by Spokeo

7 Types of Women Most Likely to Cheat

Most women aren’t cheaters. But when they are, they definitely have some traits in common.

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Now that it’s known that women are cheating more than ever before, it’s helpful to know what types of women to watch out for. Selfishness and narcissism — or even if she makes more money than you do — can be major cheating red flags. Read on to find out which types of women are more likely to cheat, and why.

1) Materialistic or Greedy

She just got a new bag… and already hates it. She’s never satisfied, always convinced that something new or better would make her happy. She’ll stay with her man for now, but will keep her options open if she doesn’t think she’s found the perfect match.

2) Narcissistic

Narcissistic people don’t connect very deeply in relationships, because they always think they can do better. It’s not enough to have one man’s interest and flattery–she needs validation from a lot of sources.

3) She’s the Breadwinner

When a woman out-earns her man, both partners are more likely to cheat. Ouch. As women earn more, they often expect more help with domestic chores. If that doesn’t happen, her resentment leads her sexual interest (at least in him) to decline.

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4) Payback

If her man cheated on her, the odds go up that a woman will cheat for revenge. She has been wronged, and she might be looking to even the playing field. She’ll likely not be very discreet about it either.  

5) Selfish

If she only cares about her own happiness in general, chances are that it’s no different when it comes to men. She cares about her own pleasure, and she’s going to get it, no matter who gets hurt.  

6) College-Educated

Women who have graduated college with a bachelor’s degree are most likely to cheat. Interestingly, women who have earned doctorate degrees and those who never completed high school are the least likely to cheat.

7) Insecure

If she needs constant validation, she may need more attention than one man can give. This type loves the thrill of gaining attention from, and satisfying, other men.  

Know the Signs

She’s secretive about her phone:

If she’s texting or talking a lot more these days, do a reverse phone lookup to find out who she’s talking to.

She’s on Apps More

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“Working Late” a Lot More

60% of cheating happens with someone from work. So, if she’s always working late, do a name search of her coworkers. Their social media accounts may reveal a lot.