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Michael Ansara is a Syrian-born American stage, screen, and voice actor best known for his portrayal of Cochise in the American television series Broken Arrow, Kane in the 1979-81 series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Commander Kang on three different Star Trek TV series, Deputy U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart on the NBC series, Law of the Plainsman, and providing the voice for Mr. Freeze in Batman: The Animated Series and several of its spin-offs.
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31 July 2013
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Video: Schieffer: Memory of kindness never fades
CBS News - over 4 years
Bob Schieffer remembers actor Michael Ansara, who treated him with kindness when he was just a cub.
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Michael Ansara, Who Played Original Klingon, Dies
NPR - over 4 years
Michael Ansara, who played original Klingon, dies » E-Mail This     » Add to Del.icio.us
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Michael Ansara Dead: 'Star Trek' Actor Dies At 91
Huffington Post - over 4 years
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Traveling back through the Advocate archives for Aug. 31 - Green Bay Press Gazette
Google News - over 6 years
Among seven ships presented with the Battle efficiency "E" award for operation in 1961 were two minesweepers constructed by Peterson Builders, Inc. » At the movies: "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" starring Walter Pidgeon, Michael Ansara and Barbara
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En el día de su cumpleaños, ¿qué pasó con "Mi bella genio"? - El Comercio.pe
Google News - over 6 years
En 1958 Eden y Michael Ansara contrajeron matrimonio. Luego de enfrentar un aborto involuntario, en 1965 finalmente nació su primer y único hijo, Matthew Ansara, obviamente, en aquel momento nadie sabía que aquel niño tendría un final trágico
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"Batman: Arkham City" gets cooler, thanks to Mr. Freeze - IFC
Google News - over 6 years
The game's dome-headed redesign for Mr. Freeze harkens back a little bit to the character's original incarnation as Mr. Zero and the voice for Mr. Freeze doesn't seem to be that of Michael Ansara, the man who gave such pathos and icy malevolence to the
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THE COMANCHEROS 50th Anniversary Digibook BLURAY - Twitch
Google News - over 6 years
Extras here include a commentary from actors Stuart Whitman, Nehemiah Persoff, Michael Ansara and Patrick Wayne, w an HD half hour historical doc titled The Comancheros and the Battle for the American Southwest, a 40 minute HD doc, The Duke at Fox,
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Barbara Eden Tribute at the Castro Theatre - San Francisco Bay Times
Google News - over 6 years
At the time, she was married to actor Michael Ansara, and Elvis was very interested in how a successful show business marriage worked. Later Elvis would marry the very young Priscilla. Speaking of Ansara, she said it was nerve-wracking working with her
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MR FREEZE: Victor Fries [bio] - Comic Book Movie
Google News - over 6 years
Mr. Freeze appears in Batman: The Animated Series voiced by Michael Ansara. Mr. Freeze is introduced in the episode "Heart of Ice", which won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in an Animated Program. In the New Batman Adventures, Mr. Freeze returns
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Out of the bottle & back to the city - Bay Area Reporter
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This past April, Eden released her memoir, Jeannie Out of the Bottle, in which she recounts the details of two failed marriages (to actor Michael Ansara and to Charles Donald Fegert) and her emotional breakdown after losing her only son, Matthew Ansara
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Barbara Eden's life no paradise - Sydney Morning Herald
Google News - over 6 years
I met my first husband, Michael Ansara, via a blind date. He played Apache chief Cochise on the TV hit Broken Arrow. I fell madly in love, as he was a kind man and a wonderful actor. In 1958 we married and seven years later I gave birth to Matthew
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Movie Review: The Comancheros (Blu-ray) - Flix 66
Google News - over 6 years
Audio Commentary by Stuart Whitman, Nehemiah Persoff, Michael Ansara and Patrick Wayne: These are separate interviews about the film that are spliced through the picture acting as a commentary. It's pretty dry but huge fans will probably find it
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Aliens and gnomes from Disney's Touchstone - VillageSoup Belfast (blog)
Google News - over 6 years
There is audio commentary by Whitman, Nehemiah Persoff (head of the Comanchero tribe), Michael Ansara (Amelung) and Patrick Wayne (Texas Ranger Tobe). “The Duke at Fox” is a two-part documentary, and there is a feature on the Comancheros and the battle
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The Comancheros - PopMatters
Google News - over 6 years
There's a commentary track that's more of a collage of the films stars, like Whitman, Michael Ansara, Nehemiah Persoff, and Patrick Wayne, the Duke's son, talking about their experiences. Whitman also gives a 12 minute audio interview where he reveals
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 Google News article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Michael Ansara
  • 2013
    Age 90
    Ansara died from complications of Alzheimer's disease at his home in Calabasas on July 31, 2013, at the age of 91.
    More Details
  • 2001
    Age 78
    The couple had one son together, actor Matthew Ansara, who died on June 25, 2001, of a heroin overdose.
  • 1994
    Age 71
    In 1994, Ansara portrayed the Technomage Elric in the science fiction television series Babylon 5 in the episode "The Geometry of Shadows".
    More Details
  • 1988
    Age 65
    In 1988, Ansara appeared in an episode of the television series Murder, She Wrote titled "The Last Flight of the Dixie Damsel".
  • 1983
    Age 60
    He narrated Paul Goble's "The Gift of the Sacred Dog" at Crow Agency, Montana, on June 17, 1983, and Sheila MacGill Callahan's "And Still the Turtle Watched" on October 21, 1993, on the PBS series Reading Rainbow.
  • 1979
    Age 56
    Ansara played Killer Kane in the 1979-1980 season of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, having previously played two different characters in two episodes of the 1966 science fiction television series The Time Tunnel.
    More Details
  • 1978
    Age 55
    In 1978, he starred in the acclaimed miniseries Centennial, based on the novel by James A. Michener.
    More Details
  • 1976
    Age 53
    In 1976, Ansara starred in the movie Mohammad, Messenger of God (also titled The Message), about the origin of Islam and the message of prophet Mohammad.
  • 1974
    Age 51
    Ansara and Eden divorced in 1974, and he married actress Beverly Kushida in 1977.
    More Details
    Michael Ansara and Barbara Eden divorced in 1974.
  • 1973
    Age 50
    In 1973, he guest-starred in "The Western", the penultimate episode of the original CBS television series Mission: Impossible.
  • 1969
    Age 46
    Also in 1969, he starred as the sadistic militant Diego in the film Guns of the Magnificent Seven.
    In 1969, Ansara guest-starred in the episode "On a Clear Night You Can See Earth" as Murtrah in the ABC-TV series Land of the Giants.
  • 1967
    Age 44
    In 1967, Ansara guest-starred in the episode "A War for the Gravediggers" of the NBC western series The Road West starring Barry Sullivan, Andrew Prine, and Glenn Corbett, and in the episode "The Savage Street" of the ABC action drama series The Fugitive with Gilbert Roland and Tom Nardini.
  • 1966
    Age 43
    In another 1966 episode of that series, Ansara portrayed Sebastian Drake.
    He also appeared on Daniel Boone as Red Sky in a 1966 episode.
  • 1965
    Age 42
    He starred in a supporting role in the 1965 Elvis Presley film, Harum Scarum.
    More Details
  • 1964
    Age 41
    In 1964, he made his only guest appearance on Perry Mason as Vince Kabat in "The Case of the Antic Angel".
    More Details
  • 1962
    Age 39
    In 1962, he starred in a Broadway show with the silent film actor Ramon Novarro.
  • 1961
    Age 38
    In 1961, Ansara played the role of Miguel Alvarez in the film Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, co-starring with Barbara Eden and Walter Pidgeon, who played the role of Admiral Harriman Nelson.
    More Details
  • 1958
    Age 35
    In 1958, Ansara married Barbara Eden, who is best known for the I Dream of Jeannie sitcom series.
    More Details
  • 1955
    Age 32
    Ansara was married three times, first to Jean Byron in 1955; after a year of marriage, the couple divorced in 1956.
  • 1953
    Age 30
    He also appeared as Belshazzar in Columbia's 1953 movie Slaves of Babylon.
  • 1951
    Age 28
    He appeared in a 1951 episode of The Lone Ranger titled "Trouble at Black Rock".
    More Details
  • 1922
    Born on April 15, 1922.
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