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German cartographer August Heinrich Petermann

Augustus Heinrich Petermann was a German cartographer.
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Rezension von Dr. Theodor Kissel -
Google News - over 6 years
In kurzen Einzelporträts werden Männer wie etwa Alexander von Humboldt, der Grönlandforscher Alfred Wegener, der Geograph und Polarforscher August Petermann, der Afrikareisende Heinrich Barth, der Arzt, Geologe und Botaniker Franz Junghuhn,
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Kartografie für Fortgeschrittene - Die Berliner Literaturkritik
Google News - over 6 years
Von einem Fehler und einem äußerst beharrlichen Wissenschaftler MÜNCHEN (BLK) – Im Juli 2011 ist beim Luchterhand Verlag „Wie August Petermann den Nordpol erfand“ erschienen. Der Titel ist ebenfalls als eBook erhältlich. Klappentext: Wie eine falsche
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Festwoche beendet - Neue Nordhäuser Zeitung
Google News - over 6 years
Hierzu war es gelungen, den Schriftsteller und Wissenschaftshistoriker Philipp Felsch dafür zu begeistern, sein Buch „Wie August Petermann den Nordpol erfand“ vorzustellen. Nach dieser erfolgreichen Festwoche sowie der Zeugnisausgabe am 08.07. haben
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Gothas einzigartiger Kartenschatz schlummert noch im Depot - Thüringische Landeszeitung
Google News - over 6 years
Mit seinem Mitarbeiter August Petermann ist es letztlich der Verlag Justus Perthes selbst gewesen, der aus den "weißen Flecken" ein Programm zur Entdeckung und Erforschung der Erde machte. Die Sammlungsleiterin stapelt mehrere Jahrbände der seit 1855
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Wooden ships and iron men? You bet! They had to be. Part II - Payson Roundup
Google News - over 6 years
It seems that German geographer August Petermann believed in what he called the “Paleocrystic Sea,” saying that, “The central region of the Polar regions is more or less free from ice.” So they cast off and sailed north in July 1879
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Am Puls der geographischen Entdeckungen - Ostthüringer Zeitung
Google News - over 6 years
Der Herausgeber der Zeitschrift, August Petermann, hatte auch weitgehend die Exklusivrechte der Veröffentlichung, da er viele Expeditionen selber finanziert hatte beziehungsweise für ein - wie wir heute sagen würden - gutes Sponsoring sorgte
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Pioniergeist und Unternehmungslust - Imre Josef Demhardt: "Aufbruch ins ... - Deutschlandradio
Google News - almost 7 years
die Karte", schrieb August Petermann, Gründer und Herausgeber der wichtigsten geografischen Zeitschrift "Petermanns Mitteilungen", 1866. Im 19. Jahrhundert war die Welt noch voller weißer Flecken. Weite Teile von Afrika, Südamerika, der Nord- und
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Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of August Heinrich Petermann
  • 1878
    Age 55
    He first showcased his colour contouring system at the Paris Exhibition of 1878; although it initially met with skepticism, it went on to become standard cartographical practice".
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  • 1873
    Age 50
    The route of the ‘Vega’ appeared on a Russian copy of Petermann’s 1873 map, which was reason enough for the editors to add it in their 1879 map.
    More Details
    Since the map was drafted on top of Petermann’s earlier map of Siberia, from 1873, I conclude that this might have been a way to honour Petermann.
  • 1869
    Age 46
    In 1869 he published a map of the Arctic Ocean North of Wrangel Island with all exploration routes between 1648 and 1867 and a map with sea-temperatures in the Greenland Sea and the Norwegian Sea as observed by the German expedition.
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  • 1865
    Age 42
    Since the first edition Friedrich von Stülpnagel had been mainly responsible for the drafting of the maps of Stieler-Handatlas. When Stülpnagel died in 1865 Petermann became responsible for the Stieler.
    More Details
    He published the same map of the Arctic and Antarctic as in 1865, but now with Greenland stretching over the Arctic and ending in Wrangel Island close to the Bering Strait.
    More Details
    He actually started to push his interest in this subject in the 1865 issue of PGM and with the publication of supplement 16 (Ergänzungsband IV) in 1865.
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  • 1862
    Age 39
    Though Petermanns name appears on hundreds of maps, Wagner suggests he stopped drafting maps himself after 1862.
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  • 1860
    Age 37
    In 1860 Petermann decided that these should be listed in a more structured way, the latter temporarily as Geographischer Literatur Bericht für ****(1886–1909), maybe inspired by Kroner’s literature lists in the Zeitschrift für allgemeine Erdkunde of the ‘Gesellschaft für Erdkunde’.
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  • 1857
    Age 34
    By using hachuring as a basis for his Karte des Österreichischen Kaiserstaates zur Übersicht der Dichtigkeit der Bevölkerung nach dem Census von 1857 (Map of the Austrian imperial state as an overview of the population density after the 1857 census, 1860) and the map Die Ausdehnung der Slaven in der Türkei und den angrenzenden Gebieten (Expansion of the Slavic populations in Turkey and adjacent territories, 1869) Petermann continued the representation of geological, climatological and ethnographical data that his teacher Heinrich Berghaus had begun two decades before.
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    In 1857 the President of the Royal Geographical Society, Sir Roderick Murchison, praised PGM for its fast reporting of diverse explorations, and spoke against the jealousy of those in his own Society who felt that exploration supported primarily by the British should first be published in Britain: he thought the Perthes Institute enriched the scientific geographic discourse.
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  • 1856
    Age 33
    In 1856 Petermann had married Clara Leslie and had two daughters with her. They were divorced in 1875.
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  • 1853
    Age 30
    "From the early 1850s Petermann maintained private and business contacts with the two Gotha publishers Wilhelm and Bernhardt Perthes, and in June 1853 he actually spent a short time in Gotha."
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  • 1852
    Age 29
    In 1852 and 1853 Petermann published some maps on cholera in Britain, explaining that the map, better than tables, can show the progress and victim density of the disease, following the example set by Heinrich Berghaus in his Physikalischer Atlas, Band II, Abt.
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  • 1851
    Age 28
    It is no surprise to see that his sphere of interest in ‘current’ geography, was only sharpened when paired with his updating of Stieler’s Hand-Atlas. In stressing the geographic nature of cartography, he showed himself more a Humboldtian than a follower of Ritter’s political-historical school. M. Linke et al. wrote in 1986: "There seems to be no doubt that Petermann’s work contributed to the high standards of British cartography during these years. T.W. Freeman has noted that ‘Fine maps had been produced in the 1851 Census by August Heinrich Petermann during his long stay in Britain (1845–54) with the Johnston map firm in Edinburgh and later in London, but since his departure the standard has declined’ ".
  • 1850
    Age 27
    When he was 28 in 1850 he was elected under-Secretary.
    More Details
    London, 1828–1921), and in 1850 founded his own establishment: The Geographical Establishment, Engraving, Lithographic and Printing Office.
  • 1848
    Age 25
    From 1848 onwards he published amongst others things and the following articles and maps with English publishers or in English language journals:
  • 1847
    Age 24
    In 1847, he became a member of the RGS.
    In 1847, Petermann moved to London with the intention of furthering his geographical studies and then returning to Germany.
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  • 1845
    Age 22
    August Petermann gained commercial insight during his years in the cartography business in Edinburgh and London from 1845 to 1854.
    In April 1845 he followed Lange, who received him in his house in Edinburgh and acquainted him with the friends he had made.
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  • 1839
    Age 16
    Besides, we may take Poggendorff seriously when he sees Petermann as ‘private secretary and librarian of H.K.W. Berghaus’ in the years 1839–45, so we can assume that Petermann was at least quite up to date on many affairs to do with geography and cartography, for Berghaus had large collections of maps, books and notes to draw on.
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    Petermann started in y.lpotsdam at 7 August 1839.
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  • 1822
    Born on April 18, 1822.
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