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The Princess Beatrice was a member of the British Royal Family. She was the fifth daughter and youngest child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Juan Carlos, King of Spain, is her great-grandson. Beatrice has the distinction of being the last of Victoria's children to die, 66 years after the first, Beatrice's sister, Princess Alice.
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  • 1944
    Age 86
    There, Beatrice died peacefully in her sleep on 26 October 1944, aged eighty-seven (the day before the 30th anniversary of her son, Prince Maurice's death).
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  • 1941
    Age 83
    She published her last work of translation in 1941.
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  • 1936
    Age 78
    Even in her seventies, Beatrice continued to correspond with her friends and relatives and to make rare public appearances, such as when, pushed in a wheelchair, she viewed the wreaths laid after the death of George V in 1936.
  • 1914
    Age 56
    Her presence at court further decreased as she aged. Devastated by the death of her favourite son, Maurice, during the First World War in 1914, she began to retire from public life.
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  • 1913
    Age 55
    During her time as Queen of Spain, Ena returned many times to visit her mother in Britain, but always without Alfonso and usually without her children. Meanwhile, Beatrice lived at Osborne Cottage in East Cowes until she sold it in 1913, when Carisbrooke Castle, home of the Governor of the Isle of Wight, became vacant.
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  • 1906
    Age 48
    Nonetheless, the couple wed on 31 May 1906.
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  • 1901
    Age 43
    Beatrice's life was overturned by the death of Queen Victoria on 22 January 1901.
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    Beatrice remained at her mother's side until Queen Victoria died on 22 January 1901.
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  • 1896
    Age 38
    On 22 January 1896, Beatrice, who was waiting for her husband at Madeira, received a telegram informing her of Henry's death two days earlier.
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  • 1895
    Age 37
    Despite misgivings, the Queen consented, and Henry and Beatrice parted on 6 December 1895; they would not meet again.
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  • 1886
    Age 28
    Despite suffering a miscarriage in the early months of her marriage, Beatrice gave birth to four children: Alexander, called "Drino", was born in 1886; Ena in 1887; Leopold in 1889 and Maurice in 1891.
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  • 1885
    Age 27
    Beatrice and Henry were married at Saint Mildred's Church at Whippingham, near Osborne, on 23 July 1885.
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  • 1879
    Age 21
    She was attracted to the Prince Imperial and there was talk of a possible marriage, but he was killed in the Anglo-Zulu War in 1879. Beatrice fell in love with Prince Henry of Battenberg, the son of Prince Alexander of Hesse and by Rhine and Julia von Hauke and brother-in-law of her niece Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine. After a year of persuasion, Queen Victoria agreed to the marriage, which took place at Whippingham on the Isle of Wight on 23 July 1885.
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  • 1878
    Age 20
    After the death of the Prince Imperial, Beatrice's brother, Albert Edward, the Prince of Wales, suggested that she marry their sister Alice's widower, Louis IV, the Grand Duke of Hesse, who had lost his wife to diphtheria in 1878.
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  • 1873
    Age 15
    After the Emperor's death in 1873, Queen Victoria and Empress Eugénie formed a close attachment, and the newspapers reported the imminent engagement of Beatrice to the Prince Imperial.
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  • 1871
    Age 13
    During a serious illness in 1871, the Queen dictated her journal entries to Beatrice, and in 1876 she allowed Beatrice to sort the music she and the Prince Consort had played, unused since his death fifteen years earlier.
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    After 1871, when the last of Beatrice's elder sisters married, Queen Victoria came to rely upon her youngest daughter, who had declared from an early age: "I don't like weddings at all.
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  • 1857
    She was christened in the private chapel at Buckingham Palace on 16 June 1857.
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