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Dan Winters is an American photojournalist, illustrator, filmmaker and writer. He was born in Ventura County, California on October 21, 1962. He first studied photography and the darkroom process starting in 1971 while a member of his local 4-H club. In 1979, while still a high school senior, he began working full time in the motion picture special effects industry in the area of miniature construction and design.
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Everyday brings new technological breakthroughs -- and one of the most fascinating is the development of sensors that enable the tongue to actually see. This ability is rudimentary now, like seeing a series of pointillist patterns, perhaps a little like the earliest video games. But consider the possibilities as the technology is further developed, so that it may start to approach the 3-D realism of video games of today. While the technology was developed with blind users in mind, all sorts of uses and users are possible. Here's how it works, as Drake Bennett describes in "Beyond Your Fingertips". While the eyes and then the hearing are commonly considered our most important sense organs, the tongue is very sensitive as well as muscular, packed with both taste buds and nerves. But it not only enables us to eat and talk -- computer engineers feel it can do so much more, including enabling us to see, with a little help from technology. Some of this early technology has ...
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