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Fernando Francisco González Ciuffardi is a retired professional tennis player from Chile. He is known for having one of the hardest forehands on the circuit. In Spanish he is called El Bombardero de La Reina and Mano de Piedra ("Stone Hand"). The English-language media has labeled him "Gonzo". González reached at least the quarterfinal round of all four Grand Slam tournaments. He played his only major final at the 2007 Australian Open, losing to top-ranked Roger Federer.
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29 July 1980
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Poll Reveals That Most Americans Don't Support Cuban Embargo
Huffington Post - about 4 years
The U.S. public wants to see the Cuban embargo end. More than half of Americans are in favor of normalizing the United States' fractured relationship with Cuba, according to a poll released Monday by the Atlantic Council, a nonpartisan think tank. In Florida, including in the Cuban-American stronghold of Miami-Dade County, support for better relations was even higher than the national average, contradicting the conventional wisdom that many Floridians support Washington's aggressive stance against the country. The poll's findings suggest shifting generational attitudes in how Americans view the island nation, and may give national politicians less incentive to support the restrictions on Cuba in an effort to win Florida's more than two dozen electoral votes. Nationwide, 56 percent of Americans say they support normalizing relations with Cuba, with the figure jumping to 63 percent for residents of the state of Florida, the poll says. The figure for Latinos nationwide who support ...
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12 Sets Of Cuban Twins Live On Consecutive Havana Blocks
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HAVANA -- HAVANA (AP) — Some say it could be something in the water. Others point to a tree with mystical significance for locals. Maybe it's just chance. But neighbors all marvel at the 12 sets of twins living along two consecutive blocks in western Havana, ranging in age from newborns to senior citizens. "We were the first ones," said Fe Fernandez, 65, who wears her gray hair closely cropped. "It's incredible!" said her identical sister, Esperanza, who shares the same features but whose black-dyed hair falls to shoulder length. At first blush there isn't much about 68-A Street to mark it as different from anywhere else in the city. Children play ballgames in the rugged road nearly free of traffic, as tropical music floats out from behind graceful porches and balustrades. But if you spend any amount of time here, before long you might think you're seeing double. "Hi, I'm Carla, and this is my sister Camila," said Carla Rodriguez, a smiley, bespectacled 9-year-old. "We're twi...
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'Cuban Five' Spy Allowed To Stay In Cuba, U.S. Judge Rules
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MIAMI — One of the convicted spies known as the "Cuban Five" will be able to permanently remain in Cuba in exchange for renouncing his U.S. citizenship, a federal judge ruled Friday after U.S. officials dropped their initial opposition. Rene Gonzalez, 56, has been in Cuba since April 22 to attend memorial services for his father, who died last month. Gonzalez was released from U.S. prison in October 2011 but was still serving three years' probation, which the Justice Department had previously insisted must be completed in the U.S. This week, however, the Justice Department reversed its position, leading to U.S. District Judge Joan Lenard's ruling accepting Gonzalez's offer to give up U.S. citizenship. Reached in Havana, Gonzalez told The Associated Press he was thrilled but wanted a chance to review the judge's decision. "First I have to read the order," he said. "If the order is real, it will be a great relief to me." It was not clear what effect, if an...
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Fernando Gonzalez: Little Havana Needs a New Immigration System
Huffington Post - almost 5 years
As a Cuban American who has lived in the United States for 52 years and spent over 20 of those years serving the people of Little Havana through my organization, Vecinos en Acción (Neighbors in Action), fixing the broken immigration system is very important to me. When I first came to Miami, Little Havana didn't even have that name and Cuban Americans like myself also weren't treated like they are today in Miami. Sometimes the police would harass us and accuse us of loitering when we were just talking to our friends. We would have to whisper on the back of the bus when going to our jobs in Miami Beach because some bus drivers would kick us off if we spoke Spanish. You would even see signs in some factories saying, "no Blacks, Cubans or dogs." Things have definitely changed for Cuban Americans. For example, we have a Cuban American Senator, Marco Rubio, a man I campaigned for when he first ran. Plus the policies towards our community have changed significantly over the yea...
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6-Year-Old Girl Maced In Bronx Laundromat
Huffington Post - about 5 years
A New York City man who allegedly maced a father and a 6-year-old girl in a laundromat over the weekend has surrendered himself to the police, reports say. According to New York Daily News, authorities said Fernando Gonzalez first assaulted 47-year-old Derrick Dunn at a Bronx laundromat on Saturday evening before macing the man and his young daughter. Police say that Dunn and Gonzalez's girlfriend had argued earlier in the laundromat -- a dustup that may have prompted Gonzalez's actions. However, there are conflicting reports as to what the quarrel had been about. The NYPD released surveillance footage of the attack on Monday, and Gonzalez is said to have surrendered a few hours later. He has been charged with assault. This is not the first time in recent years that a child has been a victim of mace or pepper-spray. In 2010, an Ohio father was accused of macing his 2-month-old daughter. According to Fox 19 News, Gregory Tate sprayed the mace in the vicinity ...
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Historic 'Frankenstorm' Looks Increasingly Ominous To U.S. Forecasters
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Will a Hurricane Sandy, winter storm hybrid, dubbed a "Frankenstorm" by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, ravage the U.S. East Coast? Hurricane Sandy has already slammed Cuba, bringing heavy rain and winds around 110 miles per hour on Thursday, as it moved north. By Friday morning, the death toll had already risen across the Caribbean. Climate Central reported that the jet stream winds boxing in Sandy and creating a "Frankenstorm" are part of "blocking patterns [which] have appeared with greater frequency and intensity in recent years." Some scientists have suggested the patterns could be linked to 2012's record Arctic sea ice loss, which exposes more open water to absorb the sun's energy. Representative Ed Markey (D-MA) released a report Thursday, saying, "If climate change continues unchecked, Hurricane Sandy won’t be our October surprise, it could be the new normal for New England." (SCROLL DOWN FOR LIVE UPDATES) Seth Borenstein's Associated ...
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Hurricane Sandy makes landfall in Bahamas
Fox News - over 5 years
Hurricane Sandy barreled into the Bahamas on Thursday after slashing across eastern Cuba, where it ripped off roofs and forced postponement of a hearing at the Guantanamo naval base but caused no reported deaths. The Category 2 hurricane killed four people elsewhere in the Caribbean, and forecasters warned it will likely cause a super storm in the U.S. next week, mixing with a winter storm whose effects will be felt along the entire East Coast from Florida to Maine and inland to Ohio. The hurricane was located about 25 miles (40 kilometers) east of Great Exuma Island early Thursday afternoon and it was moving north at 20 mph (32 kph), with maximum sustained winds of 105 mph (165 kph). Power was already out on Acklins Island and most roads there were flooded, said government administrator Berkeley Williams. He said his biggest concern is that a boat filled with basic supplies for the island canceled its trip until next wee...
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Ex Venezuelan VP says he met with Fidel Castro
Fox News - over 5 years
HAVANA (AP) — Former Venezuelan Vice President Elias Jaua said Sunday that he met with aging revolutionary icon Fidel Castro for five hours and showed The Associated Press photos of the encounter, quashing persistent rumors that the former Cuban leader was on his deathbed or had suffered a massive stroke. Jaua also confirmed that the 86-year-old retired Cuban president personally accompanied him to the Hotel Nacional after their meeting Saturday, in which they talked about politics, history, culture and tourism. "He had the courtesy of bringing me to the hotel," Jaua said Sunday, adding that Castro looked "very well." Jaua showed a photograph of himself seated in a minibus along with the former Cuban leader, Castro's wife, Dalia Soto del Valle, a hotel executive and several other people. The photo shows Jaua and Castro smiling broadly, and the former Cuban leader is wearing a checked shirt and cowboy hat. The public appe...
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Isaac Threatens Cuba
Huffington Post - over 5 years
HAVANA — Tropical Storm Isaac pushed into Cuba on Saturday after sweeping across Haiti's southern peninsula, where it caused flooding and at least three deaths, adding to the misery of a poor nation still trying to recover from the terrible 2010 earthquake. Isaac's center made landfall just before midday near the far-eastern tip of Cuba, downing trees and power lines, and the storm's surge flooded the seaside Malecon in the picturesque city of Baracoa. Forecasters said Isaac poses a threat to Florida Monday and Tuesday, just as the Republican Party gathers for its national convention in Tampa. It could eventually hit the Florida Panhandle as a Category 2 hurricane with winds of nearly 100 mph (160 kph). Florida Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency, officials urged vacationers to leave the Florida Keys and the U.S. National Hurricane Center said a hurricane warning was in effect there, as well as for the west coast of Florida from Bonita Beach south to...
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2nd Unincorporated Ossining-Briarcliff Town Hall Today
Pleasantville-Briarcliff Manor P - almost 6 years
Town Supervisor Sue Donnelly has released the following information regarding tonight's town hall: I want to thank so many of you for attending our first “Town Hall Meeting” last month- it was a wonderful opportunity for the Town Board to get the temperature of the community, and get a clearer sense of the issues with which our residents are struggling. We plan to hold one of these meetings every 6 weeks in lieu of a Town Board Work Session, and many will focus on a specific topic that has been seen as a trending interest among our residents. For the May meeting, we would like to bring you some information about one of the most complex issues facing taxpayers and municipalities in Westchester County and New York State as a whole: property taxes. “Assessment” covers a wide range of topics of interest to constituents, including but not limited to: determining property values, SCARS (Small Claims Assessment Reviews), activism towards a county-wide re-assessment, and the eve...
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 Pleasantville-Briarcliff Manor P article
Fernando Gonzalez to play his last tournament in Miami – Tennis News
Bettor - almost 6 years
<a class="fplink fp-84614" href="/Fernando+Gonzalez+1">Fernando González</a> to play his last tournament in Miami – Tennis News Former World Number five, <a class="fplink fp-84614" href="/Fernando+Gonzalez+1">Fernando González</a> of Chile has received a wildcard entry into the Sony Ericsson Open, starting from the middle of March. He was amongst one of the three big names that were announced to be a part of the tournament taking place in Miami. The other two includes the likes of seven-time Grand Slam Champion Venus Williams and former World Number three, David Nalbandian. Gonzalez was excited to hear the...
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Chilean tennis star Fernando Gonzalez to retire
Democrat Herald - about 6 years
Chilean tennis star <a class="fplink fp-84614" href="/fernando+gonzalez+1">Fernando González</a> says he will retire next month because injuries no longer allow him to play at a top level.
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 Democrat Herald article
The Grill: Fernando Gonzalez
Computerworld Blogs - about 6 years
<a class="fplink fp-84614" href="/Fernando+Gonzalez+1">Fernando González</a>, CIO at San Francisco-based Byer California, is happy to be working at a private company, without shareholder pressure, and with an IT team whose members are all in one location. But Gonzalez also revels in the constant and evolving challenges of IT.
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Here Comes Irene - NJ TODAY
Google News - over 6 years
Councilman Fernando Gonzalez of Perth Amboy said the city declared a similar state of emergency at 1 pm in preparation for Hurricane Irene and its potential impact. The declarations allow officials to take measures to maintain public safety,
Article Link:
 Google News article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Fernando González
  • 2012
    Age 31
    He played his last professional match on 21 March 2012 at the Miami tournament, losing in three sets to Frenchman Nicolas Mahut in the first round.
    More Details
    On 9 February 2012 González announced that he would retire from professional tennis after the 2012 Miami Masters.
  • 2010
    Age 29
    He also made the semifinals at the 2010 Abierto Mexicano Telcel.
    More Details
    He entered the 2010 Movistar Open, held in Santiago for the first time that year (previously at Viña del Mar), as the two-time defending champion.
    More Details
  • 2009
    Age 28
    On 12 December, González announced he had hired former Argentine player Martín Rodríguez as his new full-time coach for 2009.
    More Details
  • 2008
    Age 27
    At the 2008 U.S. Open in September, he lost in the fourth round to former local champion, Andy Roddick, 2–6, 4–6, 1–6.
    More Details
  • 2004
    Age 23
    As in Athens 2004, he partnered with Massú in doubles, but was unable to defend his gold, exiting in the first round.
    More Details
    In February 2004, González repeated his Viña del Mar title by defeating Gustavo Kuerten in the final.
    More Details
  • 2003
    Age 22
    In May 2003, González reached the quarterfinals of Hamburg and the French Open.
    More Details
  • 2002
    Age 21
    In February 2002, González won his second career ATP title in Viña del Mar by defeating Nicolás Lapentti in the final, and later that year he won his third title in Palermo, Italy and reached the semifinals at the Cincinnati Masters (defeating seeded Tim Henman and Andy Roddick en route), and the quarterfinals at the US Open.
    More Details
  • 2001
    Age 20
    In January 2001, González played at the Australian Open for the first time, losing in the first round to Guillermo Coria in four sets.
    More Details
  • 2000
    Age 19
    González won his first ATP title in May 2000 when he defeated Massú at the U.S. Men's Clay Court Championships final in Orlando, Florida.
    More Details
  • 1999
    Age 18
    González became a professional in 1999.
    More Details
  • 1998
    Age 17
    González achieved success at the Futures level in 1998.
    More Details
  • 1997
    Age 16
    As a junior, González won the US Open Boys' Doubles (with compatriot Nicolás Massú) in 1997, and the French Open singles (defeating a young Juan Carlos Ferrero in the final) and doubles (with Venezuelan José de Armas) in 1998.
    More Details
  • 1992
    Age 11
    In 1992 he moved with his whole family to the U.S. for four years.
    More Details
  • 1988
    Age 7
    In 1988, at age eight, González and his father spent a month and a half in the United States, training and playing in tennis championships.
  • 1980
    Born on July 29, 1980.
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