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Actress, film director, screenwriter Rebecca Miller

Rebecca Augusta Miller is an American film director, screenwriter and actress, most known for her films Personal Velocity: Three Portraits (winner of the Independent Spirit John Cassavetes Award), The Ballad of Jack and Rose, Angela and The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, all of which she wrote and directed.
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In 'Arthur Miller: Writer,' Rebecca Miller draws a tender portrait of her father
LATimes - 2 months
There’s an eloquent handmade quality to “Arthur Miller: Writer,” filmmaker Rebecca Miller’s engagingly intimate portrait of her famous father. It’s a sense of pieces being fitted together, not unlike the furniture parts that the late playwright is seen shaping and finessing in his workshop — clearly...
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 LATimes article
'Maggie's Plan,' a sericomic take on messing with fate
LATimes - almost 2 years
Rebecca Miller, the writer and director of "Maggie’s Plan” seems to have a sixth sense for knowing just what her audience might like. If you’re interested in a dramedy starring Greta Gerwig about a young, single woman looking to become a mother, chances are the cameo from riot grrl Kathleen Hanna...
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 LATimes article
The Cast of Rebecca Miller's 'Maggie's Plan' on Real-Life and On-Screen Romances
Wall Street Journal - almost 2 years
With the release of her independent film, “Maggie’s Plan” that authenticates modern-day romance, Rebecca Miller reunites with the cast to talk the power of love—both on screen and in real-life.
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 Wall Street Journal article
Rebecca Miller Is Brainy, and Very, Very Funny
NYTimes - almost 2 years
Ms. Miller’s latest film, “Maggie’s Plan,” focuses on a young woman who wants to arrange her own pregnancy — hold the man.
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 NYTimes article
Vox Pop: With supermarkets now stocking mince pies, is it too early to think of Christmas?
The Bucks Herald - over 4 years
The Bucks Herald asks the opinions of five Vale residents in the town centre. Jason Thorp, Wendover: “Normally I leave everything until the last minute but last year I started early and I had all the presents by early December. I haven’t started shopping yet but I would eat a mince pie now.” Kayleigh Syphas, Wendover: “No, I love it and can’t wait until Christmas. I decorated the house mid-November last year. I started shopping last week, it helps spread the cost. My mum stresses out at the last minute.” Vanessa Alvis, Hawkslade: “It’s too early, summer’s just ended. At the end of October the television adverts come on and the kids start whingeing about toys. I start shopping at the beginning of November.” Nicola Jarrott, Hawkslade: “I wouldn’t buy mince pies now. We haven’t had Halloween yet, there’s fireworks to come first. Even the cards in the shops are Christmas cards and you can’t get anything else.” Rebecca Miller, Aylesbury: “It’s depressing, especially for moth...
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 The Bucks Herald article
Arianna Huffington: Beyond Money and Power (and Stress and Burnout): In Search of a New Definition of Success
The Huffington Post - over 4 years
I'm happy to announce that next week, on June 6th, Mika Brzezinski and I will be co-hosting the Huffington Post's first-ever women's conference, "The Third Metric: Redefining Success Beyond Money & Power." As the title makes clear, the purpose is to discuss ways to come up with a new definition of what it means to be successful. Right now, the two metrics of success that drive the American workplace are money and power, but by themselves, they make a two-legged stool -- fine for balancing on for a short time, but after a while, you're headed for a fall. And guided by this limited definition of success, more and more "successful" people are falling. So what we need is a more humane and sustainable definition of success that includes well-being, wisdom, wonder, empathy, and the ability to give back. But how do we recalibrate our current benchmarks of success? That's what we'll be discussing. The conference is fully booked, but we would love you to be part of the larger c...
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 The Huffington Post article
Alaska suspect linked to Vermont killing, 5 others
Fox News - about 5 years
Israel Keyes, in jail for the killing of an Alaska barista, gradually began confessing to investigators that he had killed others: a couple in Vermont, four people in Washington state, someone in New York. But he was slow to come forward with details, warning investigators he would stop talking if his name was released publicly. "He was very, very, very sensitive to his reputation, as odd at that sounds," Anchorage Police Chief Mark Mew said. "We had to keep things extra quiet in order to keep him talking with us." Keyes committed suicide in an Alaska jailhouse Sunday, leaving behind an incomplete picture of a loner who traveled the country for more than a decade, picking victims at random and methodically killing them. Officials believe there are more victims in other states, but they may never know who they are. Authorities wouldn't say how Keyes killed himself, only that he was alone in his cell. They also did not say whet...
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 Fox News article
Alaska murder suspect linked to 7 other killings
Fox News - about 5 years
Investigators say a man found dead of an apparent suicide in an Alaska jail was not only suspected of killing an Anchorage barista but may be linked to seven other possible slayings around the country. Israel Keyes, who had also confessed to killing a Vermont couple, was found dead in his cell Sunday, authorities said at a news conference that included U.S. Attorney Karen Loeffler, the FBI, and Anchorage police. Keyes was facing a March trial in Anchorage federal court for the murder of 18-year-old Samantha Koenig, who was abducted from a coffee kiosk in the city last February. He was later arrested in Texas after using the victim's debit card. Anchorage police chief Mark Mew said Keyes confessed to killing Koenig, as well as killing Bill and Lorraine Currier of Essex, Vt. The bodies of the Curriers have never been found. They were last seen leaving their jobs on June 8, 2011. Co-workers reported them missing the next day. ...
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 Fox News article
Interview: Keanu Reeves on “the end of film” - over 5 years
Very often the second and third chapters of Hollywood careers are the most interesting, and that seems to be the case with Keanu Reeves in middle age. If his iconic science-fiction role as the universe-saving Neo in the “Matrix” trilogy marked the apex of Reeves’ career as a leading man – which went clear back to “River’s Edge” and the “Bill & Ted” movies in the late '80s – the conclusion of that series launched him onto a new and complicated trajectory. Most of his roles in the last decade have come in small independent projects, from Mike Mills’ “Thumbsucker” to Richard Linklater’s “A Scanner Darkly” to Rebecca Miller’s “Private Lives of Pippa Lee” and Malcolm Venville’s “Henry’s Crime” (which Reeves co-produced). Continue Reading...
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British Woman Chooses 161-Word Name
BBC Blogs- America - almost 6 years
Naming Names We’ll try to make this short. BBC News reports that Dawn McManus, a 41-year-old woman from Hartlepool, England, is legally changing her name to “Red Dreams” – but between that first and last name, she’ll have 159 additional middle names. A spokesman for the Legal Deed Poll Service, the UK’s official bureau for name changes, said, “We have processed a number of crazy name changes to date, but this is the longest one on record.” It may sound like a crazy name but Ms. Dreams chose it to help raise funds for the Red Dreams charity she set up after her son’s death. Her new 161-word name not only contains the charity’s title but also the names of people it has helped. McManus’s new full name is: Red Wacky League Antlez Broke the Stereo Neon Tide Bring Back Honesty Coalition Feedback Hand of Aces Keep Going Captain Let’s Pretend Lost State of Dance Paper Taxis Lunar Road Up Down Strange All and I Neon Sheep Eve Hornby Faye Bradley AJ Wilde Michael Rice Dion Watts M...
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 BBC Blogs- America article
Ms Dreams set for record books!
Hartlepool Mail - almost 6 years
A CHARITY champion hopes to enter the world record books after having her name officially changed - to one which is 161 words long! Dawn McManus, 41, vowed to change her name to encourage fundraising for her charity, Red Dreams, which was set up after the death of her 16-year-old son Kyle, who died in 2007. Talented arts student Kyle was struck down by a brain tumour, and his parents Dawn and Ian set up the Red Dreams charity in Whitby Street South in his memory in a bid to nurture similar youngsters with a passion for the arts. The couple have carried out dozens of fundraisers in that time to establish the charity, but Dawn has kept her promise to do something out of the ordinary by changing her name by deed poll. She believes her new name - including the charity’s name and people it has helped - could be the world’s longest. Dawn said: “Officially I should be called Red, but I appreciate some people will find it hard to embrace the change. “Ian will probably slip up and call m...
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 Hartlepool Mail article
Preserving kitchen memories - almost 6 years
GranniesKitchen/Flickr As Mother’s Day approaches, I wonder how many folks out there have kitchen utensils, gadgets, appliances, what-have-you that is a family heirloom? Do you? If so, what is it and do you use it or just store it as a keepsake? Happy foggy Monday to you all. At least we had a gorgeous day on Sunday to get outside and tinker in the garden. I cleaned up my herb garden and now have three trash bags full of rosemary from my monstrous rosemary bush. I’m going to donate a bunch of it to the RAM house – did you know they’d take donations of fresh herbs? Kitchen manager Linda Cannon said she’ll dry them and store them for future use. I can’t think of a better use for my monstrous rosemary bush. I got a neat cookbook the other day called “Sweet Home” by Rebecca Miller Ffrench. It includes a chapter about preserving family recipes. Here are her tips: 1. “Get your hands dirty and get digging.” she advises going into basements, attics and other storage spaces to look f...
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Happy Birthday, Daniel Day-Lewis!
Popeater - almost 6 years
Happy birthday, Daniel Day-Lewis! The actor, hailed as one of the greatest of our time, celebrates his 55th today. Day-Lewis, son of Anglo-Irish poet laureate Cecil Day-Lewis and actress Jill Balcon, started working on the British stage after graduating from the Bristol Old Vic theatre school, which he chose to attend over an apprenticeship in carpentry, his competing passion during secondary school. He first garnered attention in film for his 1985 portrayal of Johnny, a gay man in an interracial relationship, in "My Beautiful Laundrette." He then played Cecil, the cultivated fiance of Helena Bonham Carter in the adaptation of the E.M. Forster novel "A Room With A View." The films premiered in New York simultaneously, wowing critics who hailed Day-Lewis' impressive range. Day-Lewis is known for his somewhat extreme preparation for his roles. For example, he spent two days and nights in a prison cell without food or water to prepare for the role of Gerry Conlon in "In th...
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 Popeater article
Quick 'N' Dirty Guide: White House Correspondents Association Dinner Weekend
Glitterazzi - almost 6 years
If you like to stargaze like a champ, then you need to be in Washington, D.C., this weekend. From Lindsay Lohan, Goldie Hawn and Jeremy Piven to Ivanka Trump, Charlize Theron and George Clooney, celebrities will paint the town red, white and blue as they dine with President Barack Obama and laugh with Jimmy Kimmel at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner at the Washington Hilton. But, that's not the only social sport they'll play. The partying marathon begins Thursday evening with a fab pre-party -- featuring David Arquette, Alyssa Milano, Patricia Arquette, Jason Biggs and Omar Epps. Then, the fun continues full, A-list steam ahead through Sunday when they'll hit an exclusive finish line (think two Sunday-brunch events). Which parties will be the hottest? What hotel lobbies would make good perching spots for spying some celeb eyecandy? Glittarazzi's got the scoop on that (and so much more). So, start your engines, fame racers. The glitterati games start now! S...
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 Glitterazzi article
Sequoyah High Students Advance to National PTA Reflections Competition
Canton- Sixes Patch - almost 6 years
Two Sequoyah High School student artists have been selected to advance to the National PTA Reflections Competition: senior Raquel Charles for Dance/Choreography and sophomore Rebecca Miler for Photography.  They along with eight other Sequoyah HS students were selected as State winners in the Georgia PTA Reflections Competition.  Student artists compete in categories such as Visual Arts, Photography, Dance/Choreography and Literature. Regular Artist winners at the State level from Sequoyah High School are, sophomore Rebecca Milner, Photography, first place; senior Katherine Delgado, Visual Arts, second place; and senior Racquel Charles, Dance/Choreography, first place. Special Artist winners at the State level From Sequoyah High School are,: junior Brandon Wimpey, Photography, second place; sophomore Jamie Stagliano, Photography, first place; freshman Brenna Newton, Photography, second place; senior Kayla Lingefelt, Photography, first place, and Visual Arts, second place; junior...
Article Link:
 Canton- Sixes Patch article
Looking ahead - Warren Tribune Chronicle
Google News - over 6 years
While Champion has no new players, returning letterwinners Ashley Lydic, Ciara Cesta, Michelle Hopkins, Hannah Taylor, Rebecca Miller and Brittany White have keyed the Flashes' quick start this season. Jackson-Milton went 14-1 last season and coach
Article Link:
 Google News article
Schools add minors with global focus - Daily Trojan Online
Google News - over 6 years
Specializing in a variety of fields give students that opportunity, said Rebecca Miller, a senior majoring in Russian and international relations. “As an international relations and Russian major, I believe that a strong background in language skills
Article Link:
 Google News article
Pennsylvania Protects Additional 1425 Acres of Prime Farmland - Bradenton Herald
Google News - over 6 years
The Benuel and Fannie Fisher farm, a 69-acre dairy farm. The Stevie and Mary Glick farm, a 77-acre crop and livestock operation. The Robert and Eleanor Holzhauer farm, a 115-acre crop and livestock operation. The Enos and Rebecca Miller farm,
Article Link:
 Google News article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Rebecca Miller
  • 2009
    Age 46
    Miller's latest film is 2009's The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, which she adapted from her novel of the same name.
  • 2003
    Age 40
    She is the author of the 2003 book Woman Who and director of the 2005 film The Ballad of Jack and Rose.
  • 2002
    Age 39
    Miller had markedly more success with her 2002 film Personal Velocity: Three Portraits, an adaptation of Personal Velocity, a collection of short stories she had published the previous year.
    More Details
  • 1995
    Age 32
    In 1995, she went behind the camera, writing and directing her first film, Angela.
    More Details
  • 1966
    Age 3
    Miller was born in Roxbury, Connecticut, and is the daughter of playwright Arthur Miller and Austrian-born photographer Inge Morath. She has a brother, Daniel, who was born in 1966 with Down Syndrome and was placed in an institution shortly after his birth.
    More Details
  • 1962
    Born on September 15, 1962.
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