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(633) 360-9353

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Did you receive an unwanted call from (633) 360-9353?

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Here is the POOR excuse of a website: http://nomoretaxproblem.com/ [which, by the way, also belongs to http://businesstaxnews.com/ ] "Is your pay or bank account being levied or garnished? Is the IRS sending intimidating letters to your home or business? Are you facing possible jail time? If you currently owe $10,000 dollars or more in back taxes, we cam help. Assistance is now available to businesses and consumers, who are currently struggling or behind on either their federal taxes. Fill out the Free Analysis Request below and a consultant in your locality rated A with the Better Business Bureau will contact you: " and a form wanting your Name, addy, all telephone #s, and amount of taxes you owe. stating this at the bottom: "If we reached you in error or to be on our Do Not Call list call 888-814-4411 and we will never call you again regarding our research into business services." NO COMPANY NAME, ADDRESS, EMAIL, ETC., but they want yours... LOL, I don't think so! At least NOT ME! http://www.whois.com/whois/nomoretaxproblem.com The registrant and administrative contact is: Braun, Conrad Fair Trials in America 3065 Rosecrans Place Suite 210A San Diego, California 92110 United States 619-223-1022 homeytel@gmail.com ............ Homeytel apparently does the campaigns for Fair Trials in America Here is info about them: http://www.homeytel.com/ they boast: "FREE EXCLUSIVE HOT LEADS! These are leads that have called our toll free numbers specifically requesting more information about your offer. Compliance requires a company name and toll free number be included in all commercial messages. If that toll free number is called and goes to voice mail, an opt out must be offered. The DNC request list is required to be updated every 30 days. We specialize in developing commercial voice mail messages while keeping you in full compliance when leads respond to the toll free number in your message. Our clients call these screened leads "hot leads" because they are better quality leads that initiated the call and listened to the message and passed the screening a second time before being forwarded to you. These are bonus exclusive super-leads emailed to you free! " HOMEYTELTM 3065 Rosecrans Place, Suite 210C San Diego, CA 92110 Phone: (619) 223-1022 Toll Free: (888)-212-7106 Dedicated Recording Line: (619) 564-4671 E-mail : info@homeytel.com
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We are on the do not call list, this number called us. 633 360 9353. We do not want to be called by any telemarketer at all

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