6 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Irish

Olivia Wilde Irish

Some Irish celebs are open about their Irish heritage, and some have accents that can’t be denied (we’re looking at you, Colin Farrell and Jamie Dornan!) But in honor of this Irish holiday we thought it’d be fun to shine the spotlight on some quietly Irish celebrities.

Betcha didn’t know the following six famous faces have the luck o’ the Irish behind them!

Olivia Wilde

This fun-loving beauty loves Ireland so much she took her stage name from Irish author Oscar Wilde! Her father was born to British parents but was actually raised in Ireland and Wilde herself actually has dual citizenship. We’ll drink to that!

Bobby Flay

If Bobby’s red hair and freckles didn’t give it away, he’s of Irish decent. He’s actually a fourth-generation Irish American and grew up eating Irish delicacies in New York City. Although Flay’s culinary style now focuses on southwestern flavors he still frequently cooks Irish dishes to the delight of his TV audience.

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton hasn’t been in the news very much since her stint as Marissa Cooper on the popular TV series The O.C., but she’s acted steadily ever since. Barton’s mother was actually born in Ireland, raised in Newry Co, Down, and moved to London as an adult where she met and married Barton’s father. Barton actually still has dozens of relatives in Northern Ireland.

The Jonas Brothers (Nick, Joe, Kevin)

The Jonas Brothers haven’t fallen off the map, they’re just growing up. Nick’s got his own successful music career, Kevin’s dabbling in being a contractor, and Joe’s been dating starlets and launching his own solo music career. What’s most surprising about the brothers Jonas, though, is their heritage: a mix of Irish, Italian, German, and Cherokee Indian!

Lindsay Lohan

Did you know Lindsay Lohan is of direct Irish heritage? Both of her parents actually have ancestry in County Cork, Ireland, and her father Michael grew up there. Her extended family has strong Irish Catholic roots, and her mother in particular comes from a prominent Irish American family (her maiden name was Sullivan.)

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey…Irish? In fact, Carey’s mother is a (very) proud Irishwoman who regularly sang Irish folksongs to her daughter during her youth. Carey’s half black/half Venezuelan father helped contribute to her uniquely beautiful appearance, though, and Carey is outspoken about the difficulties of being mixed race in America.

There you have it! Many Americans boast Irish heritage in their bloodlines, some more than others. For most Irish American celebrities it’s a badge of pride! Want to find out which other celebrities are undercover Irish? Use Spokeo.com to get the scoop on the ancestry of your favorite celebs.