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German novelist Erich Maria Remarque

Erich Maria Remarque, born Erich Paul Remark, was a German author, best known for his novel All Quiet on the Western Front.
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22 June 1898
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  • 1970
    Age 71
    Died on September 25, 1970.
  • 1962
    Age 63
    The Night in Lisbon (Die Nacht von Lissabon), published in 1962, is the last work Remarque finished.
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  • 1958
    Age 59
    Remarque married actress Paulette Goddard in 1958 and they remained married until his death of heart collapse that had been brought on by an aneurysm in Locarno on 25 September 1970, aged 72.
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    In 1958, Douglas Sirk directed the film A Time to Love and a Time to Die in Germany, based on Remarque's novel.
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  • 1956
    Age 57
    In 1956, Remarque wrote a drama for the stage, Full Circle (Die letzte Station), which played in both Germany and on Broadway.
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  • 1955
    Age 56
    In 1955, Remarque wrote the screenplay for an Austrian film, The Last Act (Der letzte Akt), about Hitler's final days in the bunker of the Reich Chancellery in Berlin, which was based on the book Ten Days to Die (1950) by Michael Musmanno.
  • 1952
    Age 53
    There was a gap of seven years — a long silence for Remarque — between Arch of Triumph and his next work, Spark of Life (Der Funke Leben), which appeared both in German and in English in 1952.
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  • 1948
    Age 49
    In 1948, Remarque returned to Switzerland, where he spent the rest of his life.
  • 1943
    Age 44
    In 1943, the government arrested his youngest sister, Elfriede Scholz, who had stayed behind in Germany with her husband and two children.
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  • 1938
    Age 39
    The Nazis further made the false claim that Remarque had not seen active service during World War I. In 1938, Remarque's German citizenship was revoked and then in 1939, after he and his ex-wife were remarried to prevent her repatriation to Germany, they left Porto Ronco, Switzerland for the United States.
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  • 1937
    Age 38
    The love affair with Dietrich began in September 1937 when they met on the Lido while in Venice for the film festival and continued through at least 1940, maintained mostly by way of letters, cables and telephone calls.
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  • 1933
    Age 34
    On 10 May 1933, the German government, on the initiative of the Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, banned and publicly burned Remarque's works.
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  • 1931
    Age 32
    In 1931, after finishing The Road Back (Der Weg zurück), Remarque bought a villa in Porto Ronco, Switzerland, planning to live both there and in France.
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  • 1930
    Age 31
    Remarque and Zambona divorced in 1930, but in 1933 they fled together to Switzerland. In 1938 they remarried, to prevent her from being forced to return to Germany, and in 1939 they immigrated to the United States where they both became naturalised citizens in 1947. They divorced again on 20 May 1957, this time for good.
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  • 1927
    Age 28
    All Quiet on the Western Front (Im Westen nichts Neues) was written in 1927, but Remarque was not immediately able to find a publisher.
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    In 1927, Remarque made a second literary start with the novel Station at the Horizon (Station am Horizont), which was serialised in the sports journal "Sport im Bild" for which Remarque was working.
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  • 1925
    Age 26
    His first marriage was to the actress Ilse Jutta Zambona in 1925.
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  • 1920
    Age 21
    At the age of 16, Remarque had made his first attempts at writing; this included essays, poems, and the beginnings of a novel that was finished later and published in 1920 as The Dream Room (Die Traumbude).
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    On 20 November 1920 he applied for leave of absence from teaching.
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    From May 1920 he worked in Klein Berßen in the former County of Hümmling, now Emsland, and from August 1920 in Nahne, which has been a part of Osnabrück since 1972.
  • 1919
    Age 20
    After the war he continued his teacher training and worked from 1 August 1919 as a primary school teacher in Lohne, at that time in the county of Lingen, now in the county of Bentheim.
  • 1917
    Age 18
    On 12 June 1917, he was transferred to the Western Front, 2nd Company, Reserves, Field Depot of the 2nd Guards Reserve Division at Hem-Lenglet.
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  • 1898
    Erich Maria Remarque was born on 22 June 1898 into a working class family in the German city of Osnabrück to Peter Franz Remark (b. 14 June 1867, Kaiserswerth) and Anna Maria (née Stallknecht; born 21 November 1871, Katernberg).
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