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Husband of Charlotte Bronte Arthur Bell Nicholls

Arthur Bell Nicholls was curate to Patrick Brontë, and husband of Patrick's daughter Charlotte Brontë, a famous 19th century English novelist. Nicholls, cared for Charlotte's aged father after her death, and spent the rest of his life as curator of her memory. After the death of Charlotte, he returned to his native Ireland, remarried, and left the church.
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  • 1906
    Age 87
    After his death in 1906 at the age of 88, his wife who was short of money, sold many of her husband's souvenirs of his former wife to the Brontë Society, including the portrait by Branwell Brontë of the three sisters, that had been kept, folded in four, on the top of a wardrobe.
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  • 1864
    Age 45
    After the death of Patrick Brontë, Nicholls returned to Banagher in the county of Offaly in his native Ireland where he owned a house called Hill House, known today as Charlotte's Way. In 1864 he married a cousin, Mary Bell, and left the church.
  • 1855
    Age 36
    Following the death of Charlotte in 1855, Nicholls remained at Haworth for six years as Patrick's assistant until Patrick's death in 1861.
  • 1854
    Age 35
    Their relationship deepened rapidly and on 26 December 1854, she wrote: he is certainly my dear boy, and he is dearer to me today than he was six months ago.
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    Little by little Charlotte became persuaded by Nicholls, and from respect to her determination, her father finally relented and in February 1854 gave his permission for the visits.
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  • 1853
    Age 34
    In 1853 Nicholls announced his intention to leave for Australia as a missionary, but Charlotte was able to convince him that she was not insensitive to his passion.
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  • 1852
    Age 33
    On 13 December 1852, Nicholls asked Charlotte for her hand in marriage.
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  • 1847
    Age 28
    Although he visited the poor of the parish practically every afternoon, he was considered to be strict and conventional, and in 1847 he carried out a campaign to prevent women from hanging their washing out to dry in the cemetery.
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  • 1845
    Age 26
    He was ordained as a deacon in 1845 in Lichfield, England and became Patrick Brontë's vicar in June of that year.
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  • 1836
    Age 17
    In 1836 Nicholls entered Trinity College, Dublin from where he finally graduated in 1844.
  • 1819
    Age 0
    Born in 1819.
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