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Alfredo James "Al" Pacino is an American film and stage actor and director. He is famous for playing mobsters, including Michael Corleone in The Godfather trilogy and Tony Montana in Scarface, though he has also appeared several times on the other side of the law — as a police officer, a detective and a lawyer. His role as Frank Slade in Scent of a Woman won him the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1992 after receiving seven previous Oscar nominations, one of them being in that same year.
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Al Pacino plays 'Hangman' against a serial killer, audience loses
LATimes - about 2 months
The same kids word game that inspired “Wheel of Fortune” has been less profitably appropriated by “Hangman,” a nonsensical serial killer thriller involving a crazed perp whose murder victims each have a letter clue slashed into their suspended torsos. Al Pacino, whose name could make for a challenging...
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Scheme created fake news stories to manipulate stock prices, SEC alleges
LATimes - 8 months
Kamilla Bjorlin has appeared in movies with Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins. She has played an "evil serpent" on the soap opera "Days of Our Lives" and a countess in the movie "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement." Acting "is the passion of my life," Bjorlin — who is also known professionally...
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Comey Got In The Face Of Trump’s ‘Godfather’ Fantasy
Huffington Post - 8 months
function onPlayerReadyVidible(e){'undefined'!=typeof HPTrack&&HPTrack.Vid.Vidible_track(e)}!function(e,i){if(e.vdb_Player){if('object'==typeof commercial_video){var a='',o='m.fwsitesection='+commercial_video.site_and_category;if(a+=o,commercial_video['package']){var c='&m.fwkeyvalues=sponsorship%3D'+commercial_video['package'];a+=c}e.setAttribute('vdb_params',a)}i(e.vdb_Player)}else{var t=arguments.callee;setTimeout(function(){t(e,i)},0)}}(document.getElementById('vidible_1'),onPlayerReadyVidible);   If for some reason it wasn’t before, it’s become clear in the weeks since FBI director James Comey’s firing by the president and Comey’s testimony on Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee that Donald Trump doesn’t seem to fancy himself the next George Washington, Abe Lincoln or even James Buchanan. No, Trump looks in the mirror in the morning and mistakenly sees Michael Corleone. You know, the version of Michael played by Al Pacino in The Go...
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Oliver Stone On Interviewing Putin, Documenting Snowden, And Making Controversial Choices
Huffington Post - 10 months
From “Platoon” and “Born on the Fourth of July” to “Snowden,” director Oliver Stone’s film projects have zoomed in on some tough topics and larger-than-life figures. In this week’s edition of “Scheer Intelligence,” Stone—who is not one to shy away from challenges or controversies—tells Robert Scheer what has motivated him to choose the subjects he has brought to screens big and small. “I’ve always managed—miraculously—to do what I wanted to do,” Stone says. “I never did a movie because it was good for my career.” Scheer recalls Stone’s dogged determination to make sure that author Ron Kovic’s book “Born on the Fourth of July” became a film with Stone at the helm. Scheer also engages the director on other topics, including Stone’s upcoming documentary that features lengthy interviews with Vladimir Putin. “The Putin Interviews” will screen on Showtime beginning June 12. Stone has conducted filmed interviews with other “unpopular figures,” as he puts it, such as ...
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Francis Ford Coppola Says 'The Godfather' Wouldn't Get Made Today
Huffington Post - 10 months
You haven’t seen devotion until you’ve been in a room with nearly 6,000 “Godfather” disciples. The manic fandom typically reserved for Comic-Con and “Star Wars” assemblies was front and center when Francis Ford Coppola and the cast reunited Saturday at the Tribeca Film Festival’s closing night.  Capping off a nine-hour event that included screenings of “The Godfather” and “The Godfather Part II,” a 45th-anniversary panel discussion found Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, Robert De Niro, James Caan, Talia Shire and Rubert Duvall recounting the messy process of making a movie they never expected to become such a defining Hollywood signature. The sold-out crowd at Radio City Music Hall had been boisterous throughout both films, cheering at iconic dialogue and almost every gruesome death or Corleone victory. Just imagine how enthusiastic they were by the time this A-list group took the stage.  “The Godfather” is one of the most chronicled movies in history, as proven by the nearly 800-p...
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'God Looked Away,' and so should you: Why Al Pacino's play falls so short of expectations
LATimes - 12 months
The reason you haven’t read a review in The Times of “God Looked Away,” the new play by Dotson Rader at the Pasadena Playhouse in which Al Pacino plays Tennessee Williams at the inebriated end of his faltering playwriting career, is that critics haven’t been invited to see the show. Billed as the...
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Martin Scorsese's Next Movie Is Heading To Netflix
Huffington Post - 12 months
Netflix has acquired its most prestigious title yet: a Martin Scorsese movie.  “The Irishman,” a $100 million gangster flick starring Robert De Niro, was initially set up at Paramount, which released Scorsese’s previous film, “Silence.” But with 12-year Paramount chief Brad Grey leaving the studio after a financially spotty 2016, Scorsese and his team opted to package the movie elsewhere, according to IndieWire. “Scorsese’s movie is a risky deal, and Paramount is not in the position to take risks,” a source reportedly told IndieWire. “This way, he can make the project he wants.” In other words, Scorsese’s team wants to work somewhere that executives won’t panic about box-office numbers. That’s presumably a response to “Silence,” which cost $46 million but earned only $7.1 million domestically after proving difficult to market to mainstream moviegoers. Given Scorsese’s status as one of the world’s most famous directors, this news represents a massive shift in distribution tr...
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 Huffington Post article
Essential Arts & Culture: Pacino as Tennessee Williams, Diego Rivera at LACMA, suspended Iranian art, 'Mr. Gaga'
LATimes - about 1 year
Al Pacino takes to the stage at the famed Pasadena Playhouse. A pair of new paintings by Diego Rivera arrive at LACMA. And Netflix launches a new design series. This is Carolina A. Miranda, culture writer for the Los Angeles Times, delivering your weekly newsletter from Mexico City, where I am...
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 LATimes article
Al Pacino and the role that pulled him to the Pasadena Playhouse stage
LATimes - about 1 year
Al Pacino stumbles onstage during rehearsals at the Pasadena Playhouse, his rumpled suit too loose, his hair disheveled, his eyes buggy. The set of playwright Dotson Rader’s “God Looked Away,” which begins performances Wednesday, is a lavish Chicago hotel in 1981, the evening before Tennessee Williams’...
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 LATimes article
Actor Interview: Greg Braun of The New Collective
Huffington Post - about 1 year
Greg Braun is an actor, director, and co-owner of The New Collective acting studio in Los Angeles. Since I first met Greg Braun in 1999 at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, I have been in awe of his talent. I've had the privilege of seeing him perform on stage and screen, and I appreciate the depth and truth he brings to each character. I recently caught up with Greg to learn more about his dynamic career in the arts and the important work of The New Collective LA. How did you discover your passion for the art of acting? I was a freshman in high school, and lucky enough to have an incredible drama teacher, Rich Russo, who encouraged me and helped me believe in myself. Do you remember the first time you truly loved an acting performance? It was interesting. As a teenager when I started to become interested in the complexities of great acting performances, I always loved the older male characters the most. The strongest memory I have was seeing Brando in "The God...
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 Huffington Post article
Ben Affleck And Antoine Fuqua Are No Longer Directing 'The Batman' And 'Scarface,' Respectively
Huffington Post - about 1 year
function onPlayerReadyVidible(e){'undefined'!=typeof HPTrack&&HPTrack.Vid.Vidible_track(e)}!function(e,i){if(e.vdb_Player){if('object'==typeof commercial_video){var a='',o='m.fwsitesection='+commercial_video.site_and_category;if(a+=o,commercial_video['package']){var c='&m.fwkeyvalues=sponsorship%3D'+commercial_video['package'];a+=c}e.setAttribute('vdb_params',a)}i(e.vdb_Player)}else{var t=arguments.callee;setTimeout(function(){t(e,i)},0)}}(document.getElementById('vidible_1'),onPlayerReadyVidible); Two high-profile directors, Ben Affleck and Antoine Fuqua, stepped down from their high-profile reboots on Monday night, one to focus on his acting duties and the other to make a sequel instead. Hollywood roars on!  The first was Affleck, who announced in 2015 his plans to co-write and direct a standalone Batman movie. Then Fuqua said he would be abandoning a reboot of the gangster classic “Scarface.” Technically, Affleck’s vision for “The Batman” ― ...
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 Huffington Post article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Al Pacino
  • 2015
    Age 74
    He played the title character in the comedy-drama Danny Collins, an aging rockstar, in March 2015.
    More Details
    From the end of 2015 through January 2016 he starred on Broadway in China Doll, a play written for him by David Mamet.
    More Details
  • 2013
    Age 72
    Pacino and Robert De Niro are reportedly set to star in the upcoming project The Irishman, to be directed by Martin Scorsese and co-star Joe Pesci. It was announced in January 2013 that Pacino would play the late former Penn State University football coach Joe Paterno in the movie tentatively titled Happy Valley and based on a 2012 biography of Paterno by sportswriter Joe Posnanski.
    Pacino starred in a 2013 HBO biographical picture about record producer Phil Spector's murder trial, titled Phil Spector.
  • 2011
    Age 70
    It was announced in May 2011 that Pacino was to be honored with the "Glory to the Film-maker" award at the 68th Venice International Film Festival.
    More Details
    He co-starred as himself in the 2011 comedy film Jack and Jill.
    More Details
  • 2010
    Age 69
    Pacino played Dr. Jack Kevorkian in an HBO Films biopic entitled You Don't Know Jack, which premiered April 2010.
    More Details
  • 2006
    Age 65
    On November 22, 2006, the University Philosophical Society of Trinity College, Dublin awarded Pacino the Honorary Patronage of the Society.
    More Details
    On October 20, 2006, the American Film Institute named Pacino the recipient of the 35th AFI Life Achievement Award.
  • 2004
    Age 63
    Pacino starred as Shylock in Michael Radford's 2004 film adaptation of The Merchant of Venice, choosing to bring compassion and depth to a character traditionally played as a villainous caricature.
    More Details
    For this performance, Pacino won his third Golden Globe, for Best Performance by an Actor, in 2004.
  • 2003
    Age 62
    Pacino next starred as lawyer Roy Cohn in the 2003 HBO miniseries Angels in America, an adaptation of Tony Kushner's Pulitzer Prize winning play of the same name.
    The Recruit, released in 2003, featured Pacino as a CIA recruiter and co-stars Colin Farrell.
    More Details
    He played a publicist in People I Know, a small film that received little attention despite Pacino's well-received performance. Rarely taking a supporting role since his commercial breakthrough, he accepted a small part in the box office flop Gigli, in 2003, as a favor to director Martin Brest.
  • 2000
    Age 59
    In 2000, Pacino released a low-budget film adaptation of Ira Lewis' play Chinese Coffee to film festivals.
    More Details
  • 1999
    Age 58
    In 1999, Pacino starred as 60 Minutes producer Lowell Bergman in the multi-Oscar nominated The Insider opposite Russell Crowe, and in Oliver Stone's Any Given Sunday.
    More Details
  • 1997
    Age 56
    In 1997's Donnie Brasco, Pacino played gangster "Lefty" in the true story of undercover FBI agent Donnie Brasco (Johnny Depp) and his work in bringing down the mafia from the inside.
  • 1996
    Age 55
    He also has twins, son Anton James and daughter Olivia Rose (born January 25, 2001), with actress Beverly D'Angelo, with whom he had a relationship from 1996 until 2003.
    More Details
    In 1996, Pacino starred in his theatrical docudrama Looking for Richard, a performance of selected scenes of Shakespeare's Richard III and a broader examination of Shakespeare's continuing role and relevance in popular culture.
    More Details
  • 1993
    Age 52
    Pacino starred alongside Sean Penn in the crime drama Carlito's Way in 1993, in which he portrayed a gangster released from prison with the help of his lawyer (Penn) and vows to go straight.
    More Details
    Pacino received his first Best Actor Oscar nomination for Serpico (1973); he was also nominated for The Godfather Part II, Dog Day Afternoon (1975) and And Justice for All (1979) and won the award in 1993 for his performance as a blind Lieutenant Colonel in Scent of a Woman (1992).
    More Details
  • 1992
    Age 51
    In 1992, Pacino won the Academy Award for Best Actor, for his portrayal of the blind U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade in Martin Brest's Scent of a Woman.
    More Details
  • 1991
    Age 50
    In 1991, Pacino starred in Frankie and Johnny with Michelle Pfeiffer, who co-starred with Pacino in Scarface.
    More Details
  • 1990
    Age 49
    Pacino received an Academy Award nomination for playing Big Boy Caprice in the box office hit Dick Tracy in 1990, of which critic Roger Ebert described Pacino as "the scene-stealer".
    More Details
  • 1989
    Age 48
    Pacino returned to film in 1989's Sea of Love, when he portrayed a detective hunting a serial killer who finds victims through the singles column in a newspaper.
    More Details
  • 1988
    Age 47
    He mounted workshop productions of Crystal Clear, National Anthems and other plays; he appeared in Julius Caesar in 1988 in producer Joseph Papp's New York Shakespeare Festival.
    More Details
  • 1985
    Age 44
    His 1985 film Revolution about a fur trapper during the American Revolutionary War, was a commercial and critical failure, which Pacino blamed on a rushed production, resulting in a four-year hiatus from films.
    More Details
    In 1985, Pacino worked on his personal project, The Local Stigmatic, a 1969 Off Broadway play by the English writer Heathcote Williams.
    More Details
  • 1977
    Age 36
    In 1977, Pacino starred as a race-car driver in Bobby Deerfield, directed by Sydney Pollack, and received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama for his portrayal of the title role.
    More Details
  • 1975
    Age 34
    Newsweek has described his performance in The Godfather Part II as "arguably cinema's greatest portrayal of the hardening of a heart". In 1975, he enjoyed further success with the release of Dog Day Afternoon, based on the true story of bank robber John Wojtowicz.
    More Details
  • 1974
    Age 33
    In 1974, Pacino reprised his role as Michael Corleone in the sequel The Godfather Part II, which was the first sequel to win the Best Picture Oscar; Pacino, meanwhile, was nominated for his third Oscar.
  • 1973
    Age 32
    In 1973, he co-starred in Scarecrow, with Gene Hackman, and won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival.
    More Details
  • 1971
    Age 30
    It was the 1971 film The Panic in Needle Park, in which he played a heroin addict, that brought Pacino to the attention of director Francis Ford Coppola, who cast him as Michael Corleone in the blockbuster Mafia film The Godfather (1972).
    More Details
  • 1970
    Age 29
    In 1970, Pacino signed with the talent agency Creative Management Associates (CMA).
  • 1969
    Age 28
    Pacino found acting enjoyable and realized he had a gift for it while studying at The Actors Studio. However, his early work was not financially rewarding. After his success on stage, Pacino made his movie debut in 1969 with a brief appearance in Me, Natalie, an independent film starring Patty Duke.
    It closed after 39 performances on March 29, 1969, but Pacino received rave reviews and won the Tony Award on April 20, 1969.
    More Details
    On February 25, 1969, Pacino made his Broadway debut in Don Petersen's Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie? at the Belasco Theater produced by A&P Heir Huntington Hartford.
  • 1968
    Age 27
    Pacino and Clayburgh were cast in "Deadly Circle of Violence", an episode of the ABC television series NYPD, premiering November 12, 1968.
    More Details
    In 1968, Pacino starred in Israel Horovitz's The Indian Wants the Bronx at the Astor Place Theater, playing Murph, a street punk.
    More Details
  • 1967
    Age 26
    In 1967, Pacino spent a season at the Charles Playhouse in Boston, performing in Clifford Odets' Awake and Sing! (his first major paycheck: $125 a week); and in Jean-Claude Van Itallie's America, Hurrah, where he met actress Jill Clayburgh on this play.
    More Details
  • 1940
    Born on April 25, 1940.
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