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Patricia Van Cleeve Lake, known as Patricia Lake, was an American socialite, actress, and radio comedienne, who was suspected of being and, just before she died, claimed to be the illegitimate daughter of actress Marion Davies and publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst.
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18 June 1923

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Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Patricia Lake
  • 1993
    Age 69
    Her features, "suspiciously similar" to those of Hearst, did not go unnoticed, but Lake never made any public comment on the subject, even after the deaths of Hearst and Davies. Reportedly, just before Patricia Lake's death in 1993, she told her family her beliefs about the identities of her biological parents.
  • 1961
    Age 37
    When Davies died in 1961, half of her 20 million dollar estate was left to Lake as an inheritance.
  • 1954
    Age 30
    In 1954, Lake also co-starred with her husband in an early television sitcom he created called Meet the Family.
  • 1940
    Age 16
    Lake was selected by the Motion Picture Publicists Association to be one of the MPPA 'Baby Stars' of 1940, an award similar to the WAMPAS Baby Stars selections of 1922 through 1934.
  • 1937
    Age 13
    Patricia first met actor Arthur Lake when he was visiting at Marion Davies' beach house. She and Arthur were married in 1937 at Hearst's San Simeon estate, with both Hearst and Davies jointly giving her away at the marriage ceremony.
  • 1923
    This would have made her 14 years old at the time of her marriage if 1923 was the true year of her birth. Patricia and Arthur remained married for nearly 50 years until his death in January 1987.
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  • 1920
    Age -4
    She was born in a hospital outside Paris, France. Her date of birth is not known; according to her Los Angeles Times obituary, "The year was sometime between 1920 and 1923; Lake never knew exactly."
  • 1919
    Age -5
    The Social Security Death Index, states she was born June 8, 1919.
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