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(876) 406-8723

Locations: Jamaica
Did you receive an unwanted call from (876) 406-8723?

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4 comments as of 8/28/2014
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Prank Call
Got a call this AM. Said he was from PCH then hung up.
I had a lengthy conversation w/John Black I 'very made arrangements to meet you in the morning privately he says you don't want the media but you can have them that people would be trying to make your money he gave me a tag number a phone number a lot of the reference number and a PIN number he had me to repeat it several times he supposed to meet me in the morning when I get my green dot moneypak 502 my bank to win a brand new car and 2.5 million dollars by UPS delivery along with a white van and I have to paid him this money to register it with the US government said I can't touch it in my bank account but I know this is a scam Nintendo to make a report tired of people doing this a lot of elder people fall for this stuff they're desperate never broke people like this should be punished& incarcerated
Prank Call
Received a call from this # (876-406-8723), man stated he was "Jon White, calling from the US postal service". With a Jamaican accent. I said Who is this again? He reiterated that he was "Jon White, calling from the US postal service". I then said I don't think so, this is a Jamaican #, and then they immediately hung up. I then powered my phone off. (Samsung Galaxy 3) and when it turned back on it showed this weird red and blue little luggage bag looking icon in the menu bar that I had never seen before. It only appeared for a quick second and disappeared. I called AT&T and spoke with them regarding any security issues like this, they said I should not worry as long as I did not provide them with any information, which I did not. Shortly after I got off the phone with AT&T, my security update software on my phone popped up with a message reading; "Phone attempted to access system on your device without authorization. This attempt has been blocked. Updating you security policy may solve this problem." So I do believe somehow these people tried to access information from my phone through me answering their call. I normally do not ever answer unknown numbers, but because I have family in the area they called from I assumed maybe it was them. If you see this number, I recommend blocking the call!!
violated do not call list.

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