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British actor Long Dong Silver

Long Dong Silver is the pseudonym of retired porn star Daniel Arthur Mead. He appeared in several pornographic movies in the UK and USA during the late 1970s and early 1980s, famed for the apparent size of his penis. However, it was later revealed that his penis size was a fabrication that Mead had help in making from his photographer Jay Myrdal.
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Patti Smith Made Us Cry. But Why?
Huffington Post - about 1 year
Patti Smith Made Us Cry. But Why? In our superfast turnaround-information world, much has already been written about Patti Smith's stunning rendition of Bob Dylan's "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" at Saturday's Nobel Prize ceremony in Stockholm. Some writers saw her performance as "transcendent"; others considered it "botched" because at one point Smith had to stop singing and begin again, admitting to an audience of royalty of all sorts that she was "very nervous." Some clearly felt that her admitted vulnerability really only added to her great success. The applause, both when she confessed her nervousness and when she ended her performance, was enormous. Not only did Smith sing Dylan gloriously--with his own phrasing, imperfections, and raspy, affected voice--she sang it now, at a time when it seems everyone understands that the song is a perfect choice for the world we are living in. Sounding prophetic, folkloric, and completely American, Smith stood as Dylan's surrogate at this ...
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Let's Talk About That Messed-Up Death Penalty In 'Fantastic Beasts' For Just A Minute
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WARNING: Spoilers below for “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”  In the world of “Harry Potter,” we know there are punishments for people who don’t follow the letter of the law. Book Three, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, gives us a look at the wizarding prison that’s like Alcatraz with Dementors. Those, of course, are the Dark ghoulish entities used to suck out the souls of the worst prisoners and leave them as empty shells ― a fate worse than death.  The latest film adaptation in the series’ universe, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” released Friday, introduces us to another solemn facet of wizarding life. In the 1920s when the film is set, the American wizarding society has its own punishment for rule-breakers ― and it’s possibly even more deranged than Azkaban’s. Let’s review: When Tina (Katherine Waterston) and Newt (Eddie Redmayne) are sentenced for their suspected role in the mysterious magical destruction happening around New York City, th...
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Surviving Hurricane Sandy: The Smartest Pigeon in Brooklyn
Huffington Post - over 2 years
As Hurricane Sandy approaches, a pigeon in Brooklyn finds a hub transit station a safe environment - and navigates the storm and afterwards there New York City was shutting down the entire subway system at 7 p.m. on October 28, 2012, encompassing 469 stations, normally in operation 24 hours a day. Parks would become off limits after 5 p.m., all in anticipation of the event that we now know as Superstorm Hurricane Sandy. It all seemed extreme. Nothing ever closes the Big Apple, the City that Never Sleeps. Mid-afternoon that Sunday prior to the shutdowns, I dashed on the F train into Manhattan to take pictures of the closure of Washington Square Park - it was such an unusual occurrence, I wanted to document it for a blog I write about the park. There was a quiet, eerie and contemplative feeling in the air. The 10 acre park was close to deserted half an hour before the closing, except for a few people including actress Meg Ryan walking through with a friend - funny as she is ...
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Sharon Stone Wows In A Sheer Top
Huffington Post - over 2 years
DAMN. Sharon Stone never ceases to amaze us with her awesome style, candid thoughts, and penchant for showing off her rocking body. The 57-year-old stepped out to the amFar's Inspiration gala in Hollywood Thursday night in a form-fitting tuxedo with high-waisted trousers and a transparent button down top over a black bra. She accessorized the look with simply with a long silver cross necklace and a playful short hairdo, proving that an outfit this bold speaks for itself. We all have much to learn from the actress, but pulling off a sheer top with sophistication might be the most important lesson of all.  Also on HuffPost Style:  -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.
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14 New, Must-See Public Artworks Across the Globe
Huffington Post - over 4 years
Here we go. 1. Hamburg, Germany: "Crossing the Elbe" by Anthony McCall Anthony McCall "Crossing the Elbe" in Hamburg, Germany -- © Martin Rogge Deichtorhallen Though Germany once had a thriving tradition of "Kunst in Offenlichen Raum" -- a fairly analogous concept to Anglo-Saxon public art -- spending cuts in recent years have largely derailed new projects. In the wealthy port city of Hamburg, however, British artist Anthony McCall realized a city-spanning light installation, "Crossing the Elbe" (through March 22, 2014) in which three search lights, located on top of the Spiegel newspaper building, a bunker in Wilhelmsburg, and the Falckenburg Collection light up the sky in narrow beams for 20 minutes each evening after sunset. They follow a slowly sweeping course over the river, throughout the piece's year-long run. The project is a poignant, Foucauldian metaphor for the city's current "Leap across the Elbe" initiative as part of the Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA), which se...
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<i>Coraline</i>, by Neil Gaiman: The First Decade
Huffington Post - over 4 years
Coraline (2002) Coraline (2012; UK) Classic books get to celebrate significant birthdays with shiny new editions these days: Anthony Burgess's A Clockwork Orange, 50th Anniversary Edition; Margaret Mitchell's Gone With The Wind, 75th Anniversary Edition. Neil Gaiman's Coraline has only recently turned ten, but his 2002 novel is his most popular -- along with American Gods and Neverwhere -- and surely his most beloved. A generation of children has now grown up with, and cherishes, this story of an intrepid, likeable little girl named Coraline Jones, at the end of her summer school holidays in East Sussex, not so long ago. Its author cherishes the book, too. Says Gaiman: "It's the strangest book I've written, it took the longest time to write, and it's the book I'm proudest of." Coraline is a coming-of-age horror story and, 10 years after its publication, Gaiman reflected, "I've started running into women who tell me that Coraline got them through hard times in their lives. Th...
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Meet The Fracking Fighters
Huffington Post - over 4 years
VESTAL, N.Y. (AP) — Big energy companies have been trying for five years to tap the riches of the Marcellus Shale in southern New York, promising thousands of new jobs, economic salvation for a depressed region, and a cheap, abundant, clean-burning source of fuel close to power-hungry cities. But for all its political clout and financial prowess, the industry hasn't been able to get its foot in the door. One reason: Folks like Sue Rapp and Vera Scroggins are standing in the way. Rapp, a family counselor in the Broome County town of Vestal, in the prime shale gas region near the Pennsylvania border, is intense and unrelenting in pressing her petitions. Scroggins — a retiree and grandmother who lives across the border in hilly northwestern Pennsylvania, where intensive gas development has been going on for five years — is gleefully confrontational. She happily posts videos of her skirmishes. The anti-fracking movement has inspire...
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Ilene Kleinbaum: Hashtag Welcome Back, Bachelorette Fans!
Huffington Post - over 4 years
After three long months, The Bachelorette has finally returned! Desiree Hartsock, (the lovely wedding dress designer from Sean Lowe's season), pulls up to the Bachelor mansion and is greeted by none other than Chris Harrison. After giving her the grand tour, Chris hands over the keys to a pretty sweet ride. Des goes for a spin, checks out her new city, and then chats with Chris about what she's looking for this season. Des is looking for love -- so let's find it! We're personally introduced to a handful of men, including Bryden, the military man; Will, the high-fiving, hot yoga-loving banker; Nick, the tailor/magician; Zak, the drilling fluid engineer who stands on his balcony naked; and a few others. But time is running out, and Des needs to meet these men. She changes into a long silver gown and takes her place outside the mansion as the man-toting limos arrive. I really wish I knew how the producers encourage the men to meet our bachelorette -- do they tell...
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At El Cid, fare now has flair
LATimes - about 5 years
Under new management, the established Spanish restaurant in Silver Lake undergoes a menu makeover. It's a welcome change. Fifty years is a long time to have a bad reputation. That's almost how long Silver Lake's El Cid — the Spanish restaurant known for its flamenco dinner theater — has been open. It's also about how long Angelenos have raved about the show while lamenting the quality of the food and drink. The venue is now under new management, however, and the guardians of the historic space are as serious about food as they are about hosting quality entertainment.
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Get an Exclusive First Look at Nikki Reed’s Jewelry Line
People Magazine - about 5 years
Jeff Vespa/WireImage; Courtesy Glamhouse The Twilight Saga might be over, but Nikki Reed certainly isn’t going anywhere: The actress is venturing into the accessory business. Reed recently unveiled a capsule jewelry collection for Glamhouse — but she’s not just another celebrity designer. In fact, jewelry making is in her genes. “My great-grandmother was a jewelry designer, so it’s possible that somewhere buried deep in my mind I knew this was a craft I wanted to continue,” Reed tells PEOPLE. The affordable line (everything is less than $100), called Mattlin Era, features rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets with a natural handmade vibe, all inspired by the star’s family — husband Paul McDonald included. “He was so excited for me!” Reed says. “He let me work on everything by myself, but at the end of each day he wanted to hear all about it.” Reed’s favorite pieces include the “Topanga” cuff, a silver etched bracelet ($75, above) and the “Humility” necklace, a gold chain ...
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 People Magazine article
Fashion Week: Donna Karan's Runway
Forward - over 5 years
Donna Karan showed off her Spring 2013 collection at the New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week this afternoon with the likes of Vogue editor Anna Wintour and New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham looking on. Karan’s models wore a sophisticated, tailored silver dress with a cropped, matching blazer; a long, silver toga-esque dress, with a sexy slit up one leg and a subtle trail; and a nude dress, so slinky it could be a night gown, with a metallic, silver jacket lined with wild fringes on the arm, collar, and bottom hem. While none of the outfits were incredibly complicated, they all screamed femininity and poise. Karan, who grew up in a Jewish family in Queens, founded her company in 1984 with the mission of making modern clothes for women who want both comfort and beauty. Her line is based on the idea that modern dressing should be easy; women should own seven items that can be mixed and matched to create outfits suitable for transitioning from work to play to relaxin...
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Katy Perry Shows Off Killer Beach Bod in Strapless Tie-Dye Bikini
US Magazine - over 5 years
For her afternoon spent poolside Friday, Katy Perry rocked an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow polka -- er, tie-dye bikini. On vacation with pals in Miami, the pop star, 27, flaunted her amazing curves in a strapless black-and-yellow two-piece. See more pictures here. Perry accessorized her swimsuit with oversized black sunglasses and a long, silver pendant necklace from Jewels by Dunn. PHOTOS: Katy and Russell's romance One day earlier, Perry went with a classic, super-sexy black bikini to hang out with her friends and check out the new issue of Blackbook magazine, which features Robert Pattinson on its cover. (In the interview, conducted pre-cheating scandal, Pattinson discusses the rumors he plans to wed Kristen Stewart!) Since splitting from ex-husband Russell Brand earlier this year, the "Part of Me" singer has been making the most of single life. In addition to casually dating Florence and the Machine rocker Robert Ackroyd, she's also been enjoying nights out in...
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 US Magazine article
Actor Donald Sutherland honored in France for contribution to cinema
Fox News - over 5 years
Actor Donald Sutherland has been awarded the honor Commander of the Arts in France for his contribution to cinema. Sutherland was decorated on Saturday evening at a ceremony in Paris by former French Culture Minister Frederic Mitterrand, who praised the Canadian star's "extraordinary" career — with diverse roles in films such as Federico Fellini's "Casanova." There were chuckles as Mitterrand struggled to tie the medallion around the 76-year-old actor, who sported the long silver hair last seen for his role in blockbuster movie "The Hunger Games." Sutherland said he loved France, and thanked his French-speaking wife for introducing him to the country's culture through "cinema, but also cheese and baguettes."
Article Link:
 Fox News article
‘Firefly Brothers’ author Thomas Mullen wins 2012 Townsend Prize for Fiction
ajc - almost 6 years
By Rosalind Bentley rbentley@ajc.com  They are 10 strong Georgia novelists, but in the end Thomas Mullen walked away with the 2012 Townsend Prize for Fiction Thursday night during an awards dinner at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. “Sometimes you can get a little jaded when people aren’t reading as much as they did,” said Mullen as he stood behind the podium accepting his award in the packed Day Hall. But the nearly two-foot long silver Townsend more than made up for it, he said. Mullen won for his Depression-era noir novel, “The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers” (Random House),  a tale of two bank robbing brothers, who become folk heroes of sorts. His 2006 debut novel, “The Last Town on Earth,” won the James Fenimore Cooper Prize for excellence in historical fiction and accolades from critics.  With a Townsend field that included popular authors such as Joshilyn Jackson, Lynn Cull and Joseph Skibell, Mullen said it would have been uncouth of him to have …
Article Link:
 ajc article
The Jötnar
Yale Daily News - almost 6 years
My daughter came in at twilight when the snow looks blue. She burst in the front door and said, “Daddy! I saw a man walking down in the field, along the edge of the woods!” I looked at her upturned face — her flaming cheeks, her lower lip trembling with excitement, the tracks of her windswept tears — and, with a feeling like sliding into icy water, I wondered if it was a human man she saw. “Was it really a man?” I asked her. “Are you sure?” I unzipped the front of her jacket and we struggled to pull her sleeves off over bulky, wet gloves. She stood on one foot and stuck a boot toward me. “I don’t know,” she said. “He looked softer than a man. He had a big cloak of feathers, like a giant owl.” I watched her jealously, trying to see what she had seen, as she looked past me at the fire shadows on the wall. “And his skin?” I prompted when she was quiet and still for an unnatural length of time for a child. “What color was his skin?” “Yellow,” she said, from a far aw...
Article Link:
 Yale Daily News article
Marty Kaplan: Exorcising Orrin Hatch
The Huffington Post - almost 6 years
It couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Because Senator Orrin Hatch couldn't eke out 60 percent of the votes at the Utah Republican Party's convention this past weekend, he'll face a primary challenge from former state senator Dan Liljenquist. With the help of Tea Party piggy banks like FreedomWorks, Liljenquist has assailed Hatch as a conservative in name only. Hatch counters that his seniority - he's been in the Senate since 1976 - will put him in line to chair the Finance Committee if the GOP takes the upper chamber in November, but Liljenquist has flipped that into a liability: Hatch has been a Washington insider too long. Going into the convention, Hatch held a big lead over Liljenquist in statewide polls, but millions of dollars of anonymously funded attack ads could well make Hatch sweat bullets. Which would be sweet, because Hatch, along with former Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter, has held a special place in my heart ever since the 1991 hearings on Claren...
Article Link:
 The Huffington Post article
Friendship, love and truth
Whittier Daily News - about 6 years
You know it's Nov. 30 in Pasadena when you're driving up Raymond Avenue and have a close encounter with The Odd Fellows &amp; Rebakahs 59th Rose Parade entry "Shining Knights Still Exist." The flakage: "showcases a lone Knight aboard his loyal steed in full gallop above the ancient 17th Century English Crest armed with a menacing twenty foot long, silver lance wrapped in the traditional colors of the Decoration of Chivalry matching the brown horse's blanket...a member of the three link fraternity, Friendship, Love and Truth, The Knight perseveres to protect the elegant castle topped by three turrets with billowing flags surrounded by floral gardens from all that would bring discontent."
Article Link:
 Whittier Daily News article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Long Dong Silver
  • 1991
    Age 30
    He received new fame in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings in the U.S. Senate in 1991, as Anita Hill alleged that Thomas had mentioned to her that he was a viewer of Long Dong Silver's films.
  • 1982
    Age 21
    In 1982 he appeared with the legendary Seka in Beauty and the Beast, shot in America.
    More Details
  • 1979
    Age 18
    His debut film was the low-budget Sex Freaks released in 1979, in which he co-starred with Vicki Scott.
  • 1960
    Born in 1960.
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