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John Robert "Haj" Ross is a linguist who played a part in the development of generative semantics (as opposed to interpretive semantics) along with George Lakoff, James D. McCawley, and Paul Postal.
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07 May 1938
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NFL Teams Have a Need, But It May Not Be for Speed
Wall Street Journal - 12 months
Teams might want to not overeact to John Ross’s eye-popping 40-yard dash time, because recent history hasn’t been kind to combine speedsters once they reach the NFL.
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 Wall Street Journal article
NFL Combine notebook: No island for Washington's Ross despite 40 record - Tribune-Review
Google News - 12 months
Charlotte Observer NFL Combine notebook: No island for Washington's Ross despite 40 record Tribune-Review Ross, considered one of the top three receivers in the draft, broke Chris Johnson's nine-year-old record in the 40-yard dash Saturday at the NFL Combine, running it in a breezy 4.22 seconds. Johnson ran a 4.24 in 2008. Ross, who played at Washington, ... Watch UW's John Ross break NFL Combine record in 40-yard dash at Washington WR John Ross sets record with 4.22 in combine all 219 news articles »
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 Google News article
Conservative Pundit Shoots New York Times, Brags About It On Twitter
Huffington Post - about 2 years
Erick Erickson just couldn’t help himself. The conservative talk radio host and editor of apparently disagreed so strongly with the New York Times’ front-page gun safety editorial Saturday that he opened fire on a copy of the newspaper and posted the evidence on social media. I shot holes in the NY Times editorial - This is what I think of the New York Times edito... — Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) December 5, 2015 In a message accompanying a photo of the bullet-riddled paper, Erickson invited his fans to do the same. “I hope everyone will join me in posting pictures of bulletholes in the New York Times editorial. Send them your response,” he wrote. “Put them on Instagram and use the hashtag for my radio show and I may give you a shoutout. #EERS” Erickson's stunt immediately drew derision on Twitter.  we're all here to support you, chief. stay strong, and text me if you ever think a piec...
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 Huffington Post article
Should Jackson Stay on the $20 Bill?
NYTimes - almost 3 years
Old Hickory must make room for his Indian antagonist, John Ross.
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 NYTimes article
Letter: Trout Fishing: A ‘Sport’ With Serious Consequences
NYTimes - almost 3 years
Mary Finelli of Fish Feel and John Ross, the author of a guide to trout streams, respond to an Op-Ed article.
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 NYTimes article
A Book Itself Is a Little Machine: Emily Short's Interactive Fiction (Part 2)
Huffington Post - over 4 years
This is the 16th in a series on "born digital" literature Part 1 of my interview with Emily Short can be found here "A book itself is a little machine....Writing has nothing to do with signifying. It has to do with surveying, mapping, even realms that are yet to come." Deleuze and Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus Language has been called the first technology. A device for enframing, it condenses the complex, continually varying input of data that constitutes individual experience, making it available for use over time and space. Interactive fiction (IF) is a game form of literature in which the player uses a parser, a text-generating, text-accepting computer program, to control a character and move through an environment. As in the real world where language delineates objects and defines places, positions and relationships, in IF, the vocabulary of the parser defines the world in the game. "The first step for the player is figuring out what language the game speaks...One of th...
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Calgary racer dies after Montreal Superbike crash
Calgary Sun - over 4 years
Motorcycle racer John Ross MacRae has died in a Montreal hospital following a crash at the Mopar Canadian Superbike Championship.
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 Calgary Sun article
‘Dallas’: You’ll Never Know
Houston Chronicle - almost 5 years
JR's master plan comes to fruition and John Ross takes his place as the head scoundrel in charge.
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 Houston Chronicle article
TV REVIEW: 'Dallas' - Season 2 Episode 1 - Business As Usual For Ewings, But With A Giant Stetson-Shaped Shadow Over It
The Huffington Post - about 5 years
'Dallas's return brought the usual catalogue of threats, revelations and poolside romances, but this second series of the reboot has a giant Stetson-shaped shadow hanging over it. It was business as usual for both generations of Ewings… the saintly Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) desperately wooing racing driver Ricky Rudd - I kid you not - to drive on his beloved methane. Can't help agreeing with John Ross (Josh Henderson) that this seems an unlikely way for Dallas businessmen to make money. Meanwhile, Bobby was reeling from the news that his wife Anne had a secret daughter. Of course she did. You could tell furrowed Patrick Duffy was raging within at this treachery. He even moved his hand out of her grip for a whole scene. More...
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 The Huffington Post article
Denette Wilford: 'Dallas' Season 2': The Worst Casting Ever?
Huffington Post - about 5 years
I've been a fan of Judith Light long before Tony Danza was hollering "Angela!" around the Bower household. My mom would record ABC's daytime lineup (you know, back when there was a daytime lineup) from Ryan's Hope to General Hospital, so I became very familiar with One Life to Live. Light's portrayal of Karen Wolek -- a bored housewife who ventures into a life of prostitution -- was multifaceted and heartbreaking. I was way too young to be watching such serious fare, but her courtroom scenes were some of the few my mother didn't record over on our trusty Betamax, so I didn't watch them until I was in my tweens. But even watching them years later, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. On One Life, Who's the Boss?, Ugly Betty, Law & Order: SVU and loads of TV movies in between, Light has proved she's a force to be reckoned with. Sadly, though, even she's not good enough to sell her latest role on Dallas. Sorry, Ms. Light, but this has nothing to do with you; Dallas...
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 Huffington Post article
Lots Of Love For Southfork Ranch
Huffington Post - about 5 years
PARKER, Texas -- The white two-story home with stately pillars overlooking a green Texas pasture where longhorns roam is instantly recognizable: This is the power seat of television's famous Ewing family. Tourists from around the world have been flocking to Southfork Ranch since the early years of the classic series "Dallas," which ran from 1978 to 1991, and the ranch is only getting more popular. With the premiere last June of a new "Dallas" series, the number of visitors at Southfork has doubled from 150,000 annually to more than 300,000, according to Jim Gomes, general manager of the Southfork Ranch & Hotel and vice president of Forever Resorts, which owns the property. "We are obviously thrilled the new fans love Southfork as much as the original fans of `Dallas,'" said Gomes. The new show starts its second season Monday on the TNT cable channel. The recent death of Larry Hagman, who starred as conniving Texas oilman J.R. Ewing in both the original ser...
Article Link:
 Huffington Post article
Dallas Remembers Larry Hagman With a New Season 2 Mystery
Seattle Pi - about 5 years
Dallas Remembers Larry Hagman With a New Season 2 Mystery Seattle Post-Intelligencer Copyright 2013 Seattle Post-Intelligencer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Updated 7:56 am, Tuesday, January 22, 2013 Two months after Larry Hagman's November 23 death, the Dallas cast past and present has assembled at the city's swanky Petroleum Club to shoot an epic, drama-filled memorial for his legendary J.R. Ewing. Josh Henderson, who plays J.R.'s son John Ross, thinks the man he called Pops was behind a glitch he experienced filming a call between their characters days after Hagman's death (a strange sound came through the phone and lingered). Linda Gray (Sue Ellen) says she's been visited by Hagman via her car radio, which has twice played Frank Sinatra's "Always," the song Hagman was singing with his daughter just before he passed. At a time when the cast and crew should have been cele...
Article Link:
 Seattle Pi article
And now: Peak growth theory
Financial Post - over 5 years
Serious economists lend their names to the idea that the end of growth is near One of the more persistent economic ideas rattling through the intelligentsia is that the last 250 years of amazing innovation, productivity and growth —from the steam-engine birth of the first industrial revolution in the 1700s to last month’s launch of the iPhone 5 — have come to an end. The nations of the developed world, especially the United States, have seen their best centuries.  Growth has peaked. The future is flatlined. Serious economists are throwing their good names behind this speculative idea, the latest being Robert J. Gordon, at Northwestern University. In a U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research working paper, Prof. Gordon raises the possibility that the last 250 years “could well turn out to be a unique episode in human history.”  The opening words of the paper’s title are designed to provoke: “Is U.S. Economic Growth Over?” While Prof. Gordon is talking about the United State...
Article Link:
 Financial Post article
Hendersonville explorer retraces Trail of Tears by kayak
Blue Ridge Now - over 5 years
Anyone who paid attention in fifth-grade social studies can tell you about the Trail of Tears, the forced relocation of five southeastern Indian tribes from their homelands to the Indian Territory of present-day Oklahoma. They might not recall the Indian Removal Act of 1830 or Andrew Jackson's role, but they know the U.S. government forced Native Americans on a brutal march that killed thousands en route from starvation, exposure and disease. That's basically what Hendersonville-based explorer Dale Stewart knew, or thought he knew, until he encountered three sentences in a book that referred to a “water route” taken by Cherokees and other tribes during the Indian removal. That brief reference intrigued Stewart, a former firefighter and commercial diver who now travels the globe teaching survival skills, camping in exotic locales and studying indigenous peoples. “Most of the history that's known by the average American about the Trail of Tears is the Hollywood version,” sai...
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 Blue Ridge Now article
Target peddles patch of hub
Boston Herald - over 5 years
Patch NYC co-founder John Ross plans to go undercover at the Target store in Watertown next month. Patch NYC...
Article Link:
 Boston Herald article
'Dallas': Who Got Shot In A Fight Over Rebecca's Gun?
Huffington Post - over 5 years
With the season finale looming next week, "Dallas" (Wed., 9 p.m. ET on TNT) left viewers on a life-or-death cliffhanger. With John Ross and Christopher deciding to work together to elevate the Ewing name to greatness, fans of the soapy tension could turn their attention to Rebecca and Tommy. She had one last chance to give Tommy what he wanted, but she didn't take it. Viewers may know she's had a full change of heart, but Christopher doesn't. And based on how the episode ended, he may not get to. Tommy is facing dangerous pressures of his own, and he is not willing to walk away from the payday he sees by stealing Christopher's new energy plans. But when Rebecca didn't come through, he lost it. It may not have been the smartest move for her to pick up her gun from that safety deposit box. Tommy didn't leave when she pointed it at him. Instead, he tried to wrestle it out of her hands. And then the gun went off. Blood splattered the twin teddy bears, but is that fore...
Article Link:
 Huffington Post article
'Dallas': John Ross Takes A Beating
Huffington Post - over 5 years
On the latest episode of "Dallas" (Wed., 9 p.m. ET on TNT) John Ross (Josh Henderson) was in jail after being accused of murdering Veronica (a.k.a. Marta). And that's when the simmering feud between the Ewings and Vicente Cano (Carlos Bernard) got physical. Vicente's thugs beat up John Ross and gave him this chilling message: "Tell your uncle, next time he better get Vicente’s oil or next time we kill you." Meanwhile, John Ross' mother, Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) bribed the medical examiner to rule Veronica's death a suicide, and got her son off the hook. Celebuzz can't wait to see how the final two episodes of the season will top these "OMG!" moments. The scheming continues on "Dallas," Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TNT. TV Replay scours the vast television landscape to find the most interesting, amusing, and amazing moments - and delivers them right to your browser.
Article Link:
 Huffington Post article
Ministry Q&A: Josh Henderson's shirtless, ambitious 'Dallas' turn
LATimes - over 5 years
There are plenty of personalities on "Dallas," TNT's return to the iconic soap opera set on Southfork Ranch, but perhaps none as ambitious, dangerous and exciting as Josh Henderson's John Ross Ewing III. 
Article Link:
 LATimes article
The New 'Dallas': Sex, Scandal, And US Energy Policy
Business Insider - over 5 years
When Dallas was first launched in 1978, it always covered oil, and, later, a little bit about the environment. But really it was about sex, betrayal, and the infighting that came with running Ewing Oil, the company that had made their family rich. In the end, two brothers – J.R. and Bobby Ewing – fought over whether to conserve their sprawling family ranch, Southfork. The plot line was an effective analogy not just for the oil business, but for all business. It provided a voyeuristic – and playfully sensationalized – glimpse into the glitzy lives of those who succeeded by it and a fantastically Reaganesque view on what it took to climb to the top of an industry on the backs of your competitors, Texas style. But the world was different then. Oil was a near singular symbol of business wealth in the U.S. Texas was on top of its game. And environmentalism was still seen by big business as a fringe movement. Today Big Oil remains as powerful as ever, but wealth, technology and indus...
Article Link:
 Business Insider article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of John R. Ross
  • 1966
    Age 27
    He was a professor of linguistics at MIT from 1966–1985 and has worked in Brazil, Singapore and British Columbia.
    More Details
  • 1938
    Born on May 7, 1938.
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