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American businessman Tony Rodham

Anthony Dean Rodham is an American consultant who is the youngest brother of former First Lady and Senator and current Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.
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Crony Clintonism
Wall Street Journal - almost 3 years
Terry McAuliffe, Tony Rodham and the Clinton way of government.
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 Wall Street Journal article
White House Weddings
Yahoo News - about 4 years
There are many perks to spending your days at the White House, including having the option of getting married there. In October, official White House photographer Pete Souza tied the knot in the White House Rose Garden and President Obama attended. And the White House has seen many more nuptials over the years. In 1886, Grover Cleveland became the only U.S. President to get married in the executive mansion. Cleveland, who was 49 and had been a lifelong bachelor, married 21 year-old Frances Folsom in the Blue Room. At the conclusion of the wedding Folsom became First Lady – the youngest in history. Far more common is having a wedding ceremony for the President’s children. The first documented example of this is when Maria Monroe, daughter of President James Monroe, got married in the White House in 1820. Ulysses Grant, Woodrow Wilson, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon are among the other presidents to also have their daughters married at the White House. Other Presidential family member...
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 Yahoo News article
Bill Moyers: Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus -- Campaign Cash
The Huffington Post - over 4 years
Previously published on If you want to see how grossly money can distort democracy, just go to the state of Virginia, where there are no limits on how big a check can be written for statewide office. Groups and individuals from outside the Old Dominion are taking full advantage, pouring millions into a governor's race they see as a dry run for the tactics they'll use in the 2014 midterms and the 2016 presidential race -- sort of the way the Spanish civil war turned out to be a testing ground for many of the deadly weapons of World War II. Billionaires like environmentalist Tom Steyer on the left and the Koch Brothers on the right are placing their bets, but as they say at the track, the horses they're backing are just a couple of hay burners. Once the home of Washington and Jefferson, James Madison and Patrick Henry, Virginia now has a choice between two mediocrities slavishly devoted to their wealthy contributors. The Democrat, Terry McAuliffe, has be...
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 The Huffington Post article
Company Linked To Dem Candidate Falls Flat
Huffington Post - over 4 years
TUNICA, Miss. -- It seemed like a win for everyone involved when a startup car company, backed by political heavyweights, wooed investors with plans to build a massive auto plant in the Mississippi Delta, hire thousands of people and pump out a brand new line of fuel-efficient vehicles. GreenTech Automotive Inc. announced in 2009 production would start in three years and foreign investors who plunked down at least $500,000 for the venture would get the opportunity to live in the United States while an impoverished area of Mississippi would get desperately needed jobs and tax revenues. But today, the company is under a federal investigation and about the only thing on its land in Tunica County is a temporary construction office. The company says it will be producing cars by April, but its plans have changed drastically, from a goal of 250,000 a year to 30,000. And the federal investigation is reverberating far beyond Mississippi, bringing scrutiny to a Virginia...
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 Huffington Post article
The Hill's Pundits Blog: Barb Boxer's Indian tribe take - Canada Free Press
Google News - over 6 years
Hillary Rodham Clinton is a friend of Lynn Forester de Rothschild, the secretary at the US Department of State for the Barack Obama administration, a governor at the Broadcasting Board of Governors, her brother is Tony Rodham, and her daughter is
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 Google News article
OP-ED COLUMNIST; Seeds Of Destruction
NYTimes - almost 10 years
The Clintons have never understood how to exit the stage gracefully. Their repertoire has always been deficient in grace and class. So there was Hillary Clinton cold-bloodedly asserting to USA Today that she was the candidate favored by ''hard-working Americans, white Americans,'' and that her opponent, Barack Obama, the black candidate, just can't
Article Link:
 NYTimes article
Clinton & Clinton
NYTimes - over 10 years
FOR LOVE OF POLITICS Bill and Hillary Clinton: The White House Years. By Sally Bedell Smith. Illustrated. 572 pp. Random House. $27.95. It is a brave author indeed who, without benefit of full hindsight or personal experience, proposes to write yet another nearly contemporaneous account of the most overexposed presidency of modern times. Bill and
Article Link:
 NYTimes article
THE WAY WE LIVE NOW: 10-16-05: QUESTIONS FOR BARBARA BOXER; Life Imitates Literature
NYTimes - over 12 years
Q: What are we to make of the fact that you, a Democratic senator from the Bay Area, have just written a novel about a Democratic senator from the Bay Area who appears to be the most decent person in all of Washington? I worked on this book for seven years. I just want to tell people what my world is like. Show them the great parts of it, the
Article Link:
 NYTimes article
Ed Gregory Jr. Dies at 66; Was Pardoned by Clinton
NYTimes - almost 14 years
Ed Gregory Jr., an old-time carnival operator who befriended celebrities and staged shows at the White House but who had myriad legal troubles, including a federal bank-fraud conviction for which he and his wife were pardoned in 2000 by President Bill Clinton, died on Sunday at his home in Brentwood, Tenn. He was 66. No cause was announced, but his
Article Link:
 NYTimes article
National Briefing | Mid-Atlantic: Pennsylvania: Hillary Clinton's Brother Testifies
NYTimes - about 16 years
Tony Rodham, the brother of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, testified that he may have smoked marijuana with a man charged with assaulting him hours later. ''I might have, but I don't recall,'' Mr. Rodham, left, said at a hearing for Daniel Coyne, 45, who is charged with assault, burglary and trespassing for an Aug. 19 incident at the
Article Link:
 NYTimes article
An Intruder Assaults A Clinton Relative
NYTimes - over 16 years
Tony Rodham, a brother of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Democrat of New York, was assaulted on Sunday by an intruder at the family's summer cottage at this resort about 115 miles north of Philadelphia, the police said today. The intruder, Daniel Martin Coyne, 45, was charged with assault, burglary and trespassing after twice entering the cottage
Article Link:
 NYTimes article
Pardoned Couple Say Access Has Served Them Well
NYTimes - almost 17 years
The spaious office that Edgar and Vonna Jo Gregory share in the Nashville suburb of Smyrna has become a presidential portrait gallery over the years. The walls are papered with White House photographs of the couple posing with every president back to Richard M. Nixon. Most were taken at political fund-raisers. There are 10 autographed pictures of
Article Link:
 NYTimes article
Clinton Library Will Yield Details on Big Donations
NYTimes - almost 17 years
Lawyers for Bill Clinton's presidential library agreed today to show the leaders of a House panel the details of financial support provided by more than 100 people who have given or promised to raise at least $5,000 for the project. Earlier this week the chairman and the ranking Democratic member of the panel, the House Government Reform Committee,
Article Link:
 NYTimes article
Political Memo; Senator Clinton's New Plan Barely Whispers in the Din
NYTimes - almost 17 years
Hillary Rodham Clinton took to the floor of the United States Senate this morning to unveil the first package of legislation she has authored in her young Congressional career: a wide-ranging plan to bolster the sagging economy of upstate New York. But no sooner had New York's newest senator presented her plan than she found herself answering
Article Link:
 NYTimes article
Second Clinton In-Law Says He Helped to Obtain Pardon
NYTimes - almost 17 years
Former President Bill Clinton's brother-in-law Tony Rodham helped obtain a presidential pardon for a Tennessee couple last March over the objections of the Justice Department, Mr. Rodham and lawyers involved in the pardon said today. Mr. Clinton pardoned Edgar Allen Gregory Jr. and his wife, Vonna Jo. The Gregorys, who live outside Nashville and
Article Link:
 NYTimes article
NYTimes - almost 17 years
An article on Friday about Hillary Rodham Clinton's brothers, Hugh and Tony Rodham, misstated Tony Rodham's age in some copies. He is 46, not 44.
Article Link:
 NYTimes article
THE CLINTON PARDONS: THE BROTHERS; Siblings Who Often Emerge In an Unflattering Spotlight
NYTimes - about 17 years
To Hillary Clinton's White House staff, they were known wryly as ''the Brothers Rodham'': Hughie and Tony, the first lady's bearish younger siblings, the president's occasional golfing partners, frequent visitors for family celebrations and holidays. But all too often, the news they made was grim. ''You never wanted to hear their name come up in
Article Link:
 NYTimes article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Tony Rodham
  • 2016
    Age 62
    He has played no public role in the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, 2016.
  • 2015
    Age 61
    By 2015 the project had become controversial due to possible environmental effects and the level of foreign ownership; for his part Rodham objected to any inference that he had gotten this position due to his family: "I'm a very accomplished person in my own right.
    More Details
    In 2015, an investment fund where Rodham was working as Chief Global EB5 Investor Relations & Government Affairs, the Global City Regional Center, was also using him to recruit EB-5 visa foreign investors in China for a community center project in Philadelphia Chinatown.
    In 2015 the Inspector General issued a report that on the GreenTech Automotive matter that criticized Mayorkas for creating the appearance of favoritism but passed no particular judgment on either Rodham or McAuliffe.
  • 2013
    Age 59
    In October 2013, Rodham joined the advisory board of VCS Mining, a Delaware-based company that was planning a gold mine in the Cap-Haïtien Arrondissement area of Haiti.
    Rodham found himself in the news again in 2013 when it was disclosed that Alejandro Mayorkas, the director of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and President Obama's nominee for United States Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, was being investigated by the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General for Mayorkas' role in helping Gulf Coast Funds Management secure approval for participating in the EB-5 visa program for foreign investors.
    More Details
  • 2010
    Age 56
    Following the 2010 Haiti earthquake and with Bill Clinton co-chair of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission, Rodham and some partners proposed a $22 million deal to rebuild homes in the devastated nation, with funding to come from the Clinton Foundation.
    More Details
  • 2008
    Age 54
    In May 2008, he expressed disgust with how the Democratic National Committee was handling the Michigan and Florida primary delegate issue between Clinton and Barack Obama, and said he did not know who he would vote for if his sister were not nominated.
    More Details
  • 2007
    Age 53
    By the end of 2007, he was back in the news for owing Nicole Boxer about $158,000 in back alimony, child support, and related payments following a court judgement.
    As of mid-2007, Tony Rodham was helping Hillary Clinton raise funds in Pennsylvania for her 2008 presidential campaign.
  • 2005
    Age 51
    In the summer of 2005, Tony Rodham married Megan Madden of Vienna, Virginia.
    More Details
  • 2002
    Age 48
    By 2002, Rodham was in disputes with his former wife over child support payments, with Nicole Boxer saying he had not paid them in six months.
  • 2001
    Age 47
    At a hearing on the case in November, 2001, Tony Rodham testified that he might have smoked marijuana with the attacker several hours before the incident.
    More Details
    In August 2001, Tony Rodham was involved in an assault episode at the multi-generational Rodham family summer cottage at Lake Winola in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania.
    More Details
    In March 2001, it was revealed that Tony Rodham had helped gain a March 2000 presidential pardon for Edgar Allen Gregory, Jr. and his wife, Vonna Jo, a Tennessee couple in the carnival business who had been convicted of bank fraud.
    More Details
  • 2000
    Age 46
    Tony and Nicole became separated by 2000 and then got a divorce around 2001.
    More Details
  • 1999
    Age 45
    In 1999, Tony and brother Hugh Rodham entered into a $118 million venture to grow and export hazelnuts from the Republic of Georgia.
    More Details
  • 1998
    Age 44
    In 1998, he paid a visit to dictatorial Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia.
    More Details
  • 1997
    Age 43
    In 1997, Rodham tried to arrange meetings between Paraguayan President Juan Carlos Wasmosy and President Clinton, and also powerful Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov and the President.
  • 1995
    Age 41
    The couple had one son, Zachary, born in 1995 (who later held a unique distinction in that he was simultaneously the grandson and nephew of sitting U.S. senators).
    More Details
  • 1994
    Age 40
    On May 28, 1994, Rodham and Boxer were married in a ceremony at the White House attended by 250 guests; it was the first White House wedding since Tricia Nixon married Edward Cox in 1971.
  • 1993
    Age 39
    In 1993, he and his brother Hugh ignited a small controversy when they tried to solicit corporate donations for Clinton's inaugural parties; they dropped the effort after a public outcry.
  • 1992
    Age 38
    At a party in East Hampton, New York following the 1992 Democratic National Convention, Rodham met Nicole Boxer, daughter of the U.S. Senator from California, Barbara Boxer, and the two began dating.
    In 1992, during Bill Clinton's first presidential campaign, Rodham began working for the Democratic National Committee, coordinating constituency outreach.
    There he shared a condominium with his brother Hugh, and worked as a process server and private detective until 1992.
  • 1983
    Age 29
    He then moved to South Florida in 1983.
  • 1974
    Age 20
    Rodham did work for future brother-in-law Bill Clinton's 1974 nomination campaign for Congress.
    More Details
  • 1954
    Age 0
    Born in 1954.
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