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Mark Wells White is an American lawyer, who served as the 43rd Governor of Texas from January 18, 1983 to January 20, 1987.
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Park district is working on plan for renovations to historic Lake Ellyn Park While few new details emerged during a recent meeting of about 100 residents with consultants on proposed renovations to historic Lake Ellyn Park, serious concerns were raised about a possible reconfiguration to Lenox Road and adding parking.
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What will it be like to "drive" the Mars Rover Curiosity? Los Angeles Times science writer Monte Morin discussed how the rover will roam around the Red Planet during a Google+ Hangout on Thursday. Morin reported that this is a stressful time for the drivers: They must sacrifice some of their Earthly existence and live on Mars time, an ever-changing schedule that is tougher than any graveyard shift. For months, operators will be essentially sequestered from family and friends to focus on Mars. While the mission is scheduled to run 23 months, it could last much longer. The stress can be overwhelming. Separated from the rover by millions of miles, they know they can make no mistakes. A single slip-up can turn the ambitious scientific mission into a $2.5-billion Martian paperweight. It will feel at times like the entire world is a back-seat driver. Since its dramatic touchdown on Mars on Aug. 5, Curiosity has been doing an extended "stretch" of sorts -- unfolding its limbs, te...
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Filed under: Climbing, Hiking, Photos, South America, Argentina, Ecotourism, Budget Travel When traveling to Ushuaia in Argentina's Patagonia region, the main attraction is trekking in Tierra del Fuego National Park. While absolutely stunning, a trip there can be expensive. Depending on what your travel plans are, you may want to try some cheaper hiking options in the area. The first is Valle de Lobos. Transportation and admission to Tierra del Fuego from the city center costs 170 Argentine Pesos (about $40) round trip. While this may not sound expensive, just ask a backpacker who's been touring the continent on a shoestring budget. The bus to Valle de Lobos costs less than $15 round trip, and the entrance fee is only 10 ARS$ (about $2). At this lesser known - but still breathtaking - park, you'll be able to hike to Esmeralda Lagoon. The lagoon is majestic, as it gleams a metallic light-blue yet off-white color. Along the way, you'll trek through the Bosque Forest, Rio River and ove...
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TRAVEL: Going wild in wonderful Kenya
The Bucks Herald - almost 6 years
Katie Hodge sleeps under the stars with the elephants on a special trip to Kenya’s Elephant Bedroom Camp. “Tonight”, warned Julius our expert guide, “you will be sharing your bedroom. With elephants!” A delighted smile spread across his face as he swung down from the 4x4 Landcruiser. We had reached our camp in the heart of Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve. Set among the doum palms, a small cluster of pale canvas tents looked out over the cool waters of the Ewaso Nyiro River. On the far side, elephants meandered slowly along its banks, occasionally extending their trunks to drink. Further back, a giraffe stood tall on the horizon while a troop of baboons, some 30 or 40 in total, moved through the dry grass. Sporadically one would stop to glance up, apparently taking stock. Like us, they appeared to be observing the bucolic scene under the baking heat of an African midday sun. Earlier, as we had bumped along a rocky track which appeared to wind away to nowhere, such a place seeme...
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The Best Subs in Oak Lawn: You Decide
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It’s time for another Chowdown Showdown, our weekly feature that will not only give you great ideas on where to eat, but will allow you to tell everyone why your favorite restaurant is the best.  The Chowdown Showdown pits Palos, Evergreen Park and Oak Lawn restaurants against each other to decide who makes a particular dish best. Before the competition starts, we need your ideas on who our Oak Lawn representative should be.  READ: Brain Freeze: Who Mixes the Best Shake? This week's feature focuses in on submarine sandwiches, those perfectly balanced concoctions of meat, cheese, bread and veggies. We want you to tell us who puts together the best example of this delicacy. The local winner will then go on to face Palos and Evergreen Park. While you are free to leave reviews and comments in support of chains like Subway and Jimmy Johns, it is local spots that we are most interested in and the winner will reflect that.  How to Vote There are three ways to vote for your ...
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PCSO Mark White surgery
Birdlington Free Pass - almost 6 years
JOIN PCSO <a class="fplink fp-187102" href="/Mark+White+1">Mark White</a> for a surgery at the new community centre at the Hinge, Field Road, Havenfield from 2pm to 3pm.
Article Link:
 Birdlington Free Pass article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Mark White
  • 2011
    Age 70
    In 2011, White publicly opposed Texas A&M's potential departure from the Big 12 conference to join the Southeastern Conference (SEC).
    More Details
  • 1990
    Age 49
    Following his departure from office, White worked for the law firm Keck, Mahin & Cate. White attempted to run for governor again in 1990, but he was defeated in the Democratic primary by Ann Richards, who then defeated Jim Mattox in a runoff election and the Republican Clayton W. Williams, Jr., in the general election.
    More Details
  • 1986
    Age 45
    White served as governor during Texas' sesquicentennial in 1986 and oversaw a number of the celebrations concerning that anniversary.
    More Details
    Clements polled 1,813,779 votes (52.7%) to White's 1,584,515 votes (46.1%) in the November 1986 general election and left office on January 20, 1987. Among those who were elected along with White in 1982, Hobby, Bullock, Richards, Mattox, Hightower and Mauro were re-elected in their respective posts.
    More Details
  • 1984
    Age 43
    After taking office, White immediately appointed a committee on Public Education, called a special session of the legislature in 1984, and worked with lawmakers to pass the Educational Opportunity Act (EOA).
    More Details
  • 1983
    Age 42
    As the state's forty-third chief executive from January 18, 1983 to January 20, 1987, White worked to "preserve and enhance... resources so that Texas would not fall back, but go forward as a state of the future."
    More Details
  • 1982
    Age 41
    In November 1982, he defeated Clements over concerns about the governor's poor economic numbers and lack of support from minority groups.
  • 1981
    Age 40
    On the national level, he was elected Chairman of the Southern Conference of Attorneys General in May 1981.
    More Details
  • 1977
    Age 36
    White served as secretary of state until 1977, when he resigned to run for state attorney general, where he served until 1983.
    More Details
  • 1974
    Age 33
    White received 1,697,870 votes (53.2 percent) to Clements' 1,465,537 (45.9 percent) in a year where Texas Democrats swept all the statewide offices being led by U.S. Senator Lloyd Bentsen (who won a third six-year term to the Senate) and the legendary Lieutenant Governor of Texas William P. Hobby Jr. (Hobby was first elected lieutenant governor in 1972) both of whom carried the Democratic Party's statewide banner which also included the elections of Jim Mattox as state attorney general, Bob Bullock, who won his third term as Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts-having been elected in 1974, Ann Richards as state treasurer, Garry Mauro as Commissioner of the General Land Office, and Jim Hightower as Texas Commissioner of Agriculture while Democrats easily maintained their majorities in both houses of the Texas Legislature.
  • 1973
    Age 32
    In 1973, White was appointed as Texas secretary of state under Governor Dolph Briscoe and also served in the 36th Infantry Division of the Texas National Guard.
  • 1965
    Age 24
    He graduated from Baylor Law School in 1965.
    More Details
  • 1940
    Born on March 17, 1940.
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