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Rear Admiralof theUnited States NavyduringWorld War II Ralph Waldo Christie

Ralph Waldo Christie was an admiral in the United States Navy who played a pivotal role in the development of torpedo technologies. During World War II, he commanded submarine operations out of the Australian ports of Brisbane and Fremantle. A 1915 graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Christie served on a variety of warships beginning with the battleship New Jersey in 1915.
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Honolulu, Hawaii

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  • 1987
    Age 93
    Christie died in Honolulu, Hawaii on 19 December 1987 at the age of 94.
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  • 1949
    Age 55
    He retired from the Navy on 1 August 1949, with tombstone promotion to the rank of vice admiral.
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  • 1944
    Age 50
    However, Christie's losses, which included Dealey and Kinkaid's nephew, Lieutenant Commander Manning Kimmel in in July 1944, may have also influenced Kinkaid's decision.
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    In November 1944, Kinkaid relieved Christie of command of submarine operations at Fremantle, and assigned the position to Fife commencing 30 December.
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    In October and November 1944, Christie received intelligence regarding German plans to operate a wolfpack of U-boats in Australian waters.
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    When Harder returned to port on 3 July 1944, Christie was concerned about its commander.
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    In June 1944, Christie decided he wanted to make a second patrol, and selected.
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    In early 1944, Christie decided he wanted to make a war patrol and selected to ride with Walt Griffith in.
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    Christie abided by the order, commencing on 20 January 1944, but was still convinced the Mark 6 had potential.
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  • 1943
    Age 49
    On 24 June 1943, he formally ordered all submarines operating out of Pearl Harbor to deactivate the magnetic influence feature.
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    By the middle of 1943, Lockwood had received enough reports from submarine officers to convince him the Mark 6 was significantly flawed.
    Christie was promoted to rear admiral as part of his move back to Newport. In January 1943, however, Rear Admiral Robert English, Commander, Submarines, U.S. Pacific Fleet, was killed in a plane crash.
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  • 1942
    Age 48
    In November 1942, Christie was ordered to return to Newport as Inspector of Ordnance at the Torpedo Station.
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    Christie went along, arriving in April 1942, just in time for the Battle of the Coral Sea.
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  • 1941
    Age 47
    As war seemed increasingly likely toward the end of 1941, Christie placed his boats on full war footing.
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  • 1939
    Age 45
    In 1939, Christie was given command of Submarine Division 15, consisting of all six Salmon-class submarines. By 1941, Germany and the United Kingdom were engaged in the Battle of the Atlantic.
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  • 1938
    Age 44
    By May 1938, Christie was head of the Torpedo Section at BuOrd and involved in providing torpedoes to the fleet.
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  • 1926
    Age 32
    In the summer of 1926, Christie became intimately involved in the project, and was substantially involved in the technical development of the weapon system.
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  • 1922
    Age 28
    In 1922, as Christie was completing his graduate studies, the Bureau of Ordnance initiated project G-53, a highly secret program to develop a magnetic influence exploder for torpedoes.
  • 1918
    Age 24
    He went on to command the submarines in 1918, in 1920, in 1923 and in 1924.
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  • 1916
    Age 22
    Aboard the cruiser in 1916, he was trained in torpedo design and implementation.
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  • 1915
    Age 21
    He graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1915 and served on a variety of warships beginning with the battleship.
  • 1893
    Ralph W. Christie was born in Somerville, Massachusetts on 30 August 1893.
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