. From the bold woman they call Cindy S. Smile and enjoy each day, it can all change in a minute!
Called 4 times in 5 hrs! Stop it!!!!!!!!!!
Called 3 times in 5 minutes
Prank Call
Calling and saying that my name and SS# are under legal investigation.
Debt Collector
Will not stop calling. Called 9 times in 15 minutes.

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