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(876) 343 in Jamaica

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(876) 343-6220
The man identified himself as John Brown #3441- works for UPS. Trying to get information so he could deliver a new car and cash money. He kept calling me sweetie. Spoke with a very bad accent. I told him I declined the gift and told him to remove my name from the list. I finally asked him who he thought he was talking to and he asked me to hold while he pulled up my file. He took a few seconds and then I hung up. I gave him absolutely no information. He called me back 2 more times trying to prove to me that he is legitimate. He wanted to know why I don't want the prize and did I have a family member that would want it? I told him to quit calling me. He told me to go have a cup of coffee and calm down and then he still wanted to give me the prize. I again yelled into the phone and told him again to quit calling me. This guy said his office is in Illinois and he has worked there for 35 years and the call was being monitored for quality assurance. I asked how I could win because I have never entered anything. He said they entered my name and number and I was the 3rd place winner and they had sent me 3 letters to notify me. I told him I read my mail everyday and I did not receive any letters. I told him to quit calling me. He remained persistent and kept calling back.
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