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Governor of Plymouth Colony Thomas Prence

Thomas Prence was a co-founder of Eastham, Massachusetts, a political leader in both the Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay colonies, and governor of Plymouth.
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  • 1673
    Age 73
    He held the post until his own death in 1673.
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    Thomas Prence died March 29, 1673.
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    That policy would soon change after his death in 1673.
  • 1672
    Age 72
    Prence's will was dated March 13, 1672/73, proved June 5, 1673.
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  • 1668
    Age 68
    In 1668, at his request, the court sold that house to him for £150.
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  • 1665
    Age 65
    In 1665, in payment for having Governor Prence, in his official capacity, reside in Plymouth, the court ordered that he be paid £50 during his term as governor, with a house provided for him in Plymouth's Plain Dealing area.
  • 1661
    Age 61
    In 1661 Prence presided over the court during Plymouth's first witchcraft trial and it was reported that he handled the situation in a reasonable way.
  • 1657
    Age 57
    The matter of the Quakers came before Plymouth's general court shortly after Prence took office in 1657, and in June of that year it passed a series of laws designed to punish or drive them out.
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  • 1656
    Age 56
    In 1656, not long before Prence became governor, Quakers began to arrive in New England in substantial numbers.
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  • 1650
    Age 50
    Prence was sometimes one of the commissioners who represented Plymouth in the organization's meetings. As commissioner of the United Colonies, Prence helped negotiate boundaries between Connecticut and New Netherland in the 1650 Treaty of Hartford.
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  • 1644
    Age 44
    His third wife was Apphia (Quicke) Freeman, whom he married sometime between 1644 and the 1660s.The couple had a daughter Judith Prence born May 1645, AGBI
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  • 1643
    Age 43
    On the 1643 Able to Bear Arms List, Mr. Thomas Prence is listed with those men of Plymouth.
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  • 1638
    Age 38
    During his 1638 term, Prence presided over a significant criminal case over the murder of an Indian.
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    Prence was elected governor for the second time in 1638.
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    Prence was reelected in 1638 after Bradford again refused to run.
  • 1637
    Age 37
    Prence negotiated the agreement that in 1637 resolved the dispute: most of the land was purchased by the Massachusetts arrivals, and Plymouth retained the trading post and several smaller plots of land.
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  • 1635
    Age 35
    He next married Mary Collier, daughter of William Collier, on April 1, 1635.
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  • 1634
    Age 34
    In 1634 Prence was elected governor, and for the rest of his life he played a role in the colony's governance, serving as either governor or on the council of assistants.
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  • 1632
    Age 32
    Prence was part of this migration, joining his father-in-law William Brewster in moving to nearby Duxbury in 1632.
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  • 1624
    Age 24
    He married his first wife, Patience, on August 5, 1624.
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  • 1623
    Age 23
    In the 1623 division of land, Thomas Prence is named as "holder of one akre of land".
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  • 1621
    Age 21
    Thomas Prence came to Plymouth Colony on the ship Fortune in November 1621 as a single man.
  • 1600
    Age 0
    Born in 1600.
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