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Staving Off Oblivion - Wall Street Journal
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Lady Hillingdon between Christopher Stone and the Grand Duchess Charlotte, May Wettern next to the Condesa de Sastago, and Donald Prior behind Frau Karl Drus[c]hki?" This floral fanaticism almost calls for more judicious pruning on the part of the
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The festivities last from 22nd to 23rd June 2011, and 23rd marks the Grand Duke's birthday along with commemorating Luxembourg's most popular and successful ruler, the Grand Duchess Charlotte. Due to the thousands of people taking part hotels in
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LUXEMBOURG JOURNAL; Small Waves of Change Splash a Landlocked State
NYTimes - almost 9 years
Wedged into 999 square miles, an area smaller than Rhode Island, between Germany, Belgium and France, Luxembourg is as curious as it is small. It is known mostly for its liberal banking laws, its rock bottom tax rates and its amiable grand duke, Henri, 53. But this is an era of momentous change, and even Luxembourg cannot escape the tides. Two of
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WHAT'S DOING IN; Luxembourg
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The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has known its moments of glory. In the Middle Ages, four Holy Roman Emperors sprang from its ducal family, and its fortress was so mighty that after 900 years, in the late 1800's, it had to be dismantled stone by stone, having become a menace to peace in the region. In today's reduced circumstances, the duchy has a
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NYTimes - over 32 years
Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg, a beloved constitutional ruler for 45 years and beacon of liberty to her country under German occupaion in World War II, died yesterday after an illness of several weeks. She was 89 years old. The announcement from the grandducal palace in Luxembourg said she died at Fischbach Castle, nrth of the capital,
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 NYTimes article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Princess Charlotte, Duchess of Valentinois
  • 1977
    Age 78
    In 1977, Princess Charlotte died in Paris, France.
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  • 1944
    Age 45
    On 30 May 1944, the day before her son's 21st birthday and in full agreement with her father, Charlotte renounced and ceded her rights to the throne to her son Rainier, subject to the stipulation that he did not predecease her.
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  • 1930
    Age 31
    Their marriage was not, however, a happy one; they separated on 20 March 1930 when Charlotte left him to live with her Italian lover, Del Masso. The couple were divorced on 18 February 1933 by ordinance of Prince Louis II.
  • 1920
    Age 21
    In Monaco civilly on 18 March and religiously on 19 March 1920, Louis arranged Charlotte's marriage to Count Pierre de Polignac of Guidel, Morbihan, Brittany, France who, by the Prince's ordinance, took the surname Grimaldi and became a Prince of Monaco.
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  • 1919
    Age 20
    Louis legitimated and adopted Charlotte in Paris on 16 May 1919, bestowing on her the surname Grimaldi and granted her the title Duchess of Valentinois for life; she was thus his heir presumptive as Hereditary Princess from 1922 until 30 May 1944 (see below).
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  • 1918
    Age 19
    Though it was later held to be invalid under the 1882 statutes, an Ordinance of 30 October 1918 allowed her to be adopted.
  • 1898
    Born on September 30, 1898.
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