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American biologist Kenneth R. Miller

Kenneth Raymond Miller is an American cell biologist and molecular biologist who is currently Professor of Biology and Royce Family Professor for Teaching Excellence at Brown University. Miller's primary research focus is the structure and function of cell membranes, especially chloroplast thylakoid membranes. Miller is noted as a co-author of a major introductory college and high school biology textbook published by Prentice Hall since 1990.
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14 July 1948

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Why Being Eaten by Mushrooms Is the Best Way to Die
Huffington Post - over 2 years
Some cultures burn their dead, others carry corpses up the nearest mountain. Some make mummies, some hold burials at sea and, once in a while, some shoot their journalists out of cannons. Today, a little less than half of Americans are choosing the traditional route of being buried in the ground (according to the National Funeral Directors Association), and an increasing number are opting for cremation. What a relatively small percentage of Americans realize, however, is that both options leave behind a lot more than the fond memories of loved ones. In fact, human beings are full of toxins, and no matter what your religious beliefs, they will not be following us into the next world. They're here to stay. Your Body Is a (Toxic) Wonderland Despite the promises of diet gurus like Alejandro Junger, detoxifying the human body is not as simple as cutting caffeine and peanuts. Every day your body is exposed to contaminants in the environment (mercury from the fillings in your teeth, pes...
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Scientist Explains Why We Can't Agree On #TheDress
Wall Street Journal - over 3 years
“What color is this dress?” sparks fierce debate on Twitter and in offices. Columbia University's Dr. Kenneth Miller explains why we see different colors. Photo: Facebook/Caitlin Jae
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Researcher Studying Endangered Elephants Flees Central African Republic
Discover Magazine - about 5 years
By Kenneth Miller The border guards, wary of advancing rebels, fired their guns in the air as three motorized skiffs approached along the Sangha River in the late April night. But the boats’ occupants were unarmed foreigners, fleeing a bloody insurrection that had gripped the Central African Republic (CAR). Among the refugees was elephant researcher Andrea Turkalo, carrying $25,000 in cash and six hard drives—packed with more than 20 years of data—which she’d grabbed before fleeing her
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FRC Fellow: Gay Parents Shouldn't Be Protected From Parental Kidnappings
Huffington Post - over 5 years
A senior fellow for the conservative lobbying group the Family Research Council (FRC) has suggested that gay parents should not be legally protected against parental kidnappings. Speaking during Thursday's episode of FRC radio program "Washington Watch," organization president Tony Perkins discussed the issue of parental kidnappings with senior fellow Peter Sprigg. In particular, they discussed the case of Lisa Miller, who ultimately fled the country with her young daughter, Isabella, in order to prevent her former lesbian partner from gaining custody. Miller gave birth to Isabella via artificial insemination in 2002, but she and her partner, Janet Jenkins, dissolved their Vermont civil union two years later. Miller then moved to Virginia, where she became a born-again Christian who renounced homosexuality. Miller decided she did not want Isabella to see Jenkins and sued for sole custody in the state, according to The New York Times. But in 2006, after several years...
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Virginia Pastor Who Helped Woman Smuggle Child Out Of Country Jailed By Federal Judge
Huffington Post - over 5 years
A pastor at the center of a dramatic and acrimonious custody and kidnapping case has been jailed for refusing to testify in court. Kenneth Miller, a 47-year-old Mennonite pastor, told U.S. District Court Judge William Sessions on Thursday that he could not answer questions from a grand jury regarding the flight of Lisa Miller and her daughter to Nicaragua to avoid a custody transfer, reports the Associated Press. Lisa Miller (who is not related to Kenneth Miller) took the child overseas in 2009 so she would not have to comply with a court order allowing her former lesbian partner, Janet Jenkins, to see their daughter, reports NBC News. In August, Kenneth Miller was convicted of helping the mother flee the country. His sentencing begins in March, and he faces a maximum jail time of three years. The pastor apologized to the court on Thursday and said his "religious beliefs" prevented him from testifying, according to the AP. Miller said that he, and possibly others wh...
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NJ Rebuilding Efforts 'Throwing Money Out To Sea'?
Huffington Post - over 5 years
Some advocates fear that rebuilding efforts could take shape on New Jersey's storm-devastated shore before thoughtful decisions can be made about just how the area should be rebuilt. The federal government brought thousands of tons of stone, sand and riprap to repair an inlet that the storm ripped open, reconnecting the bay and ocean in a narrow section of barrier island in Mantoloking. The state is repairing Route 35 where it was washed away by that breach and two others nearby. Also, state action has also made it easier to rebuild damaged infrastructure such as roads and water pipes. Jeff Tittel, director of the New Jersey chapter of the Sierra Club, objects to the state's decision to allow permanent roads, water pipes and other infrastructure to be built to replace ruined ones. He said it makes sense to allow temporary facilities. "But it shouldn't be permanent. Now, we're giving a blanket waiver," he said. "T...
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Mourners Pay Tribute to Andrea Bower at Roadside Memorial
Bloomingdale-Riverview Patch - over 5 years
  Two teenagers and three women arrived at the corner of Bloomingdale Avenue and Las Brisas Drive on Nov. 17 carrying balloons, a sign, a stuffed animal and a head covering that Andrea Bower had always thought was cool. All in all, small signs of a great love and a tragic loss that family and friends are struggling to endure and a community at large is attempting to understand. See Andrea Bower Roadside Memorial (Photos, Video) See Memorial Fund Set for Teen Killed in Bloomingdale Avenue Pedestrian Crash “It’s a horrible tragedy,” said Lisa Kearney, whose family knew Bower and her family. “No one should have to go through this. And no child should have to feel this pain.” Bower, 13, a student at Giunta Middle School in Riverview, was struck Nov. 16 by a Ford sports utility vehicle driven by a Riverview woman with two young children in tow. The accident happened at Las Brisas Drive and Bloomingdale Avenue, where a growing roadside memorial has taken root, and w...
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John Farrell: Evolution And The Catholic Church: Still Unresolved?
Huffington Post - over 5 years
The science of evolution poses some thorny problems for Roman Catholic tradition. And those who write about it, especially for a publisher whose books require the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur of a Catholic bishop, have to walk a very fine line indeed between the physical and the metaphysical. Dr. Gerard M. Vershuuren is the latest and by far I think the most successful of an admittedly small group of scholars to tackle the topic. A geneticist and programmer by training, he not only gets the science of evolution right -- there is an obvious sense of joy that he takes in writing about the subject from his firsthand experience as well as from his reading of the research literature. (There are nice plugs on the back cover from Kenneth Miller of Brown University and Francisco Ayala of University of California, Irvine.) The book, "God and Evolution?: Science Meets Faith," written for the Catholic laity, is organized into five chapters. The first, introductory chapter, "The R...
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Ladies Home Journal Features West LA Therapist Martin Novell in October 2012 Issue
Brentwood Patch - over 5 years
Psychotherapist Martin Novell, LMFT, is the featured relationship expert in the monthly column Can This Marriage Be Saved? appearing in the October 2012 issue of Ladies’ Home Journal (LHJ). Novell, who has a practice in West Los Angeles, Calif., is a cognitive behavioral therapist and relationship expert specializing in evidence-based creative solutions for couples who want to build an enviable committed relationship. A trademark feature of LHJ since 1953, Can This Marriage Be Saved? is the oldest and most iconic of magazine relationship columns, with a tried and true formula: A couple in a troubled marriage express their individual views of the problem, then a marriage counselor explains the solutions offered in counseling and the outcome is published. Novell’s column, I Want to Travel, But He Wants Kids, written by Kenneth Miller, addresses Lani, 33, a school administrator, and Dave, 40, a financial manager. The couple has been married three years with no children. Lani gave u...
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Group: Conviction of pastor in Vt. will help reinforce gay parents' rights
Fox News - almost 6 years
A lawyer for a group that promotes the rights of gays and lesbians says a pastor's conviction in Vermont reinforces the rights of same-sex parents. Kenneth Miller, a Virginia pastor, was convicted Tuesday for helping a woman flee the country with her daughter in 2009 so she wouldn't have to share custody with her ex-partner, who lives in Vermont. Gregory Nevins of Lambda Legal says an acquittal could have been a "green light" for people fighting same-sex custody battles to move to states that would support their positions. But Mathew Staver of the Liberty Counsel, which represented Lisa Miller until her disappearance, says he thinks the case was too narrowly focused to have broader implications. Lisa Miller and her daughter were last known to be in Nicaragua. The Millers aren't related.
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 Fox News article
Vt. woman sues Va. pastor who helped her lesbian partner flee country with their child
Fox News - almost 6 years
A Vermont woman whose former lesbian partner fled the country with the daughter born while they were joined in a civil union is suing her and a Virginia pastor who helped them flee to Nicaragua. Janet Jenkins, of Fair Haven, filed the civil lawsuit Tuesday when a jury was announcing its guilty verdict against Mennonite pastor Kenneth Miller, who helped Lisa Miller and daughter Isabella flee. The Rev. Kenneth Miller is from Stuarts Draft, Va. He's not related to Lisa Miller. He says he's "willing to accept the consequences" of his actions. Among the people named in Jenkins' lawsuit is a Virginia businessman prosecutors say worked with Kenneth Miller to get Lisa Miller and Isabella out of the country. The lawsuit seeks unspecified monetary damages. The jury issued its verdict against Kenneth Miller after several hours of deliberations in the case, which has drawn broad attention because of the legal and religious questions ...
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 Fox News article
Prosecutor says pastor helped mom flee Vt. custody order; defense argues mom had full custody
Fox News - almost 6 years
While prosecutors say a Mennonite pastor helped a woman flee the U.S. with her 7-year-old daughter rather than share custody with her former lesbian partner in Vermont, the pastor's lawyer says he believed the woman had full custody of the trial. The 46-year-old pastor from Stuarts Draft, Va., is on trial on a federal charge of aiding and abetting in international kidnapping. Kenneth Miller is accused of helping the woman elude a Vermont court order and flee to Nicaragua to live with Mennonites there. The current whereabouts of the mother and her now 10-year-old daughter are unknown. Miller's lawyer said he will prove his client believed the mother had full custody of her daughter. A witness testified he also helped the mother but didn't know about the custody battle.
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 Fox News article
Trial set for man accused of helping Va. woman flee country to keep daughter from ex-partner
Fox News - almost 6 years
A Mennonite pastor from Virginia is due for trial this week in a federal court in Vermont on charges he helped a woman flee the country to avoid sharing custody of her daughter with her former same-sex partner. Federal court documents say 46-year-old Kenneth Miller of Stuarts Draft, Va., was part of a network of Mennonites who helped move Lisa Miller and daughter Isabella, now 10, from the United States to Nicaragua. Miller is accused of driving Lisa and Isabella from Virginia to Buffalo, N.Y. Prosecutors say the mother and daughter then went on to Canada and eventually Central America. Jury selection is set for Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Burlington. Opening statements are expected Wednesday. The trial is expected to last six days.
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 Fox News article
Trial Of Kenneth Miller Delayed Slightly
Lez Get Real - about 6 years
We have been informed that the case of Kenneth L. Miller has been rescheduled to 21 June 2012 when pretrial conference or a change of plea hearings will be heard. The case is set to go before the Honorable William K. Sessions III. This moves back the selection of a jury to 10 July 2012. Miller has been charged as an accessory to the kidnapping and removal from the country of Isabella Miller, the daughter of Janet Jenkins and Lisa Miller during their civil union. Judge William Cohen of Vermont gave numerous opportunities to Lisa Miller to comply with the court’s order that Jenkins have visitation with Isabella, but ultimately, Miller absconded with the child only to end up in Central America.
Article Link:
 Lez Get Real article
Comment on Miller’s Motion To Dismiss Case In Isabella Miller Abduction Denied by RLBaty
Lez Get Real - about 6 years
Looks like the Court is try to speed things along. A pretrial hearing has been scheduled for the end of may with jury selection set for early in June. The trial, I assume, would be scheduled shortly after jury selection. Alas, Kenneth Miller has already asked that Court to put off the jury selection and trial until July because his lawyer is going to South America in June. That may not be so bad. July is coming up quick and if Kenneth is going to make a deal, he better get on it.
Article Link:
 Lez Get Real article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Kenneth R. Miller
  • 2014
    Age 65
    In May 2014, Miller received the Laetare Medal at the University of Notre Dame.
  • 2010
    Age 61
    In January 2010 Miller was elected as a Fellow of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry.
  • 2009
    Age 60
    He gave a Faraday Institute lecture in April 2009 on "God, Darwin and Design" and appeared on the Today Programme arguing, "The issue of God is an issue on which reasonable people may differ, but I certainly think that it's an over-statement of our scientific knowledge and understanding to argue that science in general, or evolutionary biology in particular, proves in any way that there is no God."
  • 2008
    Age 59
    He also speaks at conferences, notably the Skeptics Society's Origins Conference in October 2008 with Nancey Murphy, Hugh Ross, Leonard Susskind, Sean Carroll, Paul Davies, Christof Koch, Donald Prothero, and Victor J. Stenger.
    More Details
    He won the 2008 AAAS Award for Public Understanding of Science and Technology.
  • 2006
    Age 57
    Miller also appeared at the 2006 Dwight H. Terry Lectureship at Yale University, delivering his lecture "Darwin, God, and Dover: What the Collapse of 'Intelligent Design' Means for Science and for Faith in America."
  • 2002
    Age 53
    Miller has appeared in court as a witness, and on panels debating the teaching of intelligent design in schools. In 2002, the Ohio State Board of Education held a public debate between two scientists, including Miller, and two proponents of intelligent design.
    More Details
  • 1991
    Age 42
    Miller and Levine have also co-written a college-level textbook published by the former D.C. Heath and Company, first edition in 1991, entitled Biology: Discovering Life.
    More Details
  • 1974
    Age 25
    From 1974 to 1980, he taught at Harvard University.
    More Details
    He earned his Ph.D. in biology from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1974.
  • 1970
    Age 21
    Miller graduated from Rahway High School in Rahway, New Jersey before attending Brown University. At Brown, he received his Sc.B. in biology in 1970.
  • 1948
    Born on July 14, 1948.
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